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The Civil Rights Movement Is Dead - Here Is The Proper Replacement

(Note: Give me a contract just like Joy Ann Reid has and I will finish my postings before publishing.......just like Ta-Sehei does. HEY KELI GOFF - WHY didn't the "Atlantic Monthly DISCRIMINATE against Coats' EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION? Must not be an AFRICAN name. I know I misspell it unless I go to his web page and do a CUT AND PASTE. Maybe the kind CHESHIRE FOXES saw VALUE in his viewpoint and he is the CLARENCE THOMAS OF the left? BUT for not renouncing his "BLACK AMERICANESS - like Clarence Thomas but HIS AFRICANESS!!! Cough, cough Mali/Algeria. It will be San Francisco/Oakland merely by changing some coordinates in the GPS. RIGHT Amy Goodman? )

  • PLEASING Black People In Line With The Prevailing Americanized Consumer & Political Opportunism Consciousness
  • DEVELOPING The Black Community Via The "Human Resources Development" Institutions That Are Controlled By A Properly Functioning "Governance Culture
What you value the most (affirmation of what you already believe OR transparent proof that your 'motion' is in fact lifting up your people via their own competencies).  This is the fork in the road.

Over the next few days the rhetoric and self-adulation will significantly add to the "Global Warming" problem.   For some people, the will itemize their accomplishments as they ask that you focus on their person, and not on the smoldering wreckage that cascades behind them in the distance, remnants of the "Police-Do Not Cross" tape still on the telephone pole.   

Though the Black children, about which they say "Education Is The Pathway To Equality", have not received a "Quality Education" within the institutions that THEY have influence over - they saw fit to take them out of school on this blessed day so that they can come to the sanctuary to see the RITUAL which is hoped to instill PRIDE within them.

In truth the only motivation is to imprint LOYALTY and depress the "Radical Revolutionary" spirit that might rise up against "The Struggle", redirecting it toward the elements of "The System" that this movement has not yet captured.   If this same young human resource was to understand that 2 generations prior - the protest marches had been trained against the local officials who today they are asked to venerate - then the creeping scope of "The Struggle" would be exposed for what it is:  The use of "Black Grievance Over Failed Development" as "Flora And Fauna" for greater nationalized POWER for the Machine that took their valuables to gain power over the institutions that are failing them.

The importance of loyalty is for this same person to never even THINK that the FRIENDLY institutions could ever fail to provide them with SOCIAL JUSTICE, as the institutions controlled by THE ENEMY is accused of doing.

In short - LOYALTY TO THE MACHINE produces the very same jingoistic, xenophobic behavior that the "Permanent Strugglers" condemn in others who do the same but on a larger, nationalized scale.   It is no less 'HATEFILLED'.   It ONLY claims more justification.    If they were to ever talk to their enemies - they would see that they too feel as justified. 

The "Civil Rights Game"

The Community Governance Development Movement
Education "Education Is A Civil Right".  The Society, Through The State Owes Everyone A 'Quality Education'.

THE STRUGGLE: Get The State To Live Up To Its Obligations By Fighting The Enemy To Change His Prioirities And HIS Valuation Of YOUR People
As An Extension Of The Philosophy That Says "God Gave Man A Newborn To 
Economic Development  "America Has Large Portion Of Its Human Resources Underdeployed Via High Unemployment Rates From Capital Misallocation By Capitalism Or Warehoused In Prison - As Evidence Of Hatred And Greed"

THE STRUGGLE:  We Must Fight At The National Level To Install "Progressive Public Policy".  Once The Political Enemy Is Defeated - By Attrituion As The Voting Rights Allow For Majority Opinion To Become The Prevailing Economic Policy (Democratic Socialism) Then A More FAIR ECONOMY Will Be Created
Table Cell
Safe Communities  The Economic And Educational Imbalance In This Nation Has Produced Destroyed Lives.  In Their Desperation From Being Shut Out Of The "Mainline Economy" The "Underground Economy" Has Been Produced.  The Criminal Justice Laws That Were Created In The Hearth Of Injustice Ensares These Desperate People Into "The New Jim Crow" Prisons

THE STRUGGLE:  We Must Put A Body Of New Progressive Laws That Will Alter The Economic, Academic And Social Order - Along With Criminal Justice Reform That Will Remove Corporate Profiteering From The System.  From This A FAIR SOCIETY Will Be Produced
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Healthy Lifestyles And Relationships In The Wealthiest Nation In The World People Have To Pay For Expensive, Inferior Care.  Those Who Don't Have Money Are Forced To Suffer, Regardless Of How Close They Are To A Medical Facility That They Can't Afford.

People Who Want To Live With And Love Who They Want To And How They Want To (Except Shawty Lo) Should Be Allowed To Do As They Please.  The Government Has No Right To Use Laws And Economic Allocation To Enforce Societal Constructs That Were Formed Thousands Of Years Ago

THE STRUGGLE:  Achieve Desired Societal Goals And Consumer Access To Health Care With Desired Costs Controls Via Government Policy Manipulation
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The Ability Of The People To Govern Themselves Toward Prosperity Majority Rule To Install A New Body Of "Progressive Public Policy".  "Democratic Socialism" In Which "The State" Plays A Strong Hand In The Regulation Of Resources To Produce "Fairness And Equality"

THE STRUGGLE: Fight For Equality AND Be The Voice Of "The Least Of These" - Capturing Their Valuables In The Effort To Develop Them
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The Ability To Transfer Their Civic Knowledge To Some Other Population Of "The Least Of These" Limited.   The Consumerized Populace Within America Has Limited Ability To Provide Structural Support To Any External "The Least Of These Population"Table Cell

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