Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "Blink" That Satisfied The "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Faux Economist-Propagandist"

The benefit of monitoring multiple streams of information is that when you hear a "talking point" presented in a "Black media channel" you can see where Perry Bacon Jr got it from - Democratic Senator Schumer.

If you are playing in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" and your team receives a "victory" - you, as a Paid Black Journalist - will issue a report on YOUR TERMS.  Terms that you know will appease your consumer minded base.

You were recruited, hired and paid because you are "good enough" to make your arguments "look good" - NOT to tell the consumer base the larger truth.

My ONLY question to Black Americans is:   

WHAT HAPPENS in the future when this "Fiat Economy" loses its ability to generate "Confidence" and the financial intermediaries lose their ability to OVER-LEVERAGE their debt holdings and instead the economy shrinks to a more "hard currency base"?  

IF you are left standing when the "music" in the "musical chairs" scheme stops - but you do not have sufficient ORGANIC COMPETENCIES developed among your people - in your community - What is the likelihood that you will survive this, your ability to retain as much of your standard of living as possible?

IF being 6 times "over leveraged" brought down Lehman Brothers and other investment banks (for every $1 in hard cash on hand - they issued $6 in debt underwriting) - what if someone told you that the American government's situation is worse than this EXCEPT - they get to print MAGIC MONEY?

I still have not found anyone who told me the downside of seeking some higher measure of COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT as an off-set of your CONSUMER SOCIAL JUSTICE theory that allows you to enumerate what YOUR RIGHTS are from this SOCIETAL GOVERNANCE - that is based on a FIAT CURRENCY. 

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