Friday, January 18, 2013

The Black Conscious Attention Filibuster: Which Will "Americanized Blacks" Be More OFFENDED About Over The Next Few Days?

  1. The White Conservative Wolf sets the AGENDA for the Black Racial Services Machine by OFFENDING them
  2. The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally - tells "The Blacks" - "I TOLD YOU that MY BROTHER was a RACIST.  Come partner with me, handing your valuables and we can fight him together"
Another cycle of "The Struggle Motion" commences and "The Negro" feels like he has a purpose AND feels a measure of victory as "The Coalition" seemingly wins a "victory".

He won't bother to complain that HE HAS NOT EQUAL PER THE STATISTICS  because he is MADE TO FEEL "EQUAL".

Which Of These Two Items Will "The Comcast Corporation Owned" Properties Promote Against Their Commercial Adversary - The News Corporation? 

Western Powers Can Do What The HELL THEY WANT TO IN AFRICA 

The French Troops In West Africa Promise That THIS TIME They Are Not Going To Do The Violence To The Peaceful Africans - As They Fear The "Islamic Africans" Will Do To Them If They Are Allowed To Take Control By Violence
A Fox Local Broadcast Reporter Says The Word "Nigger Inauguration" In Front Of Her Two Black Anchors Back At The Studio
IF The Job Market Was Not So Difficult Out There - The Two Black Anchors For Fox Would Have Finally Listened To "Media Matters" And "Think Progress" Choosing To Resign Their Positions With "The Enemy.

Constructive Feedback University - Analysis

It is best to allow the salient consciousness and rate of "offendedness" to be established by Black people (the media and the "rank & file").
If you do not set a baseline - you will never gauge how other more important issues with greater impact upon the Black community is handled.

Unfortunately we have a "Bossip / WorldStarHipHop" messaging engine at a time when "Fortune Magazine/ The Economist /Foreign Policy Magazine" are needed.

When it comes to "Offendedness" this scheme is effective at retaining "Congregational Unity".   Upon seeing "how Black people think" there will be news media operations created to keep "The Blacks" feed with news streams that keep them focused as such.

It stands to reason that the very same "recruited/hired and paid" media sources that sculpt their message with that "offends" Black people  with the appropriate material in their "Keep The Enemy On Trial" scheme and then markets the good deeds of "the friends in the struggle" are ALSO the same operatives who, upon seeing certain points of information that runs counter to their agenda - will spike the story OR report it in a manner that won't generate the call for INTROSPECTION.

I TOLD YOU TAVIS SMILEY - you had better initiate a round of DISCIPLINE among your Progressive Fundamentalist friends in the media and activist community.   Failure to see this will mean that our people will remain highly "proud" of the "accomplishments" that are marketed - but will ultimately continue the "vicarious living scheme" by which "The Rank & File" only needs to FEEL like they are doing better. 

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