Friday, January 11, 2013

The Mental Assault Received By Reading The Newspaper In Atlanta

There has never been a larger gap between the "truth about the condition of the Black community" and the "conscious awareness" - as heard through the "media channels" that purport to be "Black".

Horay!!!  Atlanta's Murder Rate Is 2nd Lowest Than At Any Point Since 1962
Don't Confuse "Atlanta" with "Metro-Atlanta".

While the "city proper" may have experienced a downward trend - include the broader "first ring cities" AND/OR look at the trend among "Young Black Males" and there will be little to celebrate.

I would estimate that "Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd" remains as "The most deadly street for Black people in Atlanta".

Witness In Polk County Court Case Found Dead In A Ditch.

("I know there are no Black people in Polk County Georgia)


OK - "I know that Assistant Attorney General For Civil Rights", Thomas Perez will use his time spent in Georgia to investigate the OTHER "Civil Rights Violation" that I noted last week - to investigate THIS SECOND CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION - thus saving travel expenses.   The Georgia NAACP is sure to lean on him on this one.


After several decades of confronting police assaults upon Black people - the late Yung Teddy would have been safer in the custody of the "Cobb County Police" than in the hands of Street Pirates who gave him a "Street Pirate Sponsored Execution"

The presence of this killer of a 9 year old little White girl - will not trigger Paul Kersey of the 'Stuff Black People Don't Like" blog to determine that he made an assault upon White people that is EQUAL to when a Black man assaults a White person

SBPDL Would Like To Have The DNA Crossed Matched With The Black Suspect From The Murder In Cobb County
The Rabid Attacker In Downtown Atlanta Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
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