Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 3 "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" In The "King Compound" As The Civil Rights Pharisees Converged Upon Recent "Social Justice" Actions


It is my opinion that there is a symbiotic relationship between today's "Civil Rights Pharisees" and "Street Pirates".

BOTH are byproducts of the void in the "Governance Culture" within the Black community.   BOTH would have their ability to attack and misappropriate the valuables within the Black community IF the "messaging machine" within the Black community was more interested in something other than transactional, short term, political advantage

"Social Justice" Action Their Artifact For Indictment The "Dark Matter Zone" That You Will Never Hear From Their "Historians" - The Street Pirate "Civil Rights Violation"
Justice For Troy Davis

At the Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta, Inc drove to the "Georgia Death Chamber" to try to save Troy Davis from a "State Sponosored Execution" a "Street Pirate" took advantage of the clearing to commit a "Street Pirate Sponsored Execution" within the "King Compound".

There were no protests.
Justice For Trayvon - South Florida

US Rep Fredrica Wilson Holds A "Justice For Trayvon" Rally In Her District For The Purposes Of Galvanizing "Social Justice"
South Florida - The Day Prior To The "Justice For Trayvon" Rally -Street Pirates Murder 2 People At The Funeral Of A Victim Of A "Street Pirate Shooting"

Unlike the recent NFL player suicide - there were no calls to cancel the "Justice For Trayvon Skittles" Rally out of the respect for the dead.
The 2012 American Presidential Campagin "Don't Steal My Black Vote - For Obama" US Rep John Lewis opens up a "Obama/ Lewis Reelection Campaign Headquarters For Civil Rights And Social Justice" On Auburn Avenue - In A Redevelopment Project Financed By "Bank Of America" - But Which Is Now Largely Vacant - Waiting For It To Be Repurposed For The Benefit Of Georgia State University Students July 2012 - Black Man Murdered On Auburn Avenue - Right in the street in front of the "Obama/John Lewis Campaign Headquarters" In Atlanta.

The "Historic Meeting In Washington DC" Of The Civil Rights Pharisees
(Psst - I Drove Past There This Past Weekend.  The location is now VACANT .  The VALUABLES FROM THE BLACK COMMUNITY having been collected. 

Table Cell
A Man Who Was Attacked By Two Street Pirates Leverages His Civil Rights As Defined By The 2nd Amendment And Kills A "Street Pirate" Who Tried To Rob Him In The "King Compound"

Clearly - someone failed to take the young man to "The King Center For Non-Violent Social Justice" to teach him that he should not steal.

The Historic "Martin Luther King Jr Day" At The Obama Presidential Inaugration & King Bible
As Martin Luther King III tells the congregation watching "CNN" that he plans to visit the cript where his mother and father are resting - after they struggle for "Civil Rights".............and expresed hopes that upon seeing President Obama placing his hand on his father's bible that THE NATION would be inspired to take progressive action on GUN CONTROL
Right around the corner from where "Dr and Mrs King's bodies" rest in peace - "their spirits" were disturbed by gun fire on North Ave and Bouevard.

The attempted "Rebranding" of Bouelvard - a known "killing field" in the "Old Fourth Ward" has not been as effective as the people who thought about hanging the  banners on the telephone poles had hoped.

The "Real" Civil Rights Movement (and organizations) IS DEAD!!!

What we have is a PURELY - Political Opportunist, Ideologically Corrupt set of operatives who's goal is to USE the intrinsic resentments and hatred inside of Black people (just as all other people have), molesting the PRIORITIES of our community - with the goal of suppressing the "Black Community Governance Culture", creating the VOID OF GOVERNANCE through which "UNDER-DEVELOPED PEOPLE" are tapped for their "Consciousness" and their "Equal Black Votes" and are heard saying "THANK YOU" instead of "Where Is Are The Valuables That I Have Invested Into You For More Than 50 Years - For My COMMUNITY SALVATION?"

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