Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Street Pirates And SBPDL - A Tale Of Two Killers

This Man Shot Another Man Dead

This killer went to the intended house and pulled the trigger

Yung Teddy's Killer Captured By Police

This Man Shot Another Man Dead

The murder victim pulled into the wrong driveway to pick up his friend and was killed by the homeowner

Killer Of 22 Year Old Rodrigo Abad Diaz


Jassi said...

You're comparing a single tragic mistake to a problem of systemic communal violence that results in thousands of deaths annually in the US.

It seems intellectually dishonest to make such comparisons, not to mention the cop out of dismissing a communities violence because blacks are afraid, unwilling or unable to change.

So you found one big bad white man who tried defending his property and killed someone. What's your point.?Almost everyone I know has been assaulted robbed or harrassed by a black person.

Constructive Feedback said...

Jassi The "SBPDL Scout":

1) HOW DO YOU KNOW that it was a "Mistake"? Did you interview the elderly man who murdered the 22 year old?

2) IF you learn that the young Mr Diaz took EVASIVE action to get away from the gun wielding old man - WILL YOU stand against the application of "Stand Your Ground" SINCE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER that Diaz made an aggressive action toward Mr Sailors? IF FOR NOTHING IT - for the integrity of "Stand Your Ground" for when it is used LEGITIMATELY?

3) "Systematic Communal Violence" / Tens Of Thousands Of Deaths Annually?
There are about 7,000 Black homicide victims each year. WHERE is your tens of thousands coming from - BUT your bigotry?

I fight BIGOTS on the "Inside" who seek to do redirection.
I fight BIGOTS (like you) on the "Outside" who can't bring themselves to see that REGARDLESS of the proportional number of BLACK ON X homicide IT STILL IS AN INDIVIDUAL WHO COMMITTED THE ACT.

Do I believe that the "Black Racial Services Machine" is CORRUPT - as they seek POLITICAL POWER over COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE - YES!!!!!

You prefer to make it into a GENETIC attribute. All the while the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY are like a ping pong to be USED in the battle between the White Conservative Wolf who sneers at the Negro AND the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally who NO DOUBT IN MY MIND thinks the same way as YOU DO - but HE KNOWS that in order to obtain the VALUABLE FROM THE NEGRO - he must FIRST Not OFFEND HIM, draw in his CONSCIOUSNESS and then HARVEST HIS VOTE - in the FIGHT AGAINST YOU!!!

The ONLY "Intellectually Dishonest" comparison that is being presented is that YOU keep ADDING ASSUMPTIONS to the benefit of Mr Sailors WITHOUT EVER READING ONE DAMNED BIT OF TESTIMONY from HIM to the affirmative.

It stands to reason, then, that just as you exonerate Sailors because of his PHENOTYPE - that it is not that hard for you to assume that Mr Diaz had nefarious intent.

You and your SBPDL crew can't see that FOR BLACK PEOPLE who are trying to HEAD OFF THE FRAUD - YOU per your actions that are picked up by Media Matters/MSNBC and presented to OTHER BLACK PEOPLE - represent an unfortunate reality that must be factored in for.

THE ONLY way FOR ME to factor for YOU is to make Black people see that OUR INTERESTS IN GOOD GOVERNANCE is SUPERIOR to WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Punk!)

Non Humans said...

Hey CF....

You Mad?

Jassi said...

Ok. 7000.About 70% there!
7000 murders compared to one, and throw in Treyvon, and you got 2. Still,no comparison to the black violence in the US.Add 1000 more and it's still not comparable.Like I said,nearly everyone I know has been robbed or in some way hurt by a black person.I doubt any blacks you know can say this about whites.
Also,I never "exonerated" anyone.I said it was uncharacteristic but you seemed to have exonerated the other killer because his murder was intentional and premeditated.

Still,what is your point? We're talking about one out of character crime(which I labeled as tragic) Do you think there are 7000 people who are killed by old white men while turning around in their driveways?

As for "phenotype" I don't know what the hell you're implying nor do I think it matters. I don't care what alleles some old guy carries.He was an old man who did something which I assume was very bad.I would never make any justification for that.This seems to be the difference between European culture and others.

what do blacks have that is valuable? I just don't see them as meaning much to politicians or anyone else. Most don't even vote or at least didn't until the savior ran for potus and even then it was really a plethora of people who decided to elect that guy.not just blacks.

The way you write and the strange implications and "reading into" what I wrote are a bit off-putting to say the least.

Take care and good luck in realizing your vision of a better future.

Constructive Feedback said...


FROM MY PERSPECTIVE - Worse that YOUR BIGOTRY is the ACTION of certain Black people to AFFIRM your bigoted views.

The thing that YOU don't understand about THIS Negro is that I WORRY LESS about WHAT YOU think than I focus on THE GOVERNANCE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

When MSNBC/ Media Matters highlights a person like YOU - it merely stunts Black people from DOING WHAT IS NECESSARY to govern our community. Those who benefit from Black people being put on the DEFENSIVE against "Klan Forces" understand this response.

It is interesting that you say "EVERYONE YOU KNOW - HAVE BEEN ATTACKED BY BLACKS". WHO are these people that you hang around?

As I tell my dear friend Paul Kersey - While the SBPLD is focused on the "Negro that Mugged Them" - (as I watch "The Nightly Business Report" in the background - the FEDERAL RESERVE'S low interest rate policy that is allowing us to squeak by TODAY economically is going to cause economic upheaval when they EXIT this policy).

Stop right there.

I CAN DO NOTHING about the NEGRO THAT I DON'T KNOW who Mugged you. I and no one who I HAVE CONTROL OVER (my children) are not going to MUG YOU!!!
While YOU see the face of a BLACK MAN holding a gun to you or breaking into your house - stealing what little you have........THIS IS OF SUPERIOR INTEREST TO YOU than the forces who are operating with TRILLIONS but who are OUTSIDE OF YOUR FIELD OF VISION.

If you believe that the "Grovelling Negro", who's skills place him outside of the "legitimate economy" is a THREAT - just wait until this fiat economy runs its course. More "Kindly White Folks" - the beacon of the SBPDL crowd will JOIN with "The Negro" to STEAL from your wallet.

But again - this is not to say that YOU ARE NOT ALREADY being STOLEN FROM, as highlighted above.

You merely have a perception problem - based on bigotry.

The Black community has a USURPATION PROBLEM - based on the access that UNCHECKED CONFIDENCE MEN have on our COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

The FACT remains, however, TODAY more than any other time in our history WHAT EVER "NEGRO" that might ROB YOU - gets LOCKED UP - so WHY do you focus on someone who cannot operate with IMPUNITY?

Yet when we look at THE SYSTEM - (NO not just "The Bankers" that the Occupation want you to focus upon - "THE ENTIRE SYSTEM" of American finance) - YOU are too blind and bigoted to see WHO THE BIGGEST THIEF OF YOUR VALUABLES are.

(By the way - Clueless - "Valuables" is a metaphor for CONSCIOUSNESS. From this CONSCIOUSNESS goes one's VOTE in pursuit of an ideological / political outcome.

As I read your thoughts I see that YOUR VALUABLES are focused upon "That Negro Who Is Walking Toward You" - IS he going to rob you? Is he going to attack you?

IF my observations of "MSNBC" (a metaphor for the Progressive Fundamentalist press) is that they desire to keep Black people channeled in a certain way - WHO IS CHANNELING YOUR VIEW toward THE NEGRO and away from the larger series of events that are swirling around you - while you are OBLIVIOUS to them - focused ON THE THREAT FROM THE NEGRO?

Jassi said...

All people value their immediate physical safety first and foremost and this is why we focus on ' the negro.' As for your assessment and speculations concerning the elite and an economic fallout,i can't dispute what you say. It's very possible that you're correct.

There is also a chance that ' community governance' would indeed help blacks. I think an overarching central document does much to harm all of us and this us why many whites believe in nationalism. We don't want so little control over our own culture.

Still , it's physically dangerous for me to walk around at night in my 16% black city. It's dangerous to take a bus. It's sometimes dangerous in ones own home. And all of the threats are because of violent blacks. No amount of theorizing as to why this is can change the facts, and as yoi feel it is your duty to speak out against inequity and injustice which you believe negatively affects you, so do I feel it us necessary to voice my opinion about the people who strip me of my right to safety and peace.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]All people value their immediate physical safety first and foremost and this is why we focus on ' the negro.' Still , it's physically dangerous for me to walk around at night in my 16% black city. It's dangerous to take a bus. It's sometimes dangerous in ones own home. And all of the threats are because of violent blacks.[/quote]


Have you ever had the "pleasure" of being "Assaulted By A VIOLENT NEGRO" or are you just making an INFERENCE?

Again, what if someone is stealing your valuables to a far greater extent than "The Negro" but he knows not to use VIOLENCE, except if he needs to call the Deputy Sheriff to extricate you from the home that he now holds the title to?

Just as Black people have an organized set of propaganda merchants to convince them that PEOPLE LIKE YOU have an AR-15 ready to take back "the land" in the Black community.......................is it JUST POSSIBLE that my dear friend Paul Kersey is a part of the possess that has you focused on the "Threat From The Negro", skewing it out of proportion in order to get the rise that he wants out of you?

Jassi said...

Yes I've been assaulted by black people. Been harassed. Had a gun pulled on me last march and called a white faggot.lived in black neighborhoods with great schools. Black kids ruined the place. Went to the y to work out. Black kids ruining it. 24 hour security needed. No white offenders yet 70% white clientele.

It's not the media. It's not stereotypes. It's observable, verifiable truth.