Monday, January 14, 2013

(Pssst) Justice Clarence Thomas Spoke In Court Today. Keep Your Eye On The "LampBlacked Yellow Journalists" And Then Cross Index Their Coverage Of This Versus Drones, The Schott Report And "Chicago 500"


For my purposes US Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is an important "Stage Actor".
I am looking at the congregation and their response.

The breaking news from is that Thomas has spoken during verbal deliberations - the first time in 7 years.

I just heard a radio station advertisement featuring Rev Joe Lowery saying a prayer: "Teach us how to act in the spirit of LOVE and not HATE".

When it comes to the forces that observe "What Makes The Prevailing Black Consciousness Tick?" - they understand that ONE CLARENCE THOMAS STORY can clear the deck of the top 5 "Permanent Interests" for Black people as the pile-on effect of "Self-Chummed Satisfaction - is a valuable tool as they work the "Black Community Conscious Filibuster".

Clarence Thomas - The "Free Range Negro"
A few months ago I presented an article by White progressive journalist Eleanor Cliff.   On the subject of "gun control" - Clarence Thomas reminded the court about the previous assaults upon Black people who were defenseless.  Cliff told Thomas to "Update Your Game" - take off your "plaid pants and Afro-pick" and look at the reality of today.  His "faux Black radicalism" was tired.

When I read this article I did a "Dark Matter Analysis" of Ms Cliffs arguments.   CLEARLY these words should be said about the larger "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" collection of officials.  Cliff understood the ATTACK that she would receive from her "Get Over It Already" message.   She understood that Clarence Thomas is a "Free Range Negro".

Even though she obeyed "The Rules" on who a White Progressive Ally can attack - it was clear that the framework of her message was applicable to the larger collection of Black people.

I told a Black friend and neighbor who sought to pull his child from the local "Black high school" and shuttle her the "more White" school further south in the county: "While YOU are looking at this from a CLASS perspective - SBPDL White people look at your actions as an affirmation of THEIR "genetic" conclusions about Black people.   You need to be more insightful about what you are doing"
When you look at the comments section of the NBCNews/MSNBC message board - you see attacks on CLARENCE THOMAS' COMPETENCY - after 20 years on the court where they claim that his in ability to "master the law" would be exposed IF we were made to defend himself in public against a live person in deliberations.

We should also assume that a "Ghost Writer" - the clerks actually write his opinions.

The ironic point is that the very same Black Progressive Fundamentalists who seek to "out" Clarence Thomas as an "Affirmative Action hypocrite" are also the same people who get OFFENDED when those who see as "Bigots" attack the qualifications of products of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION

YOU WILL NEVER Have A Black Progressive Who "Compelled Black People To INVEST THEIR VALUABLES" Into His Cause, Only To Fail To Produce - Receiving These Type Of Attacks - Than You Will See With A "Free Range Negro" Who Could Not Get Elected In Detroit In Order To DESTROY IT BECAUSE HE HATES BLACK PEOPLE

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