Friday, January 11, 2013

Progress In The New South - Rural Sheriffs Actively Working To Find The Murderers Of Black People - Not Caring If Their Murder Is Labeled A "Civil Rights Violation" Or Not

Sympathies to the family of Jasmine Benjamin.
No one sends their child off to school or to the store expecting that they will become a murder victim.

My agenda with this slide, however, is to do a "Dark Matter Analysis", pointing to the "run of the mill" tragedy that transpires in today's "Rural South" but the normal process that is in place is shown competent and motivated to run a transparent investigation and judicial proceeding.

While it is true that the sensationalized notion of "If It Bleeds It Leads" does not capture the totality of life in certain cities that are noted for their violence - it is also true that old stereotypes against the ability of rural towns to handle law enforcement, criminal investigations and judicial proceedings are tainted by sensationalism.

In both cases it is reasonable to exert due caution and scrutiny in protection against the elements of the stereotypes that are true.   This also requires that - upon seeing a known propagandist making use of such a stereotype that you use your own knowledge as a reference of your "world view" about the conditions today, refusing to be duped. 

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