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PPPP Minister Sharpton - Obama On Mt Rushmore But Can't List THE CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY Despite 50 Years Of Investments

The way I take it - Professional Progressive Political Preacher and his prominent feature within the "Black Racial Services Machine", "The Civil Rights Pharisees", "The Democratic Party" and MSNBC - is a goldmine for my research.

When you listen to most "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" they focus on WHAT IS POPULAR TO THEM as evidence of "The Black Agenda".
They operate "Black media propaganda channels" that affirm their viewpoint.   Any problems that remain within the Black community is evidence of "Social Justice left to be accomplished" - not "squandered investments" from the Black community into building "principalities" that are further outside of our community - with the purported benefit of our community...................after "the Blacks" assist  "The Post Racial Progressive Joint Venture" with a victory over the common Right-Wing Enemy.

Why Today Is An Important And Necessary Transition In "Black American History"

To the left is the symbol of 'The Embedded Black Confidence Man".

For years he has served as "The Too Black Too Strong" - angry and OFFENDED voice in protection of the Black community.

As an "oppressed people" who have been marginalized by the system - a 'protection racket' in which the "Black Rank & File" were compelled to pay "tribute" money as a sign of their thanks to the "Embedded Leadership" was justified.   Find yourself without protection and you would suffer from exposure to the racist elements.

For the dispossessed "The Least Of These" - the money and loyalties paid out was far less than the benefit and opportunity in a direction forward that they received.

While Standing On The Outside "Activist" Was Always Inches Short Satisfied

If you fail to appy a psychological and "group behavior" filter to what is going on today (with respect to "Black Politics And Media Operations") then you'll fail to understand the change in dynamcis and disposition.

When the Black community was largely locked out of decision making (the establishment) and were marginalized "rank & file" - mostly in the exploited labor class - the "PROTEST FOR JOBS AND JUSTICE" was a reasonable expression of frustration.

As we all have heard - "a clinched fist is more powerful than its individual fingers".   The goal of a protest is to allow the individual "Least Of These" to speak in one, powerful voice to "THE POWER".  (Speak Truth To Power).

It is worthy to note that the protest leaders have a job of retaining their positions of power by retaining control over the PRIORITIES OF THE GROUP.   Since his role of protesting and negotiation with "THE POWER" translated into his perceived power among the group it is important that he achieve two points:

  1. TALK TO "THE POWER:  Tell "The Power" that the proposal is "A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT".  In negotiation you demand "The Stars", "receive the moon" but at least you are out of the mud on the Earth as you once were
  2. TALK TO "THE CONGREGATION" :  Self Marketing 101 - You constantly remind the dispossed "The Least Of These" how much you have done for their benefit and "The Next Time A Racist White Cop Beats Them Do Not Call The Leadership For Help Since You Have Questioned Them" how greatful you should be - proving it by their continued support.
In all of this "Congregational Unity" is necessary.   Internal conflict or lack of trust in the rate of improvement - that is made into an INDICTMENT OF THE LEADERSHIP causes "cliquishness" and splintering.   When more infighting than progress takes place (See "Brick City") then "The Struggle Motion" becomes lateral - against ideological soul-mates rather than vertical - against an EXTERNAL ENEMY.

The perceptions of ORGANIC GROWTH is at the hands of the battle against the EXTERNAL (Right Wing Enemy)

When The "Activist" Is Now "THE ESTABLISHMENT" He Must Now DEFINE HIS "SATISFACTION" - YOUR JOB Is To Retain Your "Institutional History" About His ORIGINAL STRUGGLE And Note How He Has Become A MARKETER OF THE ESTABLISHMENT 

(I am more patient than many of  you believe.   All that we see today is necessary for a people with the mindset of an "Oppressed People", who see THEIR OPPRESSOR in the form of their "POLITICAL ENEMY - to finally understand that their choice to COMPROMISE THEIR INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY to an EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN ultimately undercuts their long term interests of GOVERNING the INSTITUTIONS that they now have control over)

When I listened to PPPP Minster Al Sharpton's justification of why President Obama deserved to be placed on Mt Rushmore as a "Presidential Great" I DID NOT start a list of REBUTTALS.

Minster Sharpton WANTS YOU, his adversary to DEBATE ON HIS TERMS.   When you stand against the SET OF PRIORITIES that he has established as the "Current Debate" but you fail to "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ORIGINAL PRIZE" - you lose.  

My mandate is to not allow the smoke to get into my eyes and express the AUDACITY to assume that Black people are really interested in achieving the ends that motivated this ill-fated venture into POLITICS that has subssumed the "Black Community Development Struggle".

As you see - we now have a record of Minister Sharpton and his SATISFACTION WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA.

  1. He Stopped 2 Wars      (Dark Matter Analaysis - Sharpton does not pin ANY "US Military Deaths" or DRONE STRIKES or "Humanitarian Missions" in Africa upon the Commander In Chief".  You will NOT hear the word "American Imperialism" said through 2016.) 
  2. He Saved The US Economy From A "Second Great Depression" - (DARK MATTER ANALYSIS - Notice how that which was once a "BLACK STRUGGLE" for ABSOLUTE GAINS in the economic position of BLACK AMERICANS (ie - moving everyone up 2 standard deviations on the income scale - so that we are less 'distributed' in "the gutter of poverty" - has NOW become a statement of the MACRO-ECONOMIC condition of AMERICA AS A WHOLE.      INDEED - "Obama is NOT just the President Of Black People"   - point understood.   DON'T LOOK AT OBAMA!!  LOOK AT SHARPTON AND THE Black Racial Services Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     They must now show PLEASURE for "Obama's ECONOMIC FIXES" ,  their "Occupation" protests are against CORPORATIONS and BANKS - because they are HAPPY with the OPERATORS OF THE GOVERNMENT now.   They must express HOPE to the Rank & File that if they assist OBAMA at righting the RIGHT WING, CORPORATE ENEMY.......that their ECONOMIC CONDITION will improve in the future.    THEY, however, control the MEASURING STICK and TIME LINE for the happiness of the Rank & File.   You can be sure that it won't be a TRANSPARENT MEASURE.  Their job is to advocate for their IDEOLOGY - not to build up ORGANIC COMPETENCIES WITHIN THE PEOPLE. 
  3. He Brought Affordable Health Care To Millions DARK MATTER ANALYSIS -  Today I listened to Sunday television talk shows in which THIS SYSTEM has made a "SELF RULE" that if a $1,000,000,000,000 coin is created on its own minting machine that IT HAS THE VALUE that is set on its face.    The COIN itself has no intrinsic value.   It only is encased inside of a SYSTEM that GIVES IT ITS VALUE.   When I think about HEALTH CARE FOR "THE LEAST OF THESE" - I must accept that my debate adversaries accept that CONSUMER ACCESS that allows their people to LIVE UP TO A CERTAIN STANDARD OF LIVING - is, in their mind "SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVANCEMENT".  MY VALUES AND INSIGHT moviate me to see them as "The Trillion Dollar Coin" - someone shipping this lump of medal to a "Green Field" - such as Haiti, Guatemala or The Congo - and then telling the beholden masses there:  "I AM A BLACK AMERICAN, the cousin that YOU heard rumors about THROUGH WHICH YOU LIVED VICARIOUSLY THROUGH.    See my $1,000,000,000,000 face value and from YOUR PRIDE and ADORATION..............................YOU SHALL EAT, BE NOURISHED BACK TO HEALTH AND PROSPER.    
    1. Can you find a more perfect example of how to understand "Social Justice Health Care" from A MORE CONSCIOUS VIEW?      If after 50 YEARS OF INVESTMENT of YOUR OWN "Valuables" into a SYSTEM - but you can't show an ABSOLUTE INCREASE in BLACK PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGAINST that have matriculated through "The (Local) SYSTEM" that you are the ESTABLISHMENT POWER over -  DID YOU REALLY become "TOO BLACK / TOO STRONG"?    Or are you merely just a SUPER CONSUMER???
    2. Though you are "An African In Exile"  - THE HAND OF DIRT that your impoverished cousin  can scoop up in his two hands to throw into your eyes HAS MORE WEALTH contained within.   NEITHER YOU, NOR HE has the know-how or infrastructure to EXTRACT IT OUT and leverage the "supply chain" to the advantage of your congregation 

I choose not to listen to "The Transactions" of the Embeddded Confidence Men.

  • It is best to focus on THE FORCE that compells them to "LIST WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY" - but then you make a list of UNFINISHED BUSINESS - this is the index of their "CORRUPTION"
  • You then look at WHAT MAKES THEM OFFENDED - as they work to harvest "BLACK ANGER" - but then YOU consider how MARGINAL these "OFFENSES" are to that which THEIR ANCESTORS had to BE OFFENDED IN SILENCE over BECAUSE they had NO JUSTICE and NO VOTE to channel their OFFENDEDNESS through
TODAY'S "BLACK AMERICANIZED" "anger" IS "The LAMPBLACKED guise" that journalist George S Schyuler told us about more than 70 years ago.    

It is a LEFTIST / PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST CORE - with a covering of Hershey's Hard Shell Chocolate - to give it a FRONT OF BLACKNESS.

Black Progressive-Fundamentalism IS PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM with "The Blacks" accepting the promised proceeds from "The Industrial Canal" that has been constructed on their behalf.  

The challenge is to make note that the paper thin walls of this canal will COLLAPSE - once we get beyond "the optics" and plot for the day when THEY - THE ESTABLISHMENT must serve the "SOCIAL JUSTICE NEEDS" of "The Least Of These" - and it becomes obvious that ABSENT THEIR RIGHT-WING ENEMY to fight against and generate "Struggle Motion" - they are incompetent at providing ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT FOR "THE LEAST OF THESE".   They are merely a conscious attention filibuster that makes CONTENTMENT IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE ENEMY.


Do an ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT of the project and allow the PROGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENTALISTS to make note that it will remove more MOUNTAIN TOP than does "MOUNTAIN TOP COAL REMOVAL".     This will set up the condition of CONFLICT by which one's IDOL WORSHIP of the PROGRESSIVE VEHICLE that they are latched upon (Obama) comes into conflict with a more tangible cause.  

BASED ON WHICH THEY COMPROMISE - you will see their true character.

Barack Obama - The $1 Trillion Progressive Token
(Each Year Of His Presidency - He Has Bequeathed To The JingOists - One $1 Trillion coin as a means of nullifying their concerns about the Federal Debt that was increased by that same amount)

They are TOO BLIND to see that in the future - TRAVERSING through a PROGRESSIVE ERA with must happiness that PROGRESSIVISM HAS GROWN IN POWER but failing to obtain ORGANIC COMPETENCIES, allowing you to be the primary provider of your DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING - means that you become "the token" with NO INTRINSIC VALUE - outside of THE SYSTEM that GIVES YOU YOUR VALUE. 

You Cannot Look At Obama - You Must PUT THE ENTIRE MACHINE ON TRIAL.

He understands that when you KEEP THROWING OUT "CHUM TO BLACK PROGRESSIVES" (Mt Rushmore) as a means of drawing out "RACIST OPPOSITION" - he understand that BLACK PEOPLE WILL BEGIN DEBATING what HE CHOSE TO INITIATE - and will never get around to asking "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT WE GAVE TO YOU BEFORE"?

I would have had more respect for Minister Sharpton IF - a few years ago when he initiated a "counter protest" against the Right Wing Glenn Beck, as he spoke about pursing EQUAL EDUCATION FOR BLACK KIDS from the steps of the "Dunbar High School" in Washington DC - IF HE KNEW HIS HISTORY we would have known that Dunbar High School is the present name of a school that used to be run by Anna Julia Cooper.

She achieved educational excellence for Black children during crushing Jim Crow segregation.

I tend to believe that if a teacher today was to practice the discipline and high expectations from the children in the new Dunbar High School - exactly as Mrs Cooper did - that she would be run out of the school because of the high rate of expulsion of problem students and the firing of ineffective teachers.

The "Permanent Interest" The Condition - After 50 Years Of Investment Into "Voting As Our Salvation"
The Condition Of The Local Economy Within The Black Community

Protesting For Someone To Give You A Job When YOUR COMMUNITY Has A Void Of Services

The Struggle For Education For Black Children - "Education Is The Gateway To Equality"

The original "education by induction" as the Black kid "looks into the eyes of the man he venerates" failed, the Schott Foundation chose a more hard hitting report the next year.


The "Guardians Of Blackness" are PLEASED!! Obama signed the document that is to improve Black education using 10 pens so each of them could receive one for encasement in their archive.

These signs are not targeted at the US Department Of Education

Safe Streets Within The Black Community

With The Homicide Victimization Report For Chicago Listing 74.8% Black People As Murder Victims.......It Is Important For The Congregation To Stick Together - NOT ALLOWING The Enemies To Focus On "The Street Pirate Gangs" Who Are Doing The Killing - But The NRA Who Is Preventing The Federal Government From Allowing Them To Take The Guns Away From Them.


IF Chicago's Murder Rate Hits 600 In 2013 - There Won't Be A Significant Continent Within The Black Community To Break Ranks - In The Name Of Saving The Lives Of Black People - As The Football Game Is Played OUTSIDE OF THE COMMUNITY But At The Community's Expense

Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes

  • Health Care For Black People
  • Stable, Nurturing Familial Relationships.
BOTH Are "Black Permanent Interests" that EVERYONE agrees are foundational components of the Black Community.

Yet - DESPITE having compelled the Black rank & file to invest in political control over the above 3 Institutions (Black Community Economic Development, Black Community Education, Black Community Culture & Justice Enforcement) - Instead of showing evidence of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES through which:
  • More Healthcare Professionals to service our community are being produced through these institutions
  • The Traditional Black family - which greatly improves the odds of a well balanced child ....
The choice for the Black community to engage in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" has promoted the masses to look past the management of the institutions that are already in the hands of favorable people and engage in Perpetual National Struggles (health care) OR "Black Conscious Attention Filibusters" (focus on issues to avoid showing the incompetency at compelling Black men and women to fuse their individual interests for the benefit of the family unit)

The Black Community Can't Bring Itself To PRODUCE BETTER OUTCOMES THROUGH The INSTITUTIONS That It Has In Its Hands.   

The More Attractive CONSUMER RIGHTS STRUGGLE - Draws The Black Community Into VOTING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE - Allowing Other Forces To Profit

What Minimum Traditional Marriage Rate Must The Black Community Maintain In Order To Achieve A Certain Tipping Point?


The THEFT OF THE "BLACK COMMUNITY'S VALUABLES" By Those Who Seek To Draw Our Attention Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"

The Black American's Ability To Provide Stuctural Support To Any Other "Black Diasporatic" Grouping Of People Around The World - Based On The ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT That Is Being Received In America

Obama has not managed to stop the "International Tea Party Movement" from waging RACIST attacks on a Black man.  They still choose to see him as "The Face Of The American Empire" - failing to see how sensitive Black Americans are to the sight of seeing a Black man burned or lyched - with respect to the history of Western Chattel Slavery And Oppression - by the NRA.

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