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People Are Failing To Interpret Danny Glover's "Second Amendment - Slavery Enforcement" Statement Properly

From The Blax @ AOL HuffPo : Danny Glover Says Second Amendment Prevented Slave Revolts, Conservative Students Petition

Danny Glover says that the US Constitution - Second Amendment was created to allow SLAVE OWNERS to retain arms to prevent SLAVE UPRISINGS.

“I don’t know if people know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” Glover said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect, to protect themselves from slave revolts and from uprisings from Native Americans.”
“A revolt from people who were stolen from their land or revolt from people whose land was stolen from – that’s what the genesis of the Second Amendment is.”

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The White Conservatives are UPSET at the statement!!

When you listen to "White Conservatives" debate - you begin to understand that THEY have not invested the time to understand BLACK PEOPLE - as much as their White Cheshire Fox Ally brothers who they are fighting have invested.  

The comment made by Danny Glover was an attempt to indict the WHITE RIGHT WING AS "RACISTS".   OF COURSE - one of the "positive" residual effects (from their perspective) was that by having a gun any White person at the time would be able to defend himself from a "slave insurrection". Fighting against "Indian Savages" was a key duty for every White "settler" in a frontier town.

It is therefore illogical to be "offended" by Danny Glover's statement.

IF THE WHITE CONSERVATIVE WOLF (my friends at SBPDL) were to ever get a clue they would change Danny Glover's statement into the VOICE OF BLACK PEOPLE!!!

Even though Rep John Lewis feigned outrage over Rush Limbaugh's comment regarding taking up arms as he marched in Selma Alabama to defend themselves against corrupt, racist White people who just happened to wear a government uniform - THIS IS EXACTLY what the heroic voices of Malcolm X, The Black Panthers and Robert Williams had suggested at the time.   WHY was Limbaugh's taunt offensive when it is a sentiment that had strong standing at the time?

But back to the main argument.

The statements:

  • If the African was better able to defend himself with weapons and the same organized violence that the White man laid claim to - he would have fought off the human traffickers 
  • If the American slave was able to acquire sufficient arms - he could have freed himself
  • If the Black American at the time of the Civil War was allowed to fight for his freedom, without being limited to a few state regimen - the war would have ended sooner
  • Bishop Henry McNeal Turner: Every Black household should have a gun to protect the house and the community from molestation by people who don't respect the individuals in the community
  • Militant Civil Rights heroes:  "The Ballot Or The Bullet"

The proper way to rebut Danny Glover, et al - is to SHIFT the indictment from THE WHITE "SLAVE MASTERS" (and other White folks in "Free States" who would later use their guns elsewhere.  Slavery was abolished in New York state around 1800) over to Danny Glover's MISALIGNMENT WITH BLACK HISTORY and a common sentiment among BLACK PEOPLE TODAY!!!

The failure to stitch together multiple tracks of argument among Black people as an indictment used in one context is allowed to be contradicted when used in a different context is the reason why the FAUX "OFFENDEDNESS" (faux outrage) over what the RIGHT WING has said to "insult Black people" THUS JUSTIFYING the investment of more of their valuables - is the essential force that permits the "Congregational Unity Scheme" to continue unchallenged.

Things Have CHANGED In America - Until There Is A Need To "Break The Glass" And Make The Case That "America Is As Racist As Ever,  Let's Stick Together And VOTE HARDER For Progressive Change"

"If the White man voted to re-impose Slavery tomorrow - you'd be back in chains by the end of the week".    So goes the "huff and puff" in certain venues within the Black community's conversations.

The goal is not to maintain a consistent representation of the facts as represented in today's real world".  The goal, instead, is to keep Black people in a state of "Congregational Unity".  Any "Negro" who THOUGHT that "things had changed - now that so many FAVORABLE PROGRESSIVES ARE IN POWER" - needs to be slapped back into reality - The WHITE RIGHT WING is lurking around every corner - ready to snatch us back into Slavery.

I recall a White coworker who traveled to the South and then returned to our job in the North, saying "The Civil War has not yet ended".  She was talking about the views of the WHITE FOLKS she interacted with.   I am hear to tell her an others that - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man - gets the very same mileage off of "Slavery", "Civil War" and "Jim Crow" today as his White Right Wing coutnerparts on "Stuff Black People Don't Like" are getting.  Both of them continue to come up with the appropriate "octane boost" in order to improve their mileage and pack more fools into their respective cars.

There is a force of "Systematic Racism Chasing" that has been effectively used to justify Black people's choice to compromise its own "Black Community Governance Culture".   

The best way for a politician who has "collected valuables from the Black community" based upon promises for "Social Justice Advancement" - only to come up woefully short at the end of his term - to get reelected is to keep the people encamped into "The Struggle Motion".    

Even though he now occupies the seats of power where "the Negro of the Past" got his clothes peeled off by a water cannon as he held on to the light pole outside of the city hall building - few Black people will take the unilateral steps of CONNECTING THE DOTS and noting the great irony of events at hand.

The taunt that says: "WHITE FOLKS HAVEN'T CHANGED IN A SHORT 50 YEAR TIME FRAME from which 'A Black Man Had No Rights A White Man Need Respect' - has the goal of STUNTING the departure of today's Black people from THE CONGREGATION.   He needs protection.   Even though we hear a Confidence man say:  "The next time a racist White cop beats upon you - don't call me" - HE is not going to tell you that - in as much as he lead the "Social Justice Election Rally" to install the mayor into power - the "racist patrol officer" reports to the favorable police chief and is regulated by the city council - half of whom received the endorsement of the Confidence Man.   

IF INDEED a Black man is beaten by the police today - he will receive a $1 million + settlement - thanks to the fact that the common sentiment by the people who must approve the payout by the city - is in line with what the Embedded Confidence man who assisted their election has.   By contrast no one will get a dime after a "Street Pirate Attack".  These same people, however, will note that too many Street Pirates are being locked up - and they have not abdicated their responsibilities as governors of the local institutions.  Instead they need more federal funding to make things work effectively.  Thus they can "levitate off of the stage" and lead the masses on a run against the Federal Right Wing - who is blocking their "Social Justice Money".

SO WHAT DO WE HAVE but "Poop Talking"? 

The media and the "Public Intellectuals" HAVE NO VESTED INTEREST in tying these two independent arguments TOGETHER to note that when synergized they are fraudulent in the application today.

  1. We don't need guns because this is a very different society than when the White Racists who penned the US Constitution needed them to defend their treachery
  2. There is still a prevailing racist White right wing threat in America.   They will stop at nothing to oppress Black people - we must not stop our fight against them.  We must stay congregationally united to defend against them.

The "Black Woman Crying On The Television News - After Suffering A Loss At The Hands Of A Street Pirate". Whomever FAILED To Teach The "Would Be Pillar Of The Community" To GIVE A DAMN Should Be Faulted The Most About This Sitaution

Even though we were told that "America does not care enough for Black people to react to the 'serial killings' that transpire on the streets of America every day" - the truth is that these very same people making this commentary are themselves making full use of the killings in Newtown to advance what they had been hoping that "America" would do all along - "Gun Control".

The ironic point is that the very same people who have collected institutional seats of POWER via the support of Black people - are the one's who can't see the opportunity costs that our community suffers as the "Governance Culture" that should have been built up to channel the energy and intelligence of our YOUNG BLACK MALES into more productive means - are the same forces who want to draw our "Community Development Consciousness" FURTHER INTO POLITICS - in order to "solve" this latest spate of gun violence.

They play upon what Black people FAVOR - at the time that our present conscious understanding is set in a way of their making.
The Black rank and file, by contrast needs to be made to accept that while "Popularity" is an attribute that can be sculpted by the addition of media artifacts like MSNBC, The Grio, The Root, AOL Blax --------- EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES must be MANAGED - by having people to develop COMPETENCIES and then consistency do their part to produce these desired outcomes.

Propaganda can build large "church congregations" but "Community Salvation" requires alignment to practical methodology to achieve such ends.   Failing that we see what we have today:  "The Spirit That Is Blinded - As It Cherry Picks Elements Of Social Justice Advancements - Looking Past The Large Pile Of Murdered Carcasses - As They Are Now Buried And Out Of The Sight Of The Congregation". 

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