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NPR's Michel Martin Asks: "When Will The Struggle Be Complete?" ANSWER - "When The Congregation Dissipates And Then Returns To Protesting Outside Of The Institutions That Are Failing To Develop Them Despite Their Previous Common 'Team Membership"

I am going to make this a structured argument that spans multiple posts.

I do NOT see NPR host Michel Martin as "evil".
I listen to Mrs Martin and I note her fused "Progressive Politics" and "Black Community Consciousness" and conclude that these assumptions reflect much of what I criticize about "The Black Racial Services Machine".

I have less of a problem that they are "Progressives" and that they express their "Black Community Development Consciousness" through the 'American Political Domain' and the Democratic party than what I am most troubled with:

After they stood in the fox holes of "The Struggle", engineering the organizational structures and the mental associations within the Black community - they will brag about their accomplishments in one featured segment (see above) and then in another segment they fully acknowledge the "Crisis In Black America".

The art of "Establishment Power Repudiation" allows those who received the "Valuables From The Least Of These", based upon their promotion of oppression, injustice and unfairness from the "Establishment De Jure".  They repeatedly asked "The Least Of These" to join their "Struggle Motion", promising that (as I heard growing up) "When WE get favorable people into power..........THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT".

My main problem with Michel Martin is that she is unable to levitate away from the "Popular Coalition" within the Black and Progressive Movement as they appear on her show - broadcasting their triumph and the continued crisis that prevents them from "letting up", instead demanding that they "Show The Statements To The Black Community Development Fund" - as Mrs Martin speaks on behalf of the Black rank & file asking: "You Received All Of These Investments.  Show The Development OF The People Rather Than The Scaffolding Around Them, Before I Can Endorse The Walk Along Another Segment Of "The Struggle".

The two guests in the audio piece above talked about "Victory".  (Women's rights and Gay rights and they mentioned Black 'Civil Rights' and labor rights [by inference]).  This victory was at the societal level.  This victory appeared to be in the "favorable outcome" in the election of 2012.

We can assume that they are fighting against:

  • White (Christian) Male Orthodoxy
  • Conservatism As Expressed In The Republican Party
  • The Right-Wing Forces In America
Though the title of the story asks "What's Next?" - Mrs Martin doesn't have the intention of setting up a "toll booth" between the previous section of roadway and the next interval of "The Struggle", noting the NEW ESTABLISHMENT POWER of "Progressive Fundamentalism".....
  • In Religion
  • In Academia
  • In Social Norms
  • In Entertainment
  • In Economic Theory
  • In Local Governance
  • In National Government
.............. and THEN making note of the CONTINUING PROBLEMS among "The Least Of These" - with the audacity to shift from the pose of the "Victory Flag" atop the mountain - over to seeing the congregation that she is apart of as THE ESTABLISHMENT THAT IS FAILING TO PROVIDE THE VAULTED 'SOCIAL JUSTICE' to the "Least Of These". 

BUT WAIT - not just any grouping of "Least Of These" people...........................

This is why I say "Progressivism Is Inorganic".
It needs a "Right Wing" to bounce off of in order to generate the appearance of "Motion".

Instead of settling for mere words of argument I will introduce several media artifacts to substantiate my charge that - BEFORE "The Least Of These" can develop ORGANIC COMPETENCIES - through the Human Resource Development Institutions - that "Favorable People" now dominate - per their own preferences and investments of "Their Valuables" - voices like Michel Martin (the media) will have to lead the way in destroying the REGULATORY CAPTURE that is in place today - which has the "Struggle Motion" fighting against "Windmills" but not generating green energy from them.

Michel Martin need not become "Anti-Progressive".  She only needs to acknowledge the "New Establishment" and shift from their "Marketer TO The Rank & File" over to the DEFENDER of the "Rank & File's INVESTMENTS" in this establishment.   

The Man On The Street Interview - "Obama Is Going To Balance The Budget And Not Cut Social Security Or Medicare - Which Is Why I Voted For Him To Fight Against Republican Paul Ryan"

Got To The 45 Second Mark Of The Audio Below

Mrs Martin (did I tell you that this is the name of my favorite teacher, by the way? :-)  )
When I heard this audio segment from your radio show - I was in the parking lot at the post office and I CRIED INSIDE.

Despite the fact that there is NOT ONE economist, CBO/GAO policy wonk, or even fire-brand politician who will produce a chart that says "The Federal Budget is going to be BALANCED in the next 4 years - AND 'Obama is going to protect the main entitlement programs from cuts".  PERIOD!!!   Paul Krugman or Juliane Malveaux wouldn't even "Go There".  (OK - neither would Arthur Laffer).

Let's analyze this woman's conscious state of mind.

I do not know - in fact I am quite sure that YOU did not do the "Man on The Street Interview" (OK again - in respect to your two female guests above - "The (WO)man On The Street Interview" - )
in which the Black lady said that Obama is going to balance the budget and protect the "Social Justice Spending Programs" - the fact is that neither YOU or anyone else in that segment or one sense found this view so jolting that you made a corrective comment.

Understand this - Mrs Martin.  FROM THIS BASE OF ASSUMPTIONS - this Black woman INVESTED HER VALUABLES.   To be clear when I say "Valuables" - the primary one that I speak of is "Her Black Community Development CONSCIOUSNESS and HOPES".     This is something that she owns and that no one can ever steal from her.

The "Equal Black Ballot" that I speak of is merely a TRANSACTION of what is in her mind.  It is a contribution to the political discourse in the "American Political Domain".

Mrs Martin - after years of hearing about "Marked To Market" in which an arbitrage scheme allows people who operate in one market arena (lets say casting "Subprime mortgages" into the residential housing market) and then they package these resources for sale into a different market (lets say the "Secondary Mortgage Market") in which the original financial instrument is "commoditized" and is given a certain VALUE in this other market.   

(Please follow me) That original resource was not VETTED properly.   In fact the "embedded confidence middle man" had a vested interest to pack as many of these instruments into one bundle and HYPE a certain value - inducing these third party investors to "get in on the Gravy Train" or get left out.

We all know the rest of the story.

Mrs Martin - what do you suspect will become of this Black woman come the year 2016?  
The budget is NOT balanced BUT her right-wing enemies are coming after the "Social Justice Programs" that she values?   

IF there is a crew of "Paid Media Operatives" that she tunes into - do YOU think that they could sculpt a message to her which says:  "Obama INTENDED to balance the budget - in the name of sound fiscal stewardship.  Our common enemies PREVENTED him from accomplishing what we all have confidence in his capabilities to do.  In fact - we think they were motivated by RACISM.  They would rather destroy the nation,(note: actual words from a Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio host coming up) - because they would rather see a "Monkey With A Diamond Ring than a Black man with money and power".

In your discussion a few weeks ago with Democrat Party operative Keli Goff and Republican Party operative Ron Christie it was YOU who pointed to "Economic Popularism" as the key index that we should focus upon.   We can include THIS WOMAN'S OPINIONS as an affirmation of YOUR theory.

The problem is, Mrs Martin - while INDEED if you (collective "You") orchestrated a system of propaganda that framed the world in the manner that this woman has expressed her "HOPE" through these notions that she vocalized - YOU COULD GET HER "VALUABLES" as she is seen "Protecting Her Interests".

The problem with this, Mrs Martin, is that it seems that you are more interested in hearing her "Praise Obama" and channel her own "Hope Energy" THROUGH HIM and, of course, against the Right Wing - that these words were not offensive to you BECAUSE they were so askew from REALITY.

The Development And Enforcement Of A Black Community Governance Culture

The key consequence of this "Nationalized Economy", where we have a battle royale between competing "Dung Producing Party Animals" is that a person's lifestyle and standard of living can be abstracted - drawn up as a consequence of how "Their Team" makes out in the battle.

I think that we can both agree that the woman above has an economic outlook that is foreign to the reality of our situation.  Mrs Martin - what if you run across an entire COMMUNITY of such people - like the West Philly area around the "Universal Blufford Elementary School"?  

Let's move past their front end assumptions and instead inspect their conscious and economic condition after the CYCLE completes.  

There is no other possible outcome than for her to be disappointed in her ASSUMED OUTCOMES.
Again, I bet that from this disappointment she will "double down" and CURSE the ENEMY who "made Obama fall short".
Come 2016 - she will be first in line handing over her valuables again.

MY ARGUMENT - is NOT that she should redirect her investments into the "collection plate" that the Elephant carries around on the periphery of her community.  I am saying that IF YOUR AGENDA is to EMPOWER this Black Woman then YOU need to use your broadcast resources to CORRECT HER MISALIGNMENT.

 What does this graphic to the right indicate?

While the woman in the audio interview is NO DOUBT going to invest her valuables in a prescribed manner in 2014 and 2016 - and the NAACP will note that the "VOTER-IZATION of BLACK HOME" - transactionally threatened UNMOLESTED - per the reports of Black Voter Participation in 2012 is a "Mission Accomplished Feat".

The truth is, Mrs Martin, that since this woman has "Taken All Of Her Troubles To The SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS - of VOTING FOR HER SALVATION" ---  the consequence of this lack of institutional integrity shows itself - IRONICALLY in the zone that was supposed to be BUILT UP as a result of "The Political Struggle".

I need not say that YOU and others in the "Black Media" have a gut wrenching decision to make.
 I will be the first one to tell you that I accept that POLITICS is "Legal Organized Fraud" and that the goal is to win via attrition - getting more electronic blips in YOUR bucket than the other thug guy.

If YOU don't enforce that "Marked To Market" rule - keeping the "Black Existentialism" AWAY FROM "The American Political Domain" - then the laws of thermal dynamics will always prove true:  The BLACK "heat energy" will be sucked out of the African American - and will ALWAYS be drawn into the larger "energy sink".

Sadly when the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS sees this truth but CHEERS the "success of THE TEAM" - compelled to STAY QUIET for a desire to not HURT THE TEAM - I am sure that you can agree - Mrs Martin - that if and when "The Team" decides to build their stadium in the suburbs that the people who went along with the scheme but failed to retain their OWN PERMANENT INTERESTS will find themselves with a shell of a "stadium" that brought them so much joy, but which now has weeds growing through the cracks in the asphalt parking lot.


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