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NPR Michel Martin Has "Assumed Black Inferiority" Presented To Her - But Is Not Offended

The Transcript


Anthony Carnevale of Georgetown University - in discussing the challenges to Black (minority) education in America - makes the case that "the lack of financial resources" AND "White Flight" will imperil "Black education" for the future.

I am going to take a different angle on my analysis of this one.

When it comes to "public discourse" about race, academics, intelligence, and discipline - there are two main categories of responses

  • Black or Progressive (multi-racial):  "America needs to show more commitment to ALL of their citizens, providing 'history's victims' an opportunity to access the very same benefits that this society affords to those with advantage through history.  Integration with the larger (White) society is the best way to alter the damage that slavery and Jim Crow has produced"  
  • White or Conservative (right-wing): "Intrinsic genetic and cultural realities along with the in ability to govern their own people make for the results that we see in 'Black America'.  We need to retain control of our own institutions because our values are different from "The Blacks" 
Crude generalizations but I believe I am accurate in my assessment.

In today's "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - from a Black perspective - the main drive is to form cross racial "Progressive Joint-Venture" with people who think like the former collection of people (above).   The energy to rile Black people up into an "existential defensive position" in the face of a "racial attack" is achieved by bringing awareness of the "hateful offensive words" said by the later group.   This will generate a predictable response among "The Blacks".

I have no interest in calling Anthony Carnevale of Georgetown University - "A Racist" for his belief that Black people NEED "White people" (their presence and their money) as a necessary ingredient in OUR education.

In as much as it is the case that I listen to every episode of NPR's "Tell Me More" - I go back to then Senator Obama's "Race Speech" in Philadelphia, recall Michel Martin's (and others) response to Obama essentially arguing the very same thing regarding the "bad things that will happen if 'The Blacks are left alone in inner city schools' ", and thus I conclude - THEY AGREE WITH MR CARNEVALE'S and Mr Obama's prognosis.  I heard universal praise for its "boldness".  At the time I thought of "University City High School" and "West Philly High School" - that are in walking distance of where Senator Obama spoke his words and I wondered why THEY did not see - he called their schools INFERIOR!!! (Then I saw Mayor Nutter's antics in April 2012 in this same area and I now understand the consciousness of the people who they are working with.  So now it is all clear to me.  But I digress)

This provides - all of us who are attentively observing - to notice one thing:  On the matter of "Assumed Black Inferiority" - the ASSUMPTION is not the indictment - the form of delivery of 'the news' and the perceived agenda is all that matters.

(I have been noting this for years on this blog)

  • Those attest to BLACK INFERIORITY and put forth the case that it is BECAUSE of certain historical actions are agreeable to accepting this state "in fact" - as long as they are provided with the "I Know Who Did This To Us - And They Are Going To Be Made To Pay"
  • Those who use examples of "Black Behavior" or "Black Run Cities" as evidence to INDICT Black people - pointing to some intrinsic attribute, marginalizing 'The Blacks' as a means of feeling better about themselves - this right-wing disposition 

In summary - BLACK PEOPLE DON'T MIND ACCEPTING "INFERIORITY".............IF this assumption is used as a gateway for some greater interest.

I need to also make a necessary diversion.

I have already mentioned "White Right Wing" malicious indictments about "Black inferiority" that "rile up Black people" and get us/them "VOTING HARDER".  Over time I have noted the "dark matter" twin brother to that same phenomenon - in the context of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" there is the trick called "Going Along With The TRANSACTION OF BLACK INFERIORITY - As Long As It Produces A Payout To 'The Blacks' At The End Of The Exchange".

As various propaganda news feeds have been set up, keeping the 'Black Conscious Attention' focused on what is OFFENSIVE - it is this "OFFENDABILITY" of Black people that has become an important political commodity.   Those who have received the bulk of the "Black valuables" (First conscious loyalties and then 'The Equal Black Ballot' ) have a vested interest in running this scheme in order to continue the "Play Fake" that keeps the Congregation United.

So Where Are We In The Analysis?:  In The Run Up To "Black Power" Becoming A "Political Power Scheme" - WHY WEREN'T WE TOLD ABOUT THIS INFERIORITY?

The primi facie goals of "The Struggle" - that turned 100% political in the "Post 'Dr King' " era was for Black people to gain political power.  Bayard Rustin was the voice who told us to "put favorable Black people - into positions of power so that PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY could be instilled into American institutions - for the benefit of the Black community".

Just like the tattered sign that I saw in Gary Indiana - the "Black Press" - was there on the front end - executing upon Rustin's plan for "Black Community Salvation" - yet as we stand at a vital check point at which time "The Black Press" and academics & "Public Intellectuals" could make a critical assessment of "Where We Stand" as they foment a change in direction - we see that they are, in fact, more committed to FIGHTING AGAINST THE RIGHT WING as a necessary force of "Congregation Cohesion", absent the fumes from this glue - the Black Rank & File would be coming after THEM to address their grievances.

Thus - I did not expect Michel Martin to "rise up on" Mr Carnevale in response to a "Racist Supposition" that he vocalized.   The LEAST that I expect from Michel Martin - a veteran journalist (notice I did not limit her to "Black journalist") is to stand before the crop of YOUNG BLACK JOURNALISTS and other Black Progressive opinion operatives that come on her show and begin to see THEIR PART in this fatal framework that the "Americanized Black" has bought into and begin to go beyond her alignment with their ideology and politics (in the "American container") and instead challenge them on the fundamental assumptions of BLACK INFERIORITY.  They divert the failures to produce "Organic Competency Development" through the INSTITUTIONS that they have wrested control over from the obstinate White right wing "Occupation", only to make the case that the 'White folks need to come back and SHARE', that they only wanted to set the stage for BLACK FACES in power.  The point that "the Whites" had been opposed to.

Do you see my argument?  
When Gompers Elementary School in Philadelphia was a (functionally) segregated building because no Blacks lived in that part of West Philly - the drive for community integration in pursuit of "good neighborhoods" and "good schools" for Black people - proved to be an end-around to the "School Busing" program that was advocated for but did not take root.

Today the mortar and bricks of the school remain - just as they were in the 1970s.   Only the "prized occupants" who were kept warm by the containerizing effects of the walls and roof have departed.  Though the building still is able to retain heat - and it has been enhanced with the addition of "R9" rated insulation - alas - the school is no longer a valued destination for some of the Black parents in the community who want their children to have "the best" education that they can be afforded.  

It is CLEAR - the struggle was WITH WHITE FOLKS rather than FOR STRONG INSTITUTIONS.   With today the "institutions" securely in the Black Community's hands - the news of what "Newt Gingrich SAID" about Black people cleaning up their own school buildings has drawn more ire than did the Schott Foundation Report detailing the sad state of affairs with regard to Black male graduation rates.

My problem with Michel Martin - and those who think like her is that she is unwilling to acknowledge the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that is in place in these very cities - this - after many decades of STRUGGLE - to this end.

Again - Were they "Struggling" against WHITE RACISM - running them out of power using the "Black Vote" in coalition with other Progressives?  OR were they intending to place "Favorable Progressive In Power" to RUN the institutions, producing EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES for the uplift of Black people?

Just as, as I suspect, the White Progressive may think but need not say what his Conservative brothers say aloud is ultimately immaterial to his real beliefs - so too is it the case with the "Black Racial Services Machine".   Just because they are voicing the notion of "Black Power Through Political Strengthen and Popularism" does NOT mean that they see their Black constituents as 100% Equal, capable of arriving at the "Developed State".  They only need to dangle this in front of their faces - in order to draw more valuables into the collection plate.


The act of putting your "valuables" into a collection plate is the same with a church that follows the "straight and narrow" as is the case with a church who's pastor is aiming for a 10% growth in the congregation because he intents to build a pool in his backyard.

  • The deposit into the collection plate.....
  • As with depositing one's ballot.....
  • As with investing one's time into news media....
  • As with learning every word from a "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" song.....
IS THE SAME ACT by which the consumer's consciousness assumes that there is some VALUE or PLEASURE in performing this action.   The assumption being that there will be some "Return On Investment".

I ask you - How is the harvesting of "The Black Consciousness" for usurpation into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - and especially now where "Obama MUST BE PROPPED UP" in the battle against the RIGHT WING - is allowed to become the SUPREME goal?

Transcript From NPR Tell Me More - Anthony Carnevale
CARNEVALE: In the end it comes down to money and whether or not we're going to continue to give funding to institutions for special purposes - that is, to serve special populations. Americans are not happy to do that. The real trend here that's very powerful is that the white flight that began in the United States in the 1950s, where white people fled the center city and fled African-Americans, in truth, in part, but what they were fleeing to, they were fleeing to better schools, better high schools.
And in the end, the denouement, the result of all that, is very apparent now in higher education, which is that the white flight to the leafy green suburbs is now moved to the leafy green campuses. And our higher education system is very stratified with Hispanics and blacks concentrated in the two-year and non-easy open admission four-year schools and white people moving up very aggressively into the upper tiers.
And that makes a substantial difference in the outcomes.
MARTIN: OK. Give us some numbers, if you would.
CARNEVALE: Over the last - since about 1995, if we look at all the movement of white students into higher education, almost 80 percent of them are moving into the top 430 schools. African-Americans have been there at about an eight or nine percent rate, and that's stalled. It's not growing. It hasn't grown since the middle '90s.
And in the case of Hispanics, as a result of their growing population share, their share of the higher end of the higher education system - the good four-year schools - is declining. And more and more both African-Americans and Hispanics are concentrated in the two-year schools where graduation rates are 40 percent as opposed to the more successful four-year colleges, where they spend a lot more money and their graduation rates are over 80 percent.
MARTIN: Is there a strategy to address this?
CARNEVALE: Not that I can tell. I mean, the truth is that if you and I are college presidents and they start cutting our budgets, and then they tell us on top of that that we've got to have higher graduation rates in faster time to graduation, the only thing we can really do is compete with each other for the students who can go full time and pay full cost. And that's what's happening in the system. It's pushing the people who are working when they go to college and people who come from less affluent families, down the line into the less successful institutions.

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