Monday, January 21, 2013

Non-White White Supremacy, Inaction Where It Counts The Most

Non-White White Supremacy, Inaction -  Learn What The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser Values The Most By Watching Filled Negro - Leader Of The "Social Justice Broadband Movement" To Get More Negroes Access To The Root And The Grio

The Standards Committess On "Negro Througth" And Political Opportunism Through The Black Conscious Attention Filbuster  Afro Spear Standards Committee

Constructive Feedback University
School Of Journalism  - "Negro Self-Chum Propaganda Detection Program"

Gun Violence Report
5 White Folks Get Shot A Gun Shows Around America

5 Negroes Will Get Shot In Philadelphia Over The "King Holiday Weekend"

They ignorned Martin Luther King III pronouncement of a "Service Weekend".   Since they are tired of the rituals of the Civil Rights Pharisees - they refuse to do anything to help their community.

They Killed A 22 Year Old Man In West Philly JUST TO PROVE That The Civil Rights Pharisees WOULD NEVER Cancel A Ritual That Was Schuduled - Out Of Respect For The Dead, Missing The Opportunity To Stand On Stage And Propagandize For Yet Another Year.

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29
Race And The Republican Party
Filled Negro is just one of the "We Are In The White House Negro Blogs" that reported on the location of the recent Republican Party retreat being at "Burwell PLANTATION" in Virginia.

Since part of the session invovled "Minority Outrage" - the Self-Chum operatives had a bit of fun in pointing out the "offensive" name.

When White People Use The Word "Nigger" In Commercial Speech It Is A SUPERIOR Offense

For some reason the other venue is always packed with Negroes - WHO PAID MONEY to be called a "Nigga".
Disrepect For Obama Equals......... DOMESTICALLY:  Equals Disrespect For The Black Progressive Consciousness And It Promotes "Congregational Unity"

INTERNATIONALLY:  Equals The Proper Assignment Of The Present Face Of American Imperialism

The Moors
Islamic Radical

PRIDE In How Obama Used The US Military AFRICOM To Provide Logistical Support To The French Military In Mali And Somalia

The Filled Negro Editorial Board Says:
Had Nat Turner Succeeded Then Our "Social Justice" Program Would Not Have Been In Place Today Because The Civil War Would Never Have Taken Place Because The Northern Whites Would Have Agreed About The "Negro Threat" When He Is Given Equal Rights

Historical Invaders Of Europe

Didn't Wait For An Immigration Green Card To Invade Another Land - Just As The Europeans Were Doing To The Caribbean, Setting The Stage For "Filled-Negroes" Birth In The Island That The European Would Later Call "Jamaica" And Assign It Is A Royal Colony

Had the colonizers had more insight they would have implemented a system that promised "Social Justice" instead of a system of "Slavery".   They would have compelled the Negroes who went along with the promise to CHEER at the news of the European's latest conquest.

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