Thursday, January 03, 2013

Newly Seated Clayton County GA Board Fires County Manager, Signaling New Direction

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While the voters of Clayton County GA do not always "get it right" I believe that their choice of Jeff Turner to lead the Clayton County board was a much needed reform.

Turner had been the "Clayton County Police Chief" but was run out of office due to the strong undertow of politics and "cliquish behavior".  I would be remiss if I failed to mention that all of them are Democrats and the majority of the elected officials are Black.

The "nationalized struggle" to install "progressive public policy" as the fix for the problems in the Black community is constrained by the reality that so frequently shows its head when we look at the local "mission accomplished zone".

With that said - I believe that Jeff Turner has the leadership qualities to keep the board focused, "keeping their eye on the prize", avoiding the petty fights that end up derailing the aggregate effectiveness of local governments that are similarly situated.

I am not assigning a "super hero" status to Mr Turner.  It is more the case that the "Clique A" and "Clique B" effect in these "Mission accomplished zones"  and he is identified as part of one of these cliques.

Just as it is the case that the "Republicans" are known to "offend" Black Democrats - "Clique A" tends to turn the screws on "Clique B" and vice versa.  It is not labeled "racially offensive" because of the diversity that is spread throughout each time.

THE KEY POINT, however, is that DIVERSITY does not translate to EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE.
The ability for Mr Turner and the rest of the board to look past the marginal interests of their "clique" and stay focused on developing the county that the voters entrusted them to run is a far more important attribute.

They will need to rise above these type of actions.  
This is akin to changing the street names in Atlanta, placing "civil rights heroes" upon the pole - as a means of generating community pride in a effort to reduce crime.   It was all done as a "insiders spoils system".
The board also voted to remove former Commissioner Wole Ralph's name from a soon-to-be-opened recreation center.  Ralph lost his seat last November, and the decision to remove his name overturns a community contest picking the rec center's name.

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