Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Murder In Atlanta On "Rev Ralph David Abernathy Blvd" By A Street Pirate Who DOESN'T GIVE DAMN About "MLK Day 2013" Because Someone Failed To Teach Him What Is Inside The "Real Christian" Bible Because It Was On Display On The Bookshelf

Rev Joseph E Lowery (Paraphrased):

"The reason why certain Black communities in Atlanta are filled with violence is BECAUSE the oppressed people look up and see a memorial to their oppressors on the street signs.   We need to remove the names of the Confederate Slave Masters from the signs, replacing them with CIVIL RIGHT'S HEROES.

When the people look up and see the name of someone who fought for their freedom against the oppressor, keeping the Black community protected from such transgressions - a spirit of PRIDE will come upon the community and the environment will become  a better place to live.

Atlanta City Council - take down these offensive signs placed there by the former residents who controlled Atlanta, use your power and the confidence that the people have in you to rename them with OUR heroes".

PREEMPTIVE REBUTTAL - (Based On Debating Black Progressive Fundamentalists For Years)

BQPFRC:  "So you are saying that you'd rather have the names of  CONFEDERAL GENERALS hanging in the Black community?  The same White Supremacists that would have YOU HANGING?

Aside from your "Non-White White Supremacy" assumption that a BLACK MAN who kills a person right on the same dirt that a WHITE MAN killed them 200 years ago did not commit an EQUAL CRIME against humanity - Why do you get more offended over the name on the sign than you do about the fact that the same 'Killer/Hatred spirit that the Confederates had was allowed to possess the young people that YOU were charged with developing in these very same streets that you now control the name of?

The ONLY thing that has changed since the name change is the street name that is written on the 'Atlanta Policy Crime Scene Report".

If you were to go back to Rev Joseph Lower and say to him:  "YOU told us that after we put the 'Civil Rights Heroes' on the street sign that WE WOULD STOP KILLING EACH OTHER.  We demand that you now MOTIVATE US TO STOP KILLING EACH OTHER at the risk of renaming 'Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd' to the person who successfully drops the Black homicide victimization rate - down to 13% - in line with our national population percentage and thus ACHIEVE EQUALITY.

NPR's "Tell Me More":   Is The NFL Too Greedy To Cancel A Football Game Out Of The Respect For The Dead?
NBC Atlanta

In The Years 2012-2013 - The Most Deadly Streets For Black People In Atlanta:

  1. Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd - Civil Rights Hero
  2. Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd - Civil Rights Hero
  3. Rev Martin Luther King Jr Dr - Civil Rights Hero
  4. Rev Ralph David Abernathy Blvd - Civil Rights Hero
  5. Auburn Avenue 
Civil Rights Pharisees:
"John Lewis has risked his life protecting Black people. We are proud that times have changed.  The same site where the "1906 Atlanta Race Riots" took place during the time of our oppression is now the site of a life-like portrait of a '*Hero' that captured him is such a life-like portrait.  WE ARE PROUD!!"

"The very same book that was jailed because of RACISM and WHITE SUPREMACY in the original 'Jim Crow/Prison Industrial Complex' will be ON STAGE along with the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD!!!.     Once our ancestors in Africa see a BLACK MAN on stage with the holy bible that guided Martin Luther King through his unjust imprisonment - when they see an American Drone flying over the 'Motherland' they will be motivated that the Commander In Chief Of The US Military sent it in as a Humanitarian Mission" as the first step to the "Promised Land" - just like "Dr King" had a vision of. 

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