Tuesday, January 08, 2013

MSNBC Gets A Better Return On Investment From Its "Paid Blacks" Than The Black Community Is Receiving By Investing Its Valuables Into "Voting For Their Salvation"

The Lack Of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY, Enforced Within The Black Community - IS THE #1 THREAT To The Future Development And Standing Of The Black Community.

My Sentiment

This proves that BLACK PEOPLE ARE 100% Equal.

We have the same potential for GREATNESS as anyone else.

Black people with POWER need to be REGULATED - just like "Citibank and Goldman Sacs" when they have access to VALUABLES.

The problem with that which fronts as "The Black Agenda" (I call them "The Black Racial Services Machine") is that they never planned to achieve a level of DEVELOPMENT FOR BLACK PEOPLE.......................THROUGH the institutions that they gain control over through attrition.

Their goal is to execute a perpetual fight against their WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY.
When they got a clearing in the "Mission Accomplished City", controlling all of the policy making seats of  power but found that when they are ALL ALONE, BY THEMSELVES with FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER - they were INCOMPETENT at developing Black people up to the standard that they had sold our people upon.

As they scaled beyond their traditional base within the Black community - still focused on the WHITE RIGHT WING - they learned that they must form a "Diverse Progressive Fundamentalist Joint-Venture" - teaming up with the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally to fight their common enemy - The White Conservative Wolf.

We just finished the "Super Bowl" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

The Negro Progressive Voter was used as the primary agent between the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" and the "White Conservative Wolf".

The Negro was OFFENDED by what the Republican Wolf had said and the line up at MSNBC (Media Matters and various Black Progressive Blogger Understudies) relayed the "Negro OFFENDEDNESS" through the prescribed channels.

By the end of it all the "Americanized Negro" had lost his consciousness and could not bring himself to see that with HIS VALUABLES invested into the "PROGRESSIVE WHO IS BLACK" that is at the helm of the government -that they could no longer PROTEST AGAINST THE ACTIONS OF THE UNITED STATES government and IN SUPPORT of the words normally heard from Black people with money on the line:  "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU IN 2008 AND 2010 and since the EARLY 1960'S that were supposed to be used for the COMMUNITY BUILDING FUND?"

The became "In The White House Negroes" - valuing the standing of the Black man who is head of state MORE THAN they cared about the "Head Of Their Own Households".

My stance is clear: JUST BECAUSE YOU don't recognize the OPPORTUNITY COSTS of tuning into a unified wall of FRAUDULENT MESSAGING, that is appealing to you and seeks to draw you into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" IT DOES NOT MEAN that there are no COSTS and CONSEQUENCES to your hijinx.    You merely stand in a crowd that affirms you.

Strip Mining Of The Americanized Negro's Consciousness Has Been Profitable For MSNBC 

NOTE: This is not the article that I was looking for.  MY ARGUMENT is that the data shows INSIGNIFICANT differences in the bias between Fox News and MSNBC.   "Equal" rather than "More" should have been used.

But this is not my point.

When you step INTO the "Messaging Channels WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" you hear .....

  1. FOX NEWS is not a credible source of news and information....................BUT NO CRITIQUE of MSNBC 
  2. THE KOCH BROTHERS are trying to steal POWER away.................BUT NO MENTION of the Black Progressives who are under the direct employ of George Soros and have AN INSIDERS relationship with "Black Community Institutions Of Influence"
  3. The Grand King Of Them All - They VACATE The "Monopoly Democratic Party Domination" of THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES - and talk about the EXTERNAL REPUBLICANS as the key force that is derailing the FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER from delivering the promised "Social Justice" in Philly, Camden, Newark, DC, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Memphis, Oakland, etc

What We Are Seeing Is What Is PREFERRED BY BLACK PROGRESSIVES, That Is Assumed To Be What Is In The "Permanent Interests" Of Black America

The "Paid Blacks" at MSNBC were not Recruited/Employed and Paid to DEFEND THE PERMANENT INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.


The Detroit NAACP gave MSNBC's Rachel Maddow an award NOT FOR "Coming to Detroit" to advocate on behalf of a school that served "poor Black pregnant women", protecting it from "Republican" budget cuts.
The NAACP was PLEASED that MSNBC's remote camera feed came to their fair city and DID NOT set their cameras up IN CITY HALL - to do a MUCKRAKING STORY in defense of the predominately Black citizens who have been materially INJURED by the failure to develop a sufficient GOVERNING CULTURE within Detroit and other similarly situated places.

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