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Mission Accomplished Watch: How The Problems In Dekalb County Are Clouding "Dr Kings Dream"

This is an important article in the AJC below.  Please read it.


I liked how the journalist set out to capture the situation in Dekalb County GA from the perspective of an INVESTOR - a person who is making a decision on where to purchase a home.   They make the case that the value of the home is not only incumbent in the building materials or lot size.   It is the desirability of the location and the stability of the local government in providing "civic services" that matter.

We all know about "White Flight" - and Dekalb County has experienced a substantial amount of it.  (and/or they are creating "Super White Cities" [Dunwoody, Brookhaven] as a means of delimiting their interests in governing their community affairs from the dilution that takes place as they seek county services.  

I introduced the concept of "The Black Flight Progressive".   Take all of the above of the "White Flier" but you throw in the "Black Community Political and Ideological" overlay.   The "Black Flight Progressive" makes use of a U-Haul truck as his vote of no confidence in the "Mission Accomplished local government" (of Dekalb or Clayton County or Atlanta/Fulton County).   However, as they move to their more "conservatively run" locale where their "permanent interests" are more consistently delivered - they appease the Black Racial Services Machine - as they continue VOTING in a manner that is agreeable.

I am not suggesting that the "Black Flight Progressive" become a Republican, like many of their new neighbors - I AM arguing that they be more honest about themselves.  (I think that the Black community is being damaged by too much focus on politics as the point of salvation - at the expense of MANAGING the institutions that are in place locally)  They PREFER the "consumer experience" that is produced as they gain access to the ecosystem that their ideological adversary produces.  My problem is that they are often unwilling to do battle with the "Favorable Establishment Power" in their old community - leaning upon them to produce the outcomes that are present in the place that they will eventually move to.

Fear not though.  In their new location - they can become "community activists" as the local NAACP (see Fayette County) sues for minority voting districts in order to get some Democrats Black people on the school board and county board of governors. 

[Note:  I am watching "The Georgia Gang' show in the background.  The Dekalb County School Board was criticized for failing to work together.  There is too much factionalism and not enough work for the common good.   IRONICALLY the DISTRICT-ISM (a commissioner seeking to promote the interests of his own (community) district over what is best for the whole system) is a part of the problem.    Few people will ask if At Large governance would promote a more holistic conscious view).   Fayette County's set up is "racist" because it does not permit the largely Black areas of north and west Fayette to have a "representative of their own choosing on the boards.   The point that the NAACP won't admit to themselves is that well over 85% of those Blacks who have moved into Fayette County over the past 25 years - have done so BECAUSE of the results that are produced by the present configuration AND they gave a "vote of no confidence" in the areas where the NAACP is pleased about the establishment power.]

Most people miss this perversion.   

LET ME BE CLEAR - In the small context - it is indeed legitimate for the NAACP to seek to remove Fayette County's "All At Large Voting Districts" - where the county is carved up into districts but everyone in the county votes on who will represent a particular district.  

My problem with the NAACP and the Civil Rights Pharisees is that they can't bring themselves to look at the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES that are constructed and governed in the manner that is pleasing to them  but the RESULTS are not being delivered to the masses who they compelled to invest their valuables.

Fear not though - even after 40 years of  assuring the Black rank & file that "Things Will Change Once WE Get Into Power".......once this point of "Mission Accomplishment" has been achieved - they merely do a "conscious focus shift" outward to the "Georgia State Republicans" and the "National Republicans that are ATTACKING OBAMA".

The Truth About Dekalb County Georgia

In the past 20 years the largest cluster of my friends (meaning the friends that I brought to the table) and another group of Caribbean immigrants that I know through my wife - have been based out of Dekalb County.

Fast forward to today - and the clear shift northward is detectable.   They have all moved into Gwinnett County or into the northern edges of the city of Stone Mountain.

The other day while I was in a store - I overhead a recent college graduate calling an elementary school, seeking to "observe" a kindergarten class as part of her "early childhood development" research.

I jokingly said to her "So you are gonna save our people by saving our kids right?"

I told her that it is good to start out with the young kids and keep hold of their consciousness and attention.  I told her about my experiences as a long term substitute teacher when I first moved to Atlanta and how a "C" was like an "A" among some 6th grade students.  Some said "I am glad I did not fail.  I got a D instead of an F".
I told her that the box that I had in my hand contained a partial solution.  Having just visited a customer in a manufacturing plant I finally was made to understand a practical application for the Arduino system.  The customer and I had a connection in that we both had "Atari 400s" as teens.  We both programmed it as our siblings played games.   We both just happened to have recently purchased our own "Raspberry Pi" computers.  He told me that he is also into Arduino.  As we toured the plant he specifically called me out of the group to show me how the Arduino system is used to create computer sensors that he uses when they quality test/ stress test their products.   The key benefit of using Arduino is the time savings in avoiding having to learn "machine code".

Couple the fact that I saw about 30 people welding - and a clearer picture of how the void in skills for employment is a problem.

I am planning on taking another crack at my mentorship engagement.  Instead of a "reading program" I am going to lead an Arduino class.  Even though my natural curiosity lead me to program my Atari - the people who don't have this insight and, worse, no one to stimulate it for them - will never sense the void of skills and opportunity in the job market.

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I told her about my experiences in the Dekalb County School System and noted that there are two school systems:  schools in North Dekalb and schools in South Dekalb.  A Black substitute school teacher told me that he asks to be assigned to schools in the north.  When the administrator only has assignments in the south - he has to decide if "he is up to the task" for that day.

My agenda is NOT to "run down Dekalb County (or Black people)".   My point IS that there is an OPPORTUNITY COST to all of the theatrics that are allowed to take place within our community - often at the hands of the "Embedded Confidence Men" who keep things going with the 'art of distraction'. 

Instead of getting defensive about the sight of yet another "Black Run government" is under investigation as a case of "racial profiling" - how about questioning the possibility that at least some of these people operate with the knowledge that the will go relatively unchallenged by the key forces of advocacy within the community - as long as they are FIGHTING AGAINST the people that the advocates want them to fight against. 

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