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Minister Louis Farrakhan: "Assassin Obama - Please Come Back To Your Launching Pad In Chicago To Inspire The Blacks Who Have No Jobs And No Money And I Won't Connect 'The Drones' With You But Instead Will Pin Them On 'The Right-Wing Neoconservatives"

SUBTITLE: How Minister Farrakhan plays to the popularity of President Obama among his (Farrakhan's) base of support but in the process is forced to compromise the integrity and "intellectual honesty" of his message - in the view of those of us who plot out the players and the forces they bear upon the Black Community.

If you do not commit all of this into a MODEL - the feeding of "disconnected, self-chum delights" will be pleasing to you - as you are left to wonder - "Where Are The Results Of My VALUABLES?"


1) IF  "America is Wicked and has Lost Her Way"
2a) AND IF Today's Black Community Is A 50 Year Investment Strategy INTO "The American Political Machine" For Our Salvation
2b) AND IF This Is A Result Of The DAMAGE DONE To The "Black Consciousness" BY The Evil Acts Of Evil Men - Working Under The Aegis Of "America"
3a) THEN Why After The Black Community - Who Was Compelled To "Hand Over Its Valuables" For The Attainment Of POLITICAL POWER That Is The Case Today
3b) MAKE ANOTHER RUN AT Compelling "DA MAN" In Power In The American Political Domain Who Is FAVORABLE Among Black People Who Live Vicariously Through Him In The Fight Against "The Right Wing - To Return Black To "The Black Community" To Give WORDS OF INSPIRATION And A PROGRAM FROM THE UNITED STATES...........


Isn't It Time To PREVENT The Forces Of "Gravitational Pull" Of The Black Conscoiusness INTO THE "AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN" To Be Checked - Preventing More PULLING?



Dear Minister Farrakhan:

I assure you that I am not a CIA Agent, lest I'd be working for the Obama administration.
You have nothing to fear from me (as if you do in the first place.)   My goal is not to slander or besmirch you.

I include your organizations "news oracle" as part of my weekly reading list - as I conduct my "What Makes The Prevailing Black Political Consciousness Tick?" longitudinal study that I am conductive for "Constructive Feedback University".

I trust that honesty and respect are important gateways to "The Truth" and that you will accept my analysis of your recent speech in this way.

I have said previously that "The Final Call" is actually 2 newspapers in one.  The front part is a "progressive fundamentalist" - NNPA syndicate.   The rear portion is the "What The Black Man Must Do For Self" scroll.   If you were to reduce your paper to a one page, double sided flier - purging the NNPA themed articles from your brand - this REDUCED print collection would not only save paper in the spirit of the "Green Economy" but the VALUE of this production would increase.  With all due respect.

It is fitting then that the synopsis of your recent speech, as written by Ashahed M. Muhammad, Assistant Editor to "The Final Call" - appeared in the forward/ NNPA section and not the "What The Black Man Must Do For Self" portion.

I chose to construct a model of what the snippets of your recent speech have you arguing - with the hopes that EITHER you compel Ashahed M. Muhammad to do a more thorough job of editing OR, if accurate - that YOU would choose to tie up the loose ends of your arguments with respect to:

  • The Present Travail Within The Black Community
  • The Future Of America
  • President Obama's Ability To Fix "Black America's Problems"
  • President Obama's Hand In The Military Imperialism That You Speak Of
  • The Neoconservative /Right Wing - Hidden Hand That You Inference As The HIDDEN HAND That Is Trumping Obama's
Minister Farrakhan - the proper question for you to answer, dear sir IS NOT "What hand does Commander In Chief Obama have in the 'Drone Bombing', ' Assassination Of Col. Muammar Gadhafi', your dear friend and the present targeting of 'Syria's Bashar al-Assad and the sovereign nation of Iran" - No sir.   

The proper question that you should be forced to answer - as a prerequisite for retaining the arguments that you have espoused in your speech is:  "What is Commander In Chief Obama Of The United States Allied Military Doing To STOP THIS NEOCON THREAT that you speak of?"

My dear brother - Surely it is the case that we can tune into any NNPA syndicate or Black Press operative with television time and a blog on the side - and hear untold details of what President Obama has done to expertly slay the DOMESTIC right wing elephant.   It would be easy then, for you or anyone else to make a detailed list regarding how President Obama - "Took The Right-wing Neocons" down to the mat and pinned them - with regards to their ramped up American Imperialism, so expertly executed using drone attacks rather than large standing Armies or bellicose rhetoric.

Last night on CBS "60 Minutes" the world heard Commander In Chief Obama along with his subordinate - the Secretary Of State - Hillary Clinton announce that he "Does not shoot from the hip". 

This speaks to craftiness and skill NOT to "pacifism" or "Beating One's Missiles Into Jewelry" - small replicas of 'The Nobel Piece Prize" - after the metal weapon systems have been decontaminated from their radio activity or "white phosphor".  

In your "force analysis" - you fail to mention the part that THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the "Black Leadership" (The Black Racial Services Machine" have played in placing President Obama in his present POSITION.

The mistake would be to assume that I am talking about his position as THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

I am sure it would be of no surprise to you IF I told you that "President Obama" IS the LEADER OF THE BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE.

 The ironic point of it all, sir - is that - JUST AS "The President" becomes the automatic head of the Republican Or Democratic Party................................the BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS of today has been so FUSED to the "American Political Domain" that the titular head of "The Black Racial Services Machine" also comes along as a side perk.   IF you are a Progressive Democrat that is.

But still, Minister Farrakhan - there is another twist to the riddle - that so few have dared to put down on paper.

We should not look at the POWER that this "Titular Head" has to CONTROL the orbiting celestial bodies around the "Black Hole" - the void in the Black Community Governance Culture - instead it is the OPPOSITE.  

THE VOID in the GOVERNANCE CULTURE allows the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who conspire WITHIN this constellation for OPPORTUNISM within the "American Political Domain" to CORRUPT THE INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of that network of order that you see depicted above.

Obama DID NOT TELL THEM to "corrupt themselves".  His presence and the near universal agreement that the RIGHT WING THREAT is JUST CAUSE for the violation - is what has served as the said conduit.

With this as my operating arguments and assumptions, Minister Farrakhan - I read your speech with a fair amount of confusion.

I understand that you have allowed "Bygones To Bygones" with respect to the ASSASSINS hit upon your dear friend Col Muammar Gadhafi and thus you don't blame President Obama any longer.

What I do not understand about your call for President Obama to travel to Chicago to serve as a beacon of hope to the young Black males who: (and I quote)

  • Are in pain
  • Who Are Hurt In The Inner City
  • Who are "Doing What They Have To Do To Survive"
  • Who Have No Money
  • Who Have No Jobs
  • Who Have NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You ask President Obama to "come into Chicago in the 'hood and meet with those parents who have lost their children and then get into his bullypulpit and PREACH to them in a way that does not TALK DOWN TO THEM but talking to US as one who TRULY IS COMPASSIONATE.........................."

With all due respect, Minister Farrakhan - these parents did not "LOSE THEIR CHILDREN' - they were murdered!!!!!!!!
They know EXACTLY where the lifeless bodies of their beloved children are.  These bodies will remain planted in the ground - right where the parents buried them at the ritual where there was great sorrow and demands that someone "DO SOMETHING!!"

Ahh but Brother Minister Farrakhan - at the sight of such grieving among Black mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and love interests - IN STEPPED the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN.

Unlike an "Ambulance Chasing Lawyer" the DID NOT hand out business cards for a follow up consulting session in order to set up a retainer.

They handed out VOTER REGISTRATION CARDS - seeking to capitalize on the open defenses that massive grief tends to produce.

In the past 50 years this force has scaled -

  • From the Ward leader 
  • to an Alderman's seat
  • to the MAJORITY machine impaneled in the city legislative body  
  • to the Mayor's office (or at least a brokered agreement)
  • to the state House representative
  • to the state Senate representative
  • to the majority in both
  • to the Governor
  • to the School board head
  • to the US House of Representatives
  • to the majority power in the US House
  • to the US Senate seat
  • to the majority party in both houses of Congress
  • to the White House 
    • along with several key posts that are in the coalition 
      • including hopes for a Progressive Supreme Court justice to turn the tide from the Neo-con Majority on the US Supreme Court
 Minister Farrakhan - it goes without saying that THE BLACK RANK AND FILE has done everything that the Black leadership in the "Black Racial Services Machine" and the 'Civil Rights Pharisees" have told IT TO DO - in support of their question for SOCIAL JUSTICE.

In my view - you are not prone to look at the VOID that is so obvious in the normal "Quid Pro Quo" relationship.

Normally - BEFORE you agree to hand over your VALUABLES - you ask the middle-man broker who is compelling you to give MORE:  "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU PREVIOUSLY?"

You see, Minister Farrakhan - we have been TRICKED as a people to seeing a BLACK FACE WITH THE PROPER IDEOLOGY AND PARTY MEMBERSHIP as EVIDENCE of "Black Progress".  With sufficient obfuscation upon the RIGHT WING ENEMY this has been driven by the notion that WE MUST FIGHT a "Battle Royale" and that by asking "Where Is My Money" this would WEAKEN THE TEAM.

Minister Farrakhan - the way I view Chicago and other "Mission Accomplished Cities" - is the result of STRINGING BLACK PEOPLE ALONG, diverting them with a FIGHT THAT IS NOT OUR OWN - in the process - NOW THAT THERE IS A NEED FOR "COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" - you are now seen running back to the NATIONAL FIGURE - demanding that he MOTIVATE the young people - who the people that were charged with DEVELOPING THEM - have abandoned as they took to the national campaign trail - CONSCIOUSLY leaving their community.

My question to YOU - Minister Farrakhan is "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BLOCK THE CONFIDENCE MEN from redirecting the attention of the adults OUTSIDE of the Black Community?"

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