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Minister Farrakhan Asks President Obama To Come To Chicago To Speak To The Grieving Parents Of Street Pirate Attacks Who Voted For Obama To Come Talk To Them About How AMERICA Has Molested Them

This and the next story I will post (which actually will appear on top of this one) show the importance of the MODELING that I produce in order to show the insanity and irony of certain items in the "Struggle Motion".

Minister Farrakhan is asking the President Of The United States to come to Chicago and talk to the parents who have been victims of "Street Pirate Attacks", having lost a loved one.

He tells the tale of the young "would be pillars of the community" who don't have jobs, education, opportunity or money - and is asking the President of the United States to come in and do something about it.

With all due respect, Minister Farrakhan - as I possess 3 copies of "The Final Call" right next to me - the INVESTMENT OF THE VALUABLES back in November 2012 WAS the "DO SOMETHING" that the corrupt wise Pharisees in the 'Black Racial Services Machine' told their constituents would heal their land.

The only problem, sir, is that they have been telling the Negro to "VOTE FOR HIS SALVATION" FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS!!!!!!

You fail to see, Minister Farrakhan, is that the Mission Accomplished City" is a product of VIOLATED INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.

The VALUABLES that were invested from these grieving parents.
The VALUABLES that were HARVESTED from these young men who have to do the "dirty" in order to survive ............

....are now in the hands of the MACHINE who has lifted up "local pharaohs" , "state pharaohs", US Congressional pharaohs.  And the greatest "Black American Pharaoh" in the history of this nation that YOU call "wicked" on one of your recent newspaper covers - Commander In Chief Barack Obama.

With all due respect - Minister Farrakhan - your request to have President Obama to come and "motivate the Black children" in Chicago is like asking the CEOs of Citibank, WellsFargo, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers to come and do a "financial services forum" in the top 20 Black cities.

Though the Negro invested 96% of his "Equal Black Ballots" - motivated by a corrupt media who was deployed to keep him mentally satisfied with "The Struggle For Progressive Power",  OFFENDED by the Right Wing political enemy as the Black masses with an "Americanized Consciousness" who live vicariously through the people they vote for, convinced that a "racial insult" of the Black man with AMERICAN POWER is an ASSAULT on the BLACK COMMUNITY.

Minister Farrakhan - YOUR HOME CITY is the FRUIT of the ASSAULT by the internal "Spooks By The Door" within the Black community.

Why "The Nation Of Islam" Is A "Non-White White Supremacist Organization" 

With the benefit of nearly every edition of "The Final Call" in my archive for the past few years - I believe that I can speak with authority on this matter.

When given the choice between EXECUTING upon the "Black Man Do For Self" messages in the back part of "The Final Call" OR operating by the Progressive messages that are syndicated from the NNPA in the front part of "The Final Call" - Minister Farrakhan and "The Nation Of Islam" will always default to the former.

While the model of their message (as captured by their founder) serve as a framework for a strong Black nation - the realities of the present moment where the "Black Christian Base" of new recruits into the organization - make it so that Minister Farrakhan CANNOT wage a sustained battle .....................

  • Against President Obama for killing his dear friend Gadahafi 
  • Against the US Federal Government who will provide "Social Justice Health Care" to the Least Of These
  • Against the capitalistic system which affords an ABSTRACTION between "applied skills" and "consumer indulgence" for BOTH the RICH and the POOR
Instead Minister Farrakhan is reduced to rhetoric.  

Non-White White Supremacy defined:   In the context of "Within the Black Community" - the knowledge that CONGREGATIONAL UNITY is a full and equal substitute for DEVELOPMENT, LEADERSHIP AND DISCIPLINE.  Those who are masters of the "Science Of Present Black Consciousness" and "Group Think" - understand that by running a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" - by defining "The Enemy TO" Black people and then keeping the exploits of this enemy IN THE FIELD OF VISION of Black people - they don't need to MANAGE the Human and Material resources that the Black Rank & File has yield to their wisdom.   When a potential crisis of leadership situation bears itself out - THE NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACIST only needs to abandon the "institutional integrity" of the Black Community by showing a WHITE RIGHT WING ADVERSARY - knowing that it will produce the expected RECOIL within the Black Community.

With all due respect - Minister Farrakhan - we only need to look at your organization's reaction when you condemned Obama for the "Imperialist Hit on Libya".   You called out "The Jews" for sending Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Ta-Nehisi Coates after you.   The truth is that "The Black Racial Services Machine" - which is a component of the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" are the one's that dispatched these journalistic sentinels to run interference.

YOU - saw that it was unwise to piss off the "Black Christian Progressive" base, from which you draw your power.   You came up with the notion that "Commander In Chief Barack Obama" has been TAINTED by the "evil men" who surround him.  This face saving rationalization in your mind - made it so that Barack Obama COULD NOT POSSIBLY have the same "blood lust" in his veins that the 43 White men who sat in that seat before him has.

Thus "Non-White White Supremacy" required that you abandon the essence of your "Message To The Black Man" and instead come up with a compromise argument that allowed "Obama To Remain Unblemished" in the eyes of the "Negroes" who "Live Vicariously Through Him" - while the "Shadow Right-wing Operatives" that you created are the "puppet masters" for Obama.  

My challenge to you - WHO is the "Puppet Master" for the American Negro? 
So soon after unbridled happiness  in the American election and inauguration.  Record Black viewership numbers for MSNBC.  Michelle Obama's "fierce" wardrobe getting more attention than the NATO operations in West Africa.   

WHY are you unable to string the puzzle pieces together?

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT - "The WOULD BE PILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY IN CHICAGO" who turn to gang violence because those who GOD presented to them to build up their community - but who are attacking the community and the person's within it have a consciousness that is possessed with a PLAGUE - that is meant to expel the BIGOTS who have taken control over our community consciousness.   

They thought that they could run their FRAUDULENT SCHEME - without consequence.  
The young people that YOU wish to receive MOTIVATION from Obama - are the OPPORTUNITY COST of a MOLESTED "Black Community Institutional Integrity".

Until the MOLESTERS are prevented from having unchecked access to the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus"  - the toxic residue in Chicago is the "High Negro Body Count" - making the Racists Happy about the slaughter - just as the Negro has been taught to be happy about the yardage gained in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - at the expense of his own community.

Tell the ignorant masses that you will compel Obama to send his Secret Service forces into the streets of Chicago, protecting THEM just as he is protected.
This would generate the same VENERATION that the "optics" that are published by the Black Racial Services Machine, until they realize WHO the automatic sub-machine guns will be pointed at.

The "Educational Reform" That Is Pleasing To The Corrupt Black Racial Services Machine - "Consciousness Through Induction & Idolatry Instead of Competent Management Of Institutions"

Valerie Jarrett Negotiates With Johnson Publishing Of Chicago To Reach Out To The Top 5 Black "Street Pirate Gangs" Of Chicago To Identify ONE Active Member From Their Ranks To TOUCH OBAMA'S HEAD And Receive The "Spirit Of The Social Justice Jesus" - Transforming His Life And Then Generating Disciples Among The Ranks Of Other Wayward Black Youth - Failed By The Confidence Scheme In The "Mission Accomplished Cities"


Obama is merely exposing what the "Prevailing Black Consciousness" VALUES THE MOST!!!!
HOW IT WILL VOLUNTARILY COMPROMISE ITSELF in order to FEEL that it is making PROGRESS when, in truth, all that it is doing is MASTURBATING its own nerve endings.

THE BEST THING that could ever happen to such a group of people who have failed to enforce their own INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY is to LEAVE THEM ALL ALONE, BY THEMSELVES!!!!

At some point they will necessarily PURGE THIS CONSCIOUSNESS from themselves in order to SURVIVE or.................................they will functionally commit SUICIDE by allowing the present consciousness to go on UNABATED!!!!


Do not hate me for telling the TRUTH.  

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