Sunday, January 13, 2013

Malcolm X Speaks On Black Homicide Victimization (From The Grave): "The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost" For The Negroes Who Did Not Heed My Warning About The Football Game Which They Are The Football

"I am an African in exile in America" &   "I was brought here, I did not ask to come here"  are merely two examples of the fake fronts, used to identify the "Alpha Donkey" within the congregation.

What The "Americanized Black" Values Can Be Determined By What Is He Willing To Compromise His 'Institutional Integrity' In Order To Obtain Short Term Gain Against His Enemy In Support Of His "Ally" 
The Black Racial Services Machine 
The "Minority Whip" For The Minorities In The Post-Racial Progressive Funamentalist Coalition
Constructive Feedback University
Study Of 
"The Black Consumer Consciousness" 

Black Voter Particatpion Rates Higher Than Whites For 2012

We Won As A Progressive Ideology.
Bigotry And Hatred Is A Thing Of The Past.  (Bigotry And Hatred Must Be Used Strategically)
We stuck together in the face of the RACIST WHITE RIGHT WING Assaults On Our People And Our President And We Showed Them That If They Ever Want Us To Give Our Votes To Them They Are Going To Have To Learn Some Respect For Black People.

No Need For Words. We Can Pull A Diagram From Our Library:

The Addition Of  "Paid Blacks" Of MSNBC Attracts Black Viewers, Raising MSNBC's Viewership By 61% 

The Black Viewer is a valuable constituency.  Tell us what it wants to hear (about the Right Wing)  and DON'T OFFEND US (By daring to assume that the people that we voted for into power are now 'The Establishment Power' who is failing to deliver Social Justice to the Black community) and they will return the favor our support. 
Without "Black Progressive Media Sources" For Us To Monitor It Would Be Impossible For Us To Do Our Research.

The value of hiring "Historians" on your staff who will provide the proper "Narrative" - in line with his services contract cannot be underestimated.

His post-Reconstruction era dealings with Black people with power - huddled up with their "White Allies" made this Black man to observe that:  "Black people with influence need to be regulated to confine their corruption tendencies - just like any White person requires such regulation".

The job of the "Embedded Confidence Man" is to KEEP THE ENEMY ON TRIAL, feeding "Self-Affirming Chum" so that the Black Progressive Masses never get around to asking "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You For The Past 50 Years?"

  • 500 Homicides In Chicago
  • Homicides For Young Black Males Up In Other "Mission Accomplished Cities
  • Blacks Are Up To 85% Of The Homicide Victims In Some Cities

I will use my radio program, television program, newspaper column, Twitter Feed, Facebook page and my pulpit to do all that I stop the NRA FROM KILLING BLACK PEOPLE!!!

Our work from the Elections Of 2012 is not over.   This rediculous rate of Black people killed from NRA/ALEC weapons requires more "Social Justice" than we ever anticipated.

I have failed you with my underestimation of the power of the Right-Wing Enemy who likes to see Black people dead.

Those who seek to engage this from a POLITICAL perspective rather than noting the PSYCHOLOGICAL underpinning in all of this are doomed to perpetual frustration.

With Right To "Public Accommodations" Secured By "Civil Rights Heroes" Of The Past, Who's Names Adorn The Street Signs - The Residents Of Southwest Atlanta Are WAITING Too Long For Their Progressive Leadership Who Compel Them To "Live Vicariously Through These Heroes" To PROTECT THEM From Their Own Young People In Their Own Communities

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