Monday, January 21, 2013

Keep The Dream Alive - Brother - Its The ONLY Thing Keeping The Black Rank & File From Asking "Where Is Our Money That We Have Invested For The Past 50 Years Into Your SOCIAL JUSTICE Scheme?"

My Guidance To My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega On This Blessed Day That "Jesus" Hath Brought To Us:

I told you all before:

In Dekalb County - Vandals From "MLK High" Broke Into The Bus Yard For "Stephenson High School" And Spraypainted "MLK" On The Buses Of Their Football Rival.  

After years of trying to get WHITE FOLKS to "Respect The King FEDERAL HOLIDAY" it is clear that the CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES are INCOMPETENT At Getting The "Would-Be Pillars Of The Black Community" To RESPECT THEMSELVES, Let Alone Respecting "Dr King"

My Dear Friend Mr DeVega:
Nice make over to the site "optics".
Let me ask you a question, sir.
If we use a fixed index of "The Moors" of Northwest Africa and their "legend" within the Black community ..........
1) As we both were growing up and heard that - "The reason why Southern Europeans are so dark (Sicilians and Greeks) is BECAUSE "The Moors' from Africa invaded Europe and took White Europeans as their wives
versus today......................
2) "The Moors" are being called "ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS" by the French who are bombing the hell out of Mali - with the logistical aid of the United States and the drones from AFRICOM........................
DOES IT STICK IN YOUR MIND - that IF today's "Americanized Negro" was alive in the late 15th century - they would look at "The Moors" military actions within southern Europe and would hope that the Italians and the Greeks push back on "The Moorish Extremists"?
When Minister Sharpton tells you "Obama ended 2 wars" as he markets the "American Commander In Chief" BUT he told you that HE WOULD NOT ATTACK OBAMA ABOUT THE IMPERIALIST ACTION IN doing so ----- HE WOULD WEAKEN OBAMA and play into the HANDS OF THE RIGHT WING........................

Can we then agree - Mr DeVega and Mr CNu that TODAY'S AMERICANIZED NEGRO is in fact 100% AMERICANS.  And that any homage to "Mystical Magical Africa" IS ONLY used as an INDICTMENT against his RIGHT WING ENEMY for POLITICAL ADVANTAGE here in America?
IF the American Negro CANNOT enumerate the COMPETENCIES that he is receiving via his present AMERICAN CONSUMER EXPERIENCE that is ultimately  TRANSFERABLE for the STRUCTURAL BENEFIT of any other population of Negroes in the "Black Diaspora" who DOES NOT have a "Social Justice National Government" to STRUGGLE FOR CONTROL OVER............................WHAT EXACTLY is the American Negro vying for - OTHER THAN an AMERICAN FIAT ECONOMY AND GOVERNMENT that has a law which permits ITSELF to mint a $1,000,000,000,000 COIN to PAY off its debt........................TO ITSELF.
With all due respect,, My Dear Fine Sir, Mr DeVega......WHEN A PLANE LOAD OF AMERICAN NEGROES can fly into ANY point in Africa or the Caribbean or South America with 5 of these COINS in hand - and then disperse out throughout the countryside in 5 teams:
* Health Care
* Education
* Industry
* Law & Order
* Cultural Consciousness
INSTILLING EACH into the working order of THE BLACK PEOPLE IN QUESTION.............................then they can TAKE THIS MAGIC $1 T American coin and HAMMER IT DOWN into a piece of metal for use in the TEETH of those who need their CAVITIES FILLED by the EXPERT DENTISTS that have been dispatched from the ranks of the INSTITUTIONS within "BLACK AMERICA"
IF YOU CAN'T SHOW THIS ORGANIC COMPETENCY is being developed TO-DAMNED-DAY Among the American Negro then YOU have likely placed your order already to the "" already.  The first shipment that was printed in China 2 weeks ago is due to land in the Port Of Oakland tomorrow.
"Keep The Dream Alive"....................BROTHER. 

My Dear Friend CNu:

Are the Libyans, Malians and our AFRICAN ANCESTORS who were brought to America in chains SMILING upon seeing so many AMERICANIZED NEGRO decendants of theirs STRUGGLING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE by VOTING - but in turn:

**  When they see their Mission Accomplished schools failing
** That the Negro is over represented in the Homicide victimization rates - at the hands of other Negroes
** The Negro VOTED for a JOB - after years of PROTESTING for JOB - but has never asked the KOREANS - "How is it that YOU ARE ABLE TO CREATE JOBS in our communities that WE call 'Food Deserts' "

** Black people seek EVIDENCE that AMERICA LOVES THE NEGRO based on its willingness to provide HEALTH CARE but the Americanized Negro doesn't check on how many young Negroes have matriculated through the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM that are now in FAVORABLE HANDS and how many Negroes decided AGAINST the purchase of the 240Mhz Flat Screen Television, manufactured in China - BECAUSE they wanted to send money to Meharry and Morehouse Medical School BECAUSE they valued the COMPETENCY to offer SOCIAL JUSTICE HEALTHCARE to THE LEST OF THESE - over the DEMAND that AMERICA provide it to those with a CONSUMER consciousness.

I can't tell you about YOUR ANCESTORS..........................but MY ANCESTORS who never allowed the INJECTION that created the "SLAVE BLOOD" to flow through their veins and nourish their brain cells -  THEY ARE PISSED that the "We Are In The White House Negro" faction has wrested control over the Black Community Consciousness away from the more rational thinking bunch.

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