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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Not Talking About Indians Or Koreans BUT Will Never Be Called A "Black Inferiorist"

It Never Occurred To The "Good Justice" That Her "DIFFICULTY IN SEEING" Might Be Due To The Bigotry Of "Assumed Black Inferiority"  

If President Obama chose another person who THINKS JUST LIKE Ruth Bader Ginsburg about Black people for the US Supreme Court..............

  • IF that person is Black - there will be pandemonium among the ranks of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers as "Obama's Legacy" for "Black People" will extend beyond 8 years in office - outward to the next 25 to 30 years.  By the time the 'Racial Tipping Point' in America is reached (in 1942).........The American Judiciary will be sufficiently "Progressive" to undo the Racist Right-Wing confinement that saw Black people as "Slaves" and "Second Class Citizens" 
  • IF that person is NOT Black - there will be initial grumbling in the channels of the 'Black Progressive 'Investors of Valuables' - that they, once again, have been "double crossed" by Obama.  They will vow to elect a second "Black Progressive President" - this next one with a "Slave History" who can relate to the aspirations of "real" Black Americans who have suffered so long but have given so much - only to be denied when they were at the penultimate point of POWER in the system that has oppressed them.   
    • THEN a soothing voice on MSNBC will come forth - calming the masses, telling them that because of the right-wing bigotry in America - the ranks of qualified Black jurists are thin and that the Tea Party Black man in the US Senate from South Carolina has vowed to block any US Supreme Court candidate with a trace of "African blood" flowing through their veins.  "This is why we need to send his azz back to the US House in 2014 so that we can  then vote him out of office when we help the Democrats take back the US House.   DO NOT LET YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT TODAY CAUSE YOU TO 'TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF THE PRIZE, BLACK MAN!!   WE STILL HAVE PROGRESSIVE WORK TO ACCOMPLISH"

A significant portion of my adult life has been spent unraveling the LIES that I have picked up about Black people over time.   I grew up in a Black urban community.  I had a strong network of Black friends in college.  I took at least 3 "Black Studies" courses.  I converse with my people and listen to 'Black media' to this day.  I know the points of view that is common among Black people.

When I say "lies" I am not talking just about the "EXTERNAL RACIST" assumptions (as seen on Stuff Black People Don't Like).

I am talking about the "Too Black Too Strong" rhetoric that is bantered about within.   "Too Black Too Strong" is merely  a FRONT that is used for effect.  "The angry Black" who is going to mention "What YOU ALL DID TO MY ANCESTORS" is hoping to disarm "White right-wing opposition" but has no intention of attesting to "Black strength", by telling them "You keep your pieces of silver - you have damaged my foraging skills enough.  I won't destroy my consciousness even further by integrating into your capitalist system.  Just leave me alone and allow me to make my own way, free of your molestations"  .

Such a person often is unable to go beyond "angry rhetoric" with a command of "I know WHO DID THIS TO US".  This knowledge is meant to appease other Black people - in the spirit of the 'Black Conscious Attention Filibuster".   The main consequence of its adoption is the destruction of the "Black Community GOVERNANCE CULTURE".   With this as a void then the "Nationalized Struggle For Social Justice" commences, in pursuit of a "standard of living" that those with power prove INCOMPETENT to achieve through the institutions of the Black Community, institutions that they saw in the light of PRIDEFUL POWER and VICARIOUS LIVING of its leadership, NOT as the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" that MAKE US "EQUAL".

It is more accurate to say that their view is of an "EQUALLY SERVICED" Black political constituency - in the confines of America.


When we start talking about "DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE" - using the institutions that they have wrested control over through attrition - the "Confidence Men" with influence upon our people today often express a consciousness that is the greatest threat to Black people ever achieving this end.  They have chosen to "appease Black people", stringing us along in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" where we are asked to watch each "pass play" of the RIGHT WING and feign offense at all of their musings.

I have stated before - just because you are not conscious of the OPPORTUNITY COSTS that come from the "Embedded Confidence Man's" diversions - does not mean that they are not present.  You are merely ignorant to them.  Typically it comes in the form of "This Nation Has Not Changed A Bit, regardless of if we have a BLACK PRESIDENT and we beat the WHITE RACIST REPUBLICANS who sat in the restaurant on his first inauguration, seeking to make him a 1 term President because he is Black.    We need to FIGHT THEM EVEN HARDER - to give Progressives even more POWER to fight them.  This is why we can't criticize Obama over his military actions in non-European nations.  Our enemies will see the divide among Black people and this will be a 'Republican Victory'.  Do you want to help your Slave Master by picking out a whip for him to use upon you?"

Such "Pseudo PRO BLACK - HUFF AND PUFF" is used to generate NEGRO HATRED that is ultimately FERTILIZER planted at his roots so that the fruit of his CONSCIOUSNESS about himself can be harvested later in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - all the while he believes himself to be "The Pro-Blackest Negro on the Planet".  All the while he is cutting his own throat.

There IS No "Black Media" Only Progressive Fundamentalist Media With "Soul Food Seasoning" Because The Americanized Black Likes His "Self-Chum" More Spicy

If US Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was invited to the average "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Media Outlet" and voiced the very words that are listed prominently on the progressive web site that I got these words from she would be seen as a "A friend to Black people".  

It would be beyond their intellectual scope of curiosity to for them to wonder if this was a "fox snarl" aimed their way as Black people.  This as they understood that she was not talking about the Koreans that own the bulk of the independent retail outlets in their community or the Indians/Pakistanis that are strongly represented in good paying technical jobs. 

The point is that ANGER at her because what she said is, in fact, offensive to Black people is not going to do a thing to resolve this situation.  They key is that there is little chance that people will make note of how little has changed "down stream" (university admissions) despite the "great victories" in the tributaries.

Those who have little interest in "taking on the new establishment" which consists of their friends in power - will being talking about national misaligned priorities of RESOURCES, but will never tell us that the previous control that they took in the institutions within the community has been squandered - as they were for POLITICAL purposes rather than BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT purposes.

Worse yet - the "agency of control" - which is supposed to keep track of the benefit TO the Balck community that is received from these "investments" - begin looking at the ACQUISITION OF POWER as evidence of "Black Community Development", rather than AT THE RANK & FILE for proof of development.

In a gross perversion - IF THE RANK & FILE IS PROUD AND HAPPY of the POWERFUL MEN IN OFFICE - then THIS is evidence of "Black Community Development".    
The EYES In This Official Portrait, Hung In The
US Supreme Court portrait gallery keeps track
of EVERY NEGRO CASE that comes before the
high court and understands that her role is to
deem the Negro as INFERIOR, as she uses her
written opinion to affirm this INFERIORITY
without offending them but having them say:
"Thank you!  We need more voices like yours to
affirm our present consciousness.  
Thomas told us to "Go Back To Africa".  It is
not that we are offended with this racist notion,
we  understand that with our conscious
 allegiance with the views of this woman and
others like her - the Americanized Black has not
been DEVELOPED into a "Governing
Consciousness" that would allow us to impart
anything other than a CONSUMER engagement
with others in the Black Disapora.   Since these
other places do not have a "National Social
Justice Government" to lobby against - it would
be against our present interests to pretend that
we could help this
LEAST OF THESE' " population with our
presence . 

To add insult to injury - since the "Embedded Confidence Men" behind the microphone, megaphone and wordprocessor - has provided the "Historical Narrative" about the situation - there is little chance that any of the continued grievances from the "Black Rank & File" will be allowed to remain targeted at the NEW ESTABLISHMENT POWER THAT IS FAILING TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE - as promised.

How The Korean Retailer Gains Economic Wealth Without Political Power
How The Indian White Collar Knowledge Worker Advances Without Having To Change His "Funny Sounding Name" From "Indian" To "White" In Order To Get A Job

Both of the points in the above section title are an attack upon the prevailing assumptions that go relatively unchallenged within the Black community.   Like the "Gisburg comments" - few people bother to change their frame of reference in order to see how debilitating their present consciousness really is.

There are more "unteathered" beliefs within the Black community that are ultimately used for "mental coping" on the front tend that ultimately function as cover for the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that has failed to develop the Black community as promised.

We are more likely to hear about "special government loans to immigrants" that have helped both of the groups above to prosper.  (I heard a college educated Black man make this case during a conversation about 4 months ago.)  
The point IS NOT to find an explanation that captures 100% of the reason for the advancement of this other group.
The POINT IS to insert a "Fillibuster" into the Black Conscious awareness that pacifies and placates "The Reasons WHY" things are as they are.   Thus - last week the latest "A Black lady changed her name to 'Bianca White' on her resume and began getting job offers all of a sudden.   Few people will make note that with 86% of Black people employed in this nation - HOW DID THEY GET A JOB without having to change their name to "White"?

The Solution:  The Separation Between METHODOLOGY/IDEOLOGY And "Consideration Of State Of Being"

Recall that about 10 years ago, then US Supreme Court Justice Sandra O'Conner said "By the year 2025 this court is not likely to be able to justify the use of Affirmative Action as a means of racial redress for past discrimination. (Paraphrase).   I assure you that the year 2025 will come and go and the "Civil Rights Pharisees" will never agree to yield their self-prescribed HOPES of what "Affirmative Action" would have done for Black people - had there not be "right-wing" opposition.  THIS notion will crowd out any interest in inspecting the benefit that the Black community has received from their occupation of the seats of power within the institutions of the Black community. 

I have already established that the "Tell Me More" ideology is more interested in seeing PROGRESSIVISM GROW more than they can bring themselves to ask "Where Is Our Money That We Gave To You?".

The lack of institutional integrity and governance that forms the void within the Black community allows those who have a vested interest in PROTECTING THE ESTABLISHMENT FROM CRITICISM to constantly "redraw the line in the sand" which, upon crossing - Black people will enter into "The Promised Land (Of Social Justice)".  With the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" - "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" that IS the essence of Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio and other channels of "Black political discourse" - the die is cast on the next 30 years of "Black America".

The issue is not "When Will The Black Community Achieve The Promised Benefits Through The American Political Domain"

The issue IS:  "When Will The 'Black Community Consciousness' LIMIT Its Exposure Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" BECAUSE It Is A THEFT Of Conscious Awareness Rather Than An Enabler?

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