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Joe Madison: The Smartest Of The Embedded Confidence Men Who Run The "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster"

Joe Madison Radio Show - Sirius XM - Tuesday, January 8, 2013:

Show promotional ad:
"Many of these sports talk radio hosts act as if they have a sports jersey on and are on the field.   Most people don't realize that with POLITICS - YOU ARE IN THE GAME!!!  You had better realize this and GET INTO THE GAME or someone else will be PLAYING YOU"

I was quite pleased to hear "The Black Eagle" use the sports analogy to define his "struggle motion".   From last year the graphic to the left painted Joe Madison as "The First Black Defensive Coordinator" In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

Joe Madison's scheme is to fuse "The Black Community Development Consciousness" in with PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM as expressed through the Democratic Party.

If you fail to understand that his (fake) RACIAL PROTECTIONISM in support of Obama, the 100% Democratic Party machine in Detroit and other Democrats is merely a "hard milk chocolate shell" poured upon a "white vanilla progressive core of ice cream" then you will be fooled by this man.

He knows how to keep Black people BATTLING at the MARGINS of the "core issues" that challenge our community.   As we see in Detroit and other "Mission Accomplished Cities" that HIS ENEMY has been run out of - TAKE AWAY THIS ENEMY that he "shadow boxes against" each day - and THE BLACK COMMUNITY collapses because he was a part of the ESTABLISHMENT MACHINE that failed to build up the SUPPORT STRUCTURES as promised. 

Joe Madison is the MOST INTELLIGENT of the "Bigoted Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" that we have today.  You will never hear me say that he - or the majority of the others are "stupid".

Bigotry, and understanding how "Black people in the prevailing consciousness THINK", coupled with the will to fuse the "Black Community Development Consciousness" with AMERICAN POLITICS takes intelligence and cunning.

They are best described as the key embedded agents who are doing the most damage to the BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE.

They understand that their job is to take "national issues" in the body politic and synergize a "Historian's Narrative" to feed to their base of Black Progressive listeners.   Black people - in the prevailing consciousness prefer to FIGHT AGAINST THE RIGHT WING THREAT than they care to ever achieve the "Social Justice Promised Land" that those carrying the "Self Chum" keep dangling in front of them.

The Black Rank & File Must DEMAND OF The Embedded Confidence Men:  "WORK WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY To Reduce Our Homicide Victimization Rate From 50% Down To 13%, With Marked Improvement Over The Next 5 Years And A Permanent Retention Of This Rate OR YOU Will NOT RECEIVE ANY MORE OF OUR VALUABLES

Re-read the section title above.
This is the greatest fear for the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" like Madison, Sharpton, Hutchinson and Pitts.

The key "tweak" to their ideological preferences is that it demands that BLACK PEOPLE BE MADE TO 'SUBMIT TO EACH OTHER' in order for these larger community goals to be achieve.

What most can't see is that the message of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is directed toward their EXTERNAL WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY - demanding that HE submit to NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE.............................
  • So that the NEGRO can stop KILLING EACH OTHER
  • So that the NEGRO can be transported in the name of "shared poverty" and thus receive a quality education
  • So that the NEGRO can depart from the market in his community and receive employment at a corporation without regard to his SKIN COLOR but - as Joe Madison said this morning - BECAUSE if you can't AFFORD QUALITY WORKERS (ie: to pay a LIVING WAGE) then YOU DON'T NEED TO BE IN BUSINESS.................
  • So that the NEGRO can have access to "Quality Health Care" - even though the machine that he gave his valuables to, in an attempt to get SOCIETY to prove that they value him - has NOT shown enough respect for Black people to produce MORE BLACK PHYSICIANS and SELF-HEALTH CARE FUNDING via the institutions that they now control

The way to diffuse the rhetoric that streams through this media source, is to have the AUDACITY to demand that they DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE rather than INCREASE OUR CONSUMER ACCESS RIGHTS.

Detroit is the "Mission Accomplished City" in the graphic above, that served as Mr Madison's domain.

With regard to the larger "Black Diaspora" the main indictment against him and people who think like him is that the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - through which he justifies the COMPROMISE OF THE "INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY OF COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS" due to the greater WHITE RIGHT WING THREAT that NONE OF THIS will ever be packaged up and provided in assistance TO ANY OTHER POPULATION OF NEGROES on the planet.

The journalist George S. Schuyler was entirely correct in his notation that there is no "Black Progressive Movement".  There is ONLY a "Progressive Movement" that is soot covered that FRONTS "Blackness".

You are NEVER going to hear Joe Madison express a measure of "Black Consciousness" by advising the Negroes in his audience to LIMIT some portion of their CONSCIOUS LOYALTIES from setting upon the field of play.

INSTEAD his job is to work as the "Colored Commentator" - giving COVER for Black people to execute the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster", where our communities are left void of a "Governance Culture", as he fights the ELEPHANTS, knowing that this is of SUPERIOR VALUE to the "Americanized Black Consumer Consciousness".
I have no problem with Mr Madison using his free speech rights to spout his world vision.
I do not even have a problem with he and his callers putting on the "cloak of Blackness" as a cover for their shenanigans.

While France has the ability to control who uses the label "Cognac" or "Champagne" AND Vidalia Georgia controls who gets to affix the label "Vidalia Onions" on their package - THE BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - as it is presently constituted has no means of regulating WHO can put this cloak upon their schemes, without fearing that it will be snatched off like a bad weave made of hair from a poor Indian girl.

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