Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Joe Madison & The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press = "Non-White White-Right Wing Supremacy"

All that I ask is that you observer the PATTERN in their intellectual dishonesty and then relate it to the problems that reside within the Black community that are left unmitigated.

The Main Reason Why The "Black Homicide Victimization Rate For 2013 Will Hit Near 7,000", Once Again, But No People Who "Took The Valuables From Black People" Will Get FIRED - As Long As They Remain "Progressive" - Feeding The Prevailing Black Consciousness What It Wants To Hear

The Atlanta Daily World - An "NNPA Syndicate" - Created "Back In The Day" When BIGOTED WHITE MEDIA Refused To Cover "Black News" Stories Because It Would Threaten Their Establishment Power
Atlanta Daily World Travels To Alabama To Cover A WHITE RACIST That Plotted To Kill Negroes

The Index Of POWER Of "Non-White White Supremacy" = 120 Miles

Atlanta Daily World Has No Mention Of The "First Ninja To Get Himself Kilt In 2013 In Atlanta"

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The Crime Scene In Southwest Atlanta Is A Mere 12 Miles Away From The Atlanta Daily World Building

1300 Block Of Epworth Drive, Atlanta GA

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