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Jet Magazine Is Not Going To Put "Yung Teddy's" Son On Their Cover And Ask "Could Your Son's Father Get Murdered Within The Black Community Right In Front Of Your Son Too"?


MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry calls the picture of Jordan Davis on the cover of Jet as "A Call To Action"

MY AGENDA - is NOT to "counter" everything that the Black Progressive Fundamentalist is doing.

MY PURPOSE is to "SIZE THE UNIVERSE", make note of THEIR COORDINATES that their IDEOLOGY limits them to and then convince all rational Black people to see that what MIGHT BE APPEALING TO YOU is not necessarily what you need to GOVERN YOUR COMMUNITY - allowing you to obtain the desired outcomes.


ANALYSIS - An Activist Is Good For "Marginal Interests" BUT CANNOT Be Expected To Provide The "Volume Of Governance" Necessary To Fill Your "Community Universe"

What is happening here with "Johnson Publishing" and "MSNBC"?


They both understand that their task is "Congregational Unity Generation" for the Black community.

As you know - BOTH - are fully aware of the problem with "Black people being highly over-represented in the 'American Homicide Victimization'" with respect to our population proportion.  Though Black people are 13% of the US population we are 50% of the homicide victims.

Johnson Publishing, MSNBC and the NAACP ARE NOT primarily focused on mitigating this problem for our people via DIRECT GOVERNANCE, leveraging their previous political activism to take control over the "local civic services institutions" to produce the promised benefit for Black people.

These cogs in the "Black Racial Services Machine" have a limited set of competencies.   In their present "Organizational Consciousness" they SEE THEMSELVES as "MINORITIES IN A LARGER SEA OF WHITE SUPREMACY".  

This mindset defines the majority of their actions.

It should come as no surprise that Jordan Russell Davis, Trayvon Martin and Sammy Davis (of Macon Georgia) are merely part of the small handful of Black people murdered by a White person who is murdered by RACISM and/or by POLICE misconduct.  

When given the choice to focus on the FAR, FAR, FAR larger "sea" of Black people MURDERED in the backdrop of community chaos and dysfunction - that is resident after their ideological/ political "Mission Accomplishment" - these "Embedded Confidence Men Forces" of the "Black Press" and "Political Operations' will ALWAYS go for the MARGINS.


As the walls of their "grand confidence scheme" come closing in and they risk having a "Black Rank & File" who GAVE UP THEIR VALUABLES for the dreams of having a "venerated figure in POWER" - only to see many of the promises squandered - the forces of the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalism Press" and Progressive-Fundamentalist Actor-vist community will scour the United States looking for a SUPERIOR OFFENSE upon which they get other Black people into a "Struggle Motion".

In 2012 we saw crime laced cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami holding "Hoodie Rallies" in support of Trayvon Martin.  TO BE CLEAR - I support the right of anyone to congregate together in support of their "First Amendment Rights" to do so.

I reserve the right to ANALYZE their antics in reference to the actual "GOVERNANCE CULTURE" of the Black community.  

The answer is not: "Stop protesting in support of the 'Tribal Martyr' because there are other murder victims"
The proper rebuttal is:  "THESE OTHER BLACK MURDER VICTIMS ARE EQUAL and they were MURDERED BY an 'EQUAL HUMAN BEING'.  Show that YOU VALUE the equality of their MURDERERS by displaying an EQUAL REACTION to the visitation of "The Dark Seth" upon the Black Community.

Once we see that it is LOGISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to hold a rally in support of every Black murder victim - PROTESTS will yield way to other MORE EFFECTIVE MITIGATION EFFORTS.

The Lack Of Discipline And Infrastructure To Produce The Desired Effects

I have my own view of "Black Press/Media" that should come as no surprise to you.
I DO NOT look to them or "The Civil Rights Pharisees" as the contracted governors of the virtual space known as "The Black Community".

This role goes to every ADULT within this virtual community that is more defined by grievances and aborted hopes than any sort of synergistic linkage meant to develop ORGANIC development within their ranks.

Tavis Smiley got into trouble by attempting to regulate a political figured named "President Obama"
by holding him up to a 'progressive measuring stick'.  

He found that the buzz saw that contains his former friends, known as the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" HAD NO INTEREST in placing a perforation between their "PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL JUSTICE DREAMS" and the primary vessel for the accomplishment of them.  (President Obama and every other progressive elected official that is favorable to them).

While Mr Smiley has played a large part in erecting "the beast that attacked him" - I still don't believe that he is consciously aware of the greater need to REGULATE THIS BEAST that has dominate, unregulated control over the "Conscious Attention" of the Black community, diverting it into the priorities that it has enumerated.

These priorities are more in line with the ideological world view of the 'Black Racial Services Machine' rather than being congruent to what the average Black American NEEDS in support of the institutions that provide the scaffolding for our community uplift and development.

The bulk of the "community based education" (ie: "community organizing") has been thus far been devoted to POLITICAL ACTIVISM.   This has intrinsicly been for the "voter mobilization" of Black people into a LARGER POLITICAL CONTEST.

This is important.

There IS NO "voter mobilization" focus in a "Mission Accomplished City" like Detroit, Newark or Chicago - as "favorable ideologues are already in power".   (You might see "clique based" battles like in "Brick City").

"The Black Voter Mobilization" today - which is claimed to be the vehicle for our community development is centrally focused upon - the increase of Black ballot competition within a POLITICAL BOUNDARY THAT HAS A "RIGHT-WING ADVERSARY" to STRUGGLE AGAINST.   Period!!!!!

This means that "The Black Vote" is psychologically "The Opposition Vote".
It is loathed to accept its "Establishment Authority" - within a particular "Mission Accomplished Zone".
As I said before - the forces within (The Embedded Confidence Men) sold our people that by "Placing favorable people into power", with the "Progressive Public Policy" that the masses favor - the results will change in line with the community desires.    When they achieve the 'establishment power' - but the results do not pan out - INSTEAD of seeing "The Black Rank & File" rebel against the "Black Racial Services Machine" (and Diverse Progressive Joint Venture) in which they ask "WHERE IS OUR MONEY AT!!!!!?????" - you have rather skillful individuals who know how Black people think - kicking into action.

They understand that they have to keep a "self-chummed external indictment" in the field of vision of the Black rank & file.   If they are not in a "struggle motion" - per the priorities that have been set up by "The Black Racial Services Machine" then there are two likely outcomes:

  1. Benign Disconnectedness to the political operations that are going on around them.  (This represents the loss of the POTENTIAL BLACK VOTE for the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture)
  2. Rebellion Against The "Favorable People In Power".   Just as the previous machine who controlled the local seats of power had been viewed as "failing Black people" - the present establishment in the same seats are being called out

Since 'the Embedded Confidence Men' are merely a different arm on the very same body as the "Favorable Person In Power" belongs to - it is in their vested interest to run a "STRUGGLE MOTION" by which an EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY is identified and a national mobilization effort is synergized.

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