Sunday, January 06, 2013

Is The "Black Diaspora In America" Doing Anything That Will One Day Allow Him To Provide "Structural Assistance" Anywhere Else In The Diaspora?

(Listening to a "TED Talks" story about Africa as I type this)
POWER = "The ability to tell a story about a people and make it the DEFINITIVE narrative of those people

The African female received a question assuming that all Nigerian men were violent, based on a play that dramatized one person's experience.  She said "right back at you" in which she replied "I empathize with you as you struggle with the fact that all Americans are serial killers".

As I have been monitoring the latest "rebel uprising" on the African continent - in The Central African Republic - I compelled to consider how "Africa", still today, is the playground of foreign policy and economic exploits of foreign powers.

I see the "NATO humanitarian mission" in Libya and the subsequent support of the effort from both Black Americans and oil companies alike (but for different motivations) as being one in the same with the references that I hear on "Media Matters Radio" last week in which their interests in "Human Rights For Gays In Uganda" compelled them to focus on Uganda - but not the "human rights violations" of people who who's violations were not due to their sexual orientation.

Is this really any different than the "occupation" that took place last year when the beat down of a "gay Black male" in the "Pittsburgh Community" of Atlanta prompted the "Civil Rights Pharisees" to go on camera in an area where "a Black man getting a beat down" is a standard affair?  NO!

If A People Can't Stop Exploiting Themselves And Retain Control Over The ACTIONS That Are Projected As "A Narrative" Then They Must Accept The Part That They Have Played In Their Own Exploitation - Because Their Opportunism, For Short Term Benefit Allowed Them To Be Vulnerable To The Forces That Were Watching The To "See What Makes Them Tick"

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