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In Discussing Gun Violence Among Blacks - The NY Times Is Careful Not To OFFEND As It Shifts From "Racism & The KKK" To "The Lack Of Social Justice That Is Motivating Blacks To Kill Each Other At Higher Rates" Than The Klan Today

From The NY Times
 The right to bear arms typically invokes the romantic image of a cowboy toting a rifle on the plains. In modern-day America, though, the more realistic picture is that of a young black man gunned down in his prime in a dark alley. When we celebrate gun rights, we all too often ignore their disproportionate racial burdens. Any effort to address gun violence must focus on the inner city.
Last year Chicago had some 500 homicides, 87 percent of them gun-related. In the city’s public schools, 319 students were shot in the 2011-12 school year, 24 of them fatally. African-Americans are 33 percent of the Chicago population, but about 70 percent of the murder victims.
The same is true in other cities. In 2011, 80 percent of the 324 people killed in Philadelphia were killed by guns, and three-quarters of the victims were black.
Racial disparities in gun violence far outstrip those in almost any other area of life. Black unemployment is double that for whites, as is black infant mortality. But young black men die of gun homicide at a rate eight times that of young white men. Could it be that the laxity of the nation’s gun laws is tolerated because its deadly costs are borne by the segregated black and Latino populations of North Philadelphia and Chicago’s South Side?
The history of gun regulation is inextricably interwoven with race. Some of the nation’s most stringent gun laws emerged in the South after the Civil War, as Southern whites feared what newly freed slaves might do if armed. At the same time, Northerners saw the freed slaves’ right to bear arms as critical to protecting them from the Ku Klux Klan.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:   Black People Can't Claim That Their Allies See Them As EQUAL Until The Ally Claims That "Blacks Can Commit Civil Rights Violations" OR They Retire The Reference To "Civil Rights" All Together

Rule #1 For The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally: Do Not Offend "The Blacks"

I saw three articles in the NY Times today:
  • America Is Turning Away From "The Death Penalty" (the DP does not deter homicide, after all)
  • Gun Violence From The Vantage Point Of an ER Physician
  • Who Pays For The Right To Bear Arms?
The above text is from the last article.

If you are a progressive journalist and you see the "serial murders" of Black people in various Mission Accomplished cities - but you are more sophisticated than to put forth the notion that "The NRA Is Today's KKK" - what do you do - when you know that you must take the notion that "Black killers are EQUAL to White killers" off of the table - lest you "Blame The Victim" and offend your allies?

ANSWER:  You talk AROUND "the" problem at hand and make it "America's Problem"!

From The NY Times
 Gun rights defenders argue that gun laws don’t reduce violence, noting that many cities with high gun violence already have strict gun laws. But this ignores the ease with which urban residents can evade local laws by obtaining guns from dealers outside their cities or states. Effective gun regulation requires a nationally coordinated response.
A cynic might propose resurrecting the Black Panthers to heighten white anxiety as the swiftest route to breaking the logjam on gun reform. I hope we are better than that. If the nation were to view the everyday tragedies that befall young black and Latino men in the inner cities with the same sympathy that it has shown for the Newtown victims, there would be a groundswell of support not just for gun law reform, but for much broader measures.
 Professor Cole can't bring himself to ask the most painful question:  DO BLACK PEOPLE 'SUPERIORIZE' BLACK HOMICIDE above:
  • Political Opportunism via the expansion of the favored "Progressive Public Policy" in more rungs of government rather than focusing on producing results in the "Mission Accomplished Zones"?
  • Are the Institutions that were supposed to be the basis of the "Black Community Development" producing such organic development - and if not - why are Black people affirming them?
  • Is the BLACK PRESS (and its allies) a part of the phenomenon where "Black Homicide" (other than those committed by "White Hispanics") is given the necessary priority by which the communities that are most affected by it lead the way in empowering their community members?
At best Professor Cole is guilty of framing the issue as an indictment upon AMERICA - while he can't bring himself to make note of the resistance that is present WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as outside forces dare to come in and "regulate" the institutions that are failing.

Those with a vise grip of control over these institutions have engineered a narrative that says "any failures that take place on our watch is because 'social justice' has not advanced to the point that we need it to for 'community salvation' ".

I do not know the race or the motives of Prof Cole but the function of his arguments summarily advance the interests of the "Black Racial Services Machine" who is GUILTY of running a grand "Black Community Consciousness Attention Filibuster" - at the cost of developing and enforcing a culture of good governance within.

Prof Cole points to Black unemployment, segregation/isolation, failed educational systems and drug crimes.   He can't bring himself to make note of the forces that have dominate control over these institutions and the fact that they obtained this control, largely by convincing the masses that "things would get better", if they were to invest their "valuables" into the machine that is now in control.

Where is the capacity of Prof Cole to change his tune, arguing that "THE BURDEN OF INFLATED BLACK HOMICIDE RATES" is an "opportunity cost" of "the Black community having taken its eye off of the prize"?

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