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If By 2017 The Black Homicide Victimization Rate Is Not Down By 25% Will The Black Rank & File Admit That It Is Being Used In A "Consciousness Filibuster"?

As part of the self-imposed sequestration that I did on the American election day of 2012 - I became clear on the need to double down with my drive to force "The Black Rank & File" to change its disposition from a "CONSUMER with a VALUABLE" to be deposited in the coffers of those who appear them (in their present state of consciousness) over to a more effective "Governance Cultural Consciousness".   The ironic point being that this base would need to demand that "THEY DEVELOP THEMSELVES"- as measured by the integrity of the "check points" that they establish............................UPON THEMSELVES.

The opposite today's "Consumer Consciousness" - in which "the congregation" can agree to "SELF-TRICK THEMSELVES" because they are not made aware of the "opportunity costs" - is the concept of "Organic Competency Development" through Enforced Institutional Integrity.

Look at the two key elements of the labels above:

  1. The measure of attainment of the "Desired Standard Of Living" for Black people
  2. The INTEGRITY in the measurement.  The REPORTING of this truth and the result to MANAGE the "human resources", as they are made to understand the part that they play, toward this higher goal.

As I listen to the (fraudulent) gun control debate (and I am monitoring the chatter on education reform as Michelle Rhee and Dr Hite) I notice that the Black community runs off of two key constructs:
  • The "Congregation" - the prevailing thoughts that the coalition" in the struggle" has
  • Who is AGAINST "us"
It DOES NOT MATTER if YOU FAIL BLACK PEOPLE from a POSITION OF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As long as you are perceived "As Part Of The Team" and that you set up AN EXTERNAL ENEMY to "struggle against" - the salient hatred that is within Black people (as with any other Equal Human Being) can receive the "milk chocolate coating" of "the Black Agenda" - and with a steady stream of "Reinforcement Propaganda" - the MOBILIZATION OF THE NEGRO can be placed into action.   

There is NOT going to be a dispassionate framing which looks at the longitudinal results and says: "They Have Worked Against Their INTERESTS".    The MAJORITY OPINION IS "THE INTEREST" .   "Congregational Unity" is the #1 product of the 'Black Racial Services Machine'.   

As long as they are housed inside of the cocoon called "America" where the "social justice nugget" resides "Just Inches Away" from their grasp and is in the hands of the RIGHT WING ENEMY - the prevailing consciousness within Black Americans can be compelled to look past the bird droppings left from the failings of governance of the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED LANDS - and instead - go after "THE TWO BUSHES"  - and Reagan and Romney and Newt Gingrich and the NRA and any other Right Wing threat.

What Does The Black Homicide Victimization Rate Have To Drop To In Order For The Black Rank &  File To Conclude That THEY WERE NOT USED In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"?

Would it surprise you if - at 8:30am - I tuned into the "Joe Madison Show" that he is talking about "Gun Control" right now?

The present framing is:  "The NRA and Republicans" want to protect ASSAULT RIFLES and there is no need for a civilian to have such a weapon.  THEREFORE we need to FIGHT AGAINST THEM.

Some of you believed that upon hearing the shameful number of murders of Black people in Chicago, Camden and Philadelphia last year AND the notions from the "Embedded Confidence Men" about how THIS NATION VALUES "WHITE LIFE" would be the kick off of a SERIOUS CAMPAIGN to reduce BLACK HOMICIDE VICTIMIZATION RATES.

"Sorry for YOU!!!!!!"

This present struggle motion has NOTHING to do with the "Ninjas Who Got Shot" in the "serial killings" that transpire every day in the news within the most productive "Strange Fruit Orchards" around America (New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Camden, Newark, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, and several others).

When given the choice of doubling back and actually PRODUCING the promised benefits to the Black community after "collecting their valuables" OR generating an "External Struggle Motion" - the choice is clear on which one the Embedded Confidence Men will perform.

We only need to look at the fact that they are not building up a "community governance framework" that will one day have the power to break the back of the "Street Pirate element" that is causing most of the crime.

Instead you see the Embedded Confidence men building up "CIVIL RIGHTS FORTS" which offer "confidence protection for the establishment power" - inside of mission accomplished zones that have fallen far short of their promises.

Black Community Governance Cultural Consciousness Pledge:

I PLEDGE THAT I VALUE "BLACK LIFE" MORE THAN I DO MY 'STARTING POSITION' IN THE "MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME".     IF By The Year 2017 (4 Years from now) The Black Homicide Victimization Rate Does Not Fall From 50% Down To 13% Then I Will REJECT The Current Array Of Influences That Bear Down Upon Me - That Are Pleasing To Me, Taking My Valuables With Little To Show In Return Besides MY HAPPINESS. Never Anything That I NEED To Prosper Organically.

We Know That "AMERICA" Doesn't Care About BLACK PEOPLE.
When ARE YOU Going To See That YOU ARE The "AMERICA" That You Are Talking About?
Race And Homicide In America
Homicide Victimization By Race
Victim / Offender Relationships

Justifiable Homicides (Just How EFFECTIVE Is The Use Of "Stand Your Ground" Law To Evade Punishment - In Relation To The THEATRICS About It?  (Is There Any Data That YOU Can Be Shown That Will Compel You To REJECT Those Who OVEREMPAHSIZE A THREAT Because They Know That You Will FEEL THREATENED as a "Threatened Negro" will give up his VALUABLES to them?
The Number Of POLICE KILLINGS As Compared To Other Motivations Demographics Of Death
Table Cell Table Cell
Homicide Clearance Rates - The EFFECTIVENESS Of "Stop Snitching" In Suppressing Justice
The Number Of Executions Per Year Is A PITTANCE Compared To The Number Of "Street Pirate Executions" 
If YOU Don't Control The MEASUREMENTS OF YOUR COORDINATES In "Your Struggle", In Allowing Someone Else To Define Where You Are - YOU WILL CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE While They Profit From Your Ignorance About Your Location
Table Cell
Your Lust For POWER IN THE MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME Has DESTROYED Your Community's Ability Of GOVERNANCE And Development The Fact That Black People Represent Up To 80% Of The Headcount In This Philadelphia PA Murder Reading HAS NOT Stopped The "Embedded Confidence Men" Talking About RONALD REAGAN Visiting PHILADELPHIA MISSISSIPPI - 3O YEARS AGO To Speak To "The Klan".
Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell
Even Though The New Owners Of "The Philadelphia Inquirer" Have Shut Down The "Philly Confidential" CRIME BLOG - The Street Pirates In Philly CONTINUE TO Generate Content. 
From Prison In 2013 Mumia Abu Jamal Still Talks MORE ABOUT "FRANK RIZZO" From The Early 1970's Than He Can Talk To The YOUNG Would-Be Pillars Of The Black Community About NOT DOING ANYTHING TO GET LOCKED UP, As The Black Mayor, Police Chief and District Attorney Of Philadelphia Will PROSECUTE THEM Without The Use Of "Cointelpro" - Because OBAMA DOESN'T CALL IT "Cointelpro" Any Longer.  It is called "Warrentless Wiretapping" And since the BLACK PRESS didn't cover his reauthorization of this last week - ITS AS IF IT NEVER HAPPENED......IF this is your only source of information.
Per the PRESENT PREVAILING BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS it would be more effective to run a campaign that said:  "EVERY NINJA WHO GETS HIMSELF KILT IS A VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICANS" than to preach the INTRINSIC VALUE OF BLACK LIFE as the means of driving HOMICIDE MITIGATION efforts within the Black community.

There is NO MORE FAKING - The "Americanized Black" is more interseted in the HOPE of "Nationalized Social Justice" through POLITICS than he cares about GOVERNING HIS OWN COMMUNITY as an expression of VALUATION OF HIS OWN PEOPLE. 

Those who USE BLACK PEOPLE based upon these references are equally INCOMPTENT at GOVERNING the "Human Resource Development Institutions" that would bring these dreams to fruition.

They ONLY know how to build up LARGE CONGREGATIONS, not to DEVELOP our people by getting them to buy into THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES of governance. 
This Black man shot in Chicago plans to GET HEALED and join the PROTESTS AGAINST THE NRA - despite the fact that the NRA did not shoot him.  He understands that GOING ALONG WITH THE CONGREGATION is more important than finding the "Street Pirate" who drew blood from him without a medical license as he did not use proper sterization procedures.  This same government vehicle that was called in to "PROTECT THE BLACK COMMUNITY" of Chicago is going to one day be used to fend off the government officials from the "OCCUPATION" as the residents say they are tired of harassment by THE POLICE.

They will not see that their failure to DEVELOP the "Would Be Pillars Of Their Community" that GOD GAVE TO THEM for stewardship IS the real problem.

These are the STOLEN VALUABLES FROM PRESENT DAY BLACK AMERICANS that are WORTH MORE than any minerals stolen from the ground in AFRICA of today.

  • The EQUAL BLACK BALLOT is a provision GIVEN BY THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.  It ONLY serves as a representation of one's VOICE  in American government.  STEP ACROSS THE BORDER and this becomes WORTHLESS like a Peso in a desert land.  The CORRUPT BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE want you to believe that THIS IS THE MOST VALUABLE OF ASSETS that a Negro living today can carry.
  • The BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - This is the SECOND MOST valuable assess that any member of the "Global Black Diaspora" can carry.  
    • HAND IT OVER without inspecting the agenda of the recipient and the MIND is the first to go as the BODY WILL FOLLOW along.   It will begin to say that IT CAN'T enforce the RETURN ON INVESTMENT because the TEAM will be hurt in its FIGHT against the EXTERNAL ENEMY.  
    • FAILURE TO PROTECT ITS VALUE - by demanding "WHERE IS MY MONEY AT OR I'LL CUT YOU ????!!!" and you will see the most massive compromise of Black people - showing that they are FULLY EQUAL and CORRUPTABLE as any other human being
  • THE BLACK COMMUNITY AGGREGATE VALUE & WORTH -  This is the golden cistern that holds the SELF-APPRAISAL of Black people's SELF-WORTH.  When you see that this is EMPTY but you see GREAT JOY about the beings that dance about - you should know two things
    • The FRAUD AND HOKUM listed above IS IN FULL SWING - without any ABATEMENT as the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS goes unprotected from the antics of the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN
    • DESPITE ALL OF THEIR TALK - and "Huff And Puff" on the Radio - THIS GROUP OF NEGROES is NOT GOING ANYWHERE ELSE in the "Black Diaspora".   Though the main product of their associations is GRIEVANCES about being in "The Belly Of The Beast" THEY KNOW FULLY that if they were forced to live in a land where THEY WERE THE "Social Justice Distributing National Government" that not only would they fail to distribute the SOCIAL JUSTICE they demand others provide - THEIR WHITE PROGRESSIVE CHESHIRE FOX ALLIES would claim that they have partnered with a "White Right Wing Evangelical" force and thus make their new land a candidate for DRONE BOMBING in the name of HUMAN RIGHTS. 
Table Cell
The FAILURE to look into the cistern, make note of the DRAUGHT SITUATION and raise a ruckus that is LOUDER than your warning about "GLOBAL WARMING" is PURE EVIDENCE of the SELF-HATRED that poses as "TOO BLACK TOO STRONG" - that is affirmed with the complicity of a LARGE CONGREGATION OF COMPLICT NEGROES who can tell you WHAT THEY ARE OFFENDED BY, knowing that it is ALWAYS going to be an IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY but never an EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN who serves as "The Griot" - the FRAUDULENT HISTORIAN who gave the NARRATIVE - but who knows that there is no "Black Howard Zinn" that will ever lift a pen to WRITE A COUNTER-NARRATIVE about "How The Americanized Negro's Gold Was Stolen From Him As He Cheered The Departure Of The Armored Car That Contained His Valuables,  Out Of His Community". 

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