Monday, January 21, 2013

I Have More Faith That These Black Girls At The Justine Beiber Concert Will Ask "Where Is My Money That I Gave To You" IF Beiber Comes Up Short Than They Would Be Inclined To Ask The Same Of The "Black Racial Services Machine" Who Took Their Valuables

REGULATORY CAPTURE - "The Struggle Motion" That Is Claimed To Bring INTERNAL Benefits Is Set Upon An EXTERNAL Domain.  IT Demands "Congregational Unity" - Asking That The Masses Look Past What They Had Been Promised WITHIN Fro Previous "Struggle Motions" That Took Over The Key "Human Resource Development Institutions" And Instead Asks For Another Round Of "Struggle" Because THE WORK HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED.

UNTIL The "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" Is Seen Like FEMA - Its Self-Defined "Shortfalls In Service" Will Be Met With Agreement From The Rank & File On Their Calls For "Continued Unity" Against An ENEMY That They "Self-Stand Up" Rather Than A Fair To Scale A Solution That Is Timely, Comprehensive And Enduring.

As Long As The Person Speaking Doesn't OFFEND The Constituents - Daring To Question The Part That They Play In FAILING TO MANAGE THE PERSON WHO IS SPEAKING ----This Circular Venture Will Continue.

3 Young Black Girls And A Black Female Shaparone Attend A Justin Beiber Concernt In The "Former Confederate South".  They Were Allowed To Sit In The Seats That Ticket Master Showed Were Avaiable To Them And With Repect To What They Were Willing To Pay.

If Justine Beiber:

  • Did not show up to the concert 
  • Ended the concert after 2 songs
  • Had a failed audio system and was forced to sing without assistance from an amplifier 
  • The stage collapsed - for no fault of his own

They Engaged In A Tacit Contract.   IF The Other Side Did Not Live Up To Their Agreed Upon Services, At The Level Of Quality That Was Expected - They Would Seek To Be Made Whole.  Failing That A "Class Action Lawsuit" Would Be Filed Against Beiber And His Manager / Production Company.

Justine Beiber WOULD NOT Be Able To Go To Them And Say: "IF I Give You Your Money Back - This Would Cause Me To Lose $650,000, Placing Me Behind My Race With "Bruno Mars" For The TOP COMPENSATED TEEN HEART THROB.  Do You Want To Be The Reason Why I Lose Out To Bruno Mars?   

I Think We Can Work Out A Deal.   I Will Be Playing In Charlotte Tomorrow.  I Can Give You Access To My iPad Right Now And You Can Go To Ticket Master And Purchase 4 More Tickets To That Show.  I Will Be Sure To Make You Feel Good As You Live Vicariously Through Me On Stage.   Do We Have A Deal"?

No Sign Of Protests Against American Imperialism THIS TIME At The King Center In Atlanta 
AJC: MLK day observed as first African American president takes oath for second term

From The Article - YOU Make Up Your Own Mind IF "The Struggle Will Ever End" - WHEN "Ending The Struggle' Would Force Them To Stop Having the OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE In Relation To THEIR COMMUNITY And WHO IS THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER Who Is Failing To Provide Them With SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Speaker after speaker reminded the Atlanta celebrants that even as the first African American president was beginning his second term, injustices remain almost 50 years after the Civil Rights Act became law.
“The movement is not over,” said Elizabeth Omilami, whose father Hosea Williams who was often sent into cities and towns in advance of King during the Civil Rights Movement to energize the community. “It’s been revitalized.”
Reflecting the style of her father to downplay his significance in the movement and deflect to the King family, Omilami entertained with humor even as she spoke of work still undone.
A clinic run by the organization her late father started provides medicine and clothing and feeds about 61,000 a year and that is not enough, Omilami said.
“If we loved each other, I wouldn’t have to … see a child that didn’t eat from a free lunch on Friday to a free lunch on Monday,” Omilami said.
Guns were also a topic during the program.
“Dr. King was a victim of gun violence,” Omilami said, recalling that King was shot dead while standing on a second-floor walkway outside a Memphis motel room in 1968.
The Rev. Bernice King, the youngest of MLK’s four children and now CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, recalled the night when her father confronted armed and angry neighbors who wanted to fight violence with violence and tied it to street violence today
She said her father told the crowd “‘we can’t fight this with guns. Put your guns up. We are gong to a higher place. We are going to fight this with peace.’”
Political rancor, natural disasters, damage to the environment, “military conflicts all over the world, mass shootings that show even our most precious children are not safe,” King said.
“We must go back and listen to the voice of Martin Luther King. We must rid ourselves of poverty,” she said. “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or we will perish as fools.”

With The "Old Fourth Ward" - the location of the "Rev Martin Luther King Jr Center For Non-Violent Social Justice Change" -as one of the most violent and deadly in the city of Atlanta -  it seems that the King Center should leave its doors open so that the "air conditioning" can spill out into the greater community.

I know that Rev Warnock over at Ebeneer has an HVAC system that uses "Green compliant refrigerant" and he too would be willing to air out his church into the community.

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