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How MSNBC - "The Battle Royale Upon The Black Community Consciousness" - Runs The "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster", Suppressing The "Black Community Governance Culture"

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For a woman who emoted in 2012 that "Black people get MURDERED on her street, right in front of her house in New Orleans" - MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry seems to have her priorities in disarray.

This post is not directed toward Melissa Harris-Perry.  Her contract with NBC prevents her from moving out of the domain of "entertainment and pacification" of Black Progressive Fundamentalists over to the PROTECTION of the "Development of the Black Community" from the nefarious agenda of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

My post is directed toward Tavis Smiley.

You see, there is an "Alpha Donkey Battle" between the faction of Black Progressive Fundamentalists encamped behind Smiley, who seeks to hold President Obama accountable to a "Progressive Measuring Stick", criticizing his shortfalls and the "Machine Black Progressives" who see President Obama in power as their best chance of battle against the right-wing, and thus they should "Keep The Enemy On Trial" and focus as the "voice of the administration" INTO the Black community - who needs the talking points to allow them to digest that which was otherwise repugnant (US imperialism, continued Black economic malaise, etc).

 The Lack Of Discipline In The Black Media That Protects The Status Quo And The Establishment
Tavis Smiley apparently doesn't see that his complicity with the SHORT TERM antics of "Black mental appeasement" has the long term consequences of gutting the "Black Community Governance Culture" - in which the challenges in our community that were to be fixed by VOTING - linger on - but the Black Community is lulled to invest our valuables into the next "open enrollment period" because the embedded confidence men use the void in discipline to keep the Rank & File focused on the OFFENSE AT HAND (from the Right-Wing) rather than upon the PERPETUAL OFFENSE that our institutions are producing with reference to the promises. 

As with my dear friend Filled Negro yesterday, today MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry had an open microphone to prioritize whatever issue she chose to.   She chose RACISM.

No not the "Lynching", "Terrorized Black", "Strange Fruit", "Denial Of Education", "No Blacks Allowed In This Workplace" - type of racism.
In her world "RACISM 2012" is a matter of what is OFFENSIVE to the Black Progressive Fundamentalist sensibilities.  

You see Mr Smiley - even though I am positive that you have a bevy of individuals who have "the answer" to come on your show and sit in your chair in dialogue - I believe that your entrenched views make it impermissble for you to "listen" to what they are telling you and thus apply the solutions to effect better outcomes among "The Least Of These".

While Mrs Perry said that you were "The Nurse Eunice Rivers" (from the Tuskegee Experiment), per your affiliations with commercial banks that she says was responsible for "The SubPrime loans" sold to Black people - you lack the bearings on how to respond to this foolishness her attacks.

 I could do a Google image search and find plenty of "Black Progressives In Good Standing" who have corporate and bank logos as sponsors of their affairs.   In addition there are several local "civil rights groups" that are partnering with these same banks to do financial education.    Thus Mrs Perry's attacks depend upon the bigotry of fellow Black Progressive Fundamentalists.   Just as it took a "Jamie Foxx" to provide cover for a pseudo-slavery film and thus not suffer criticisms from the "Guardians of Blackness" - in the case of commercial banks - even though you are doing no different than what the "Concerned Black Clergy Of Metro Atlanta" is doing regarding a partnership with mega-banks - it just so happens that you are in the rifle sights of Mrs Perry.   These others are not and thus there will not be an expose' about them on MSNBC.

Your only recourse is to force DISCIPLINE within the Black Press, Mr Smiley.
As you see from the "Is This RACISM" skit that Mrs Perry has orchestrated with her panel of buffoons, she is not interested in "upsetting Black Progressives" with anything that is too heavy, despite this claimed time of crisis within the Black community.

Why didn't Mrs Perry use her year-end show to go beyond Anti-Right-Wing politics and comedic mockery and instead focus on the following issues within the Black Community that remain unabated - 4 years after investing in Obama and 50 years after fusing "The Black Community Development Struggle" fully into politics?

Issue Artifact
The Educational Crisis In Black America That "Mission Accomplishment" Has Failed To Address
The Schott Foundation released a report on the condition of Black male high school graduation.   The Black community showed that it cares more about electoral politics than it does about the future of our community - which is departing the seats of the classroom in order to take to the streets.

The Homicide Crisis Within The Black Community

There are more Black Progressives ready to protest "Black On Black Killings" - outside of the NRA headquarters than there are Blacks who are willing to STRIP the Embedded Confidence Men of their power to divert the conscious attention of the Black communities that have the problem with homicide and the resulting terror upon the individuals within the community who are forced to live near "Street Pirates".

The Economic Crisis From The Failed Organic Development Of The Black Community Through Good Institutional Governance And Institutional Integrity Enforcement

To the ideological bigot it is more important for him to retain the MORAL HIGH GROUND with his notions of:
  • A living wage
  • People over profits
  • Union representation
than it is for him to actually PRODUCE A JOB organically that LIVES UP TO that which he has concocted in his own mind.

The truth is - Progressive Fundamentalism seeks to MAKE THE ENEMY live up to "Progressive Standards".  It is INCOMPETENT to turn a "green field" into a "Social Justice Garden of Plenty".   This Progressivism is inorganic.  It is but a "protest meme" that needs the company of an right-wing enemy.

Flashback: August 2011 - Do you remember the one about the "40 Democratic Jobs Bills that the Tea Party Republicans blocked?"

Despite having solid control over local employment markets after a 75 year struggle, when faced with the fact that they have failed to develop a local marketplace to employ Black people after collecting the valuables from our community they have "NATIONALIZED" the indictment against the right wing enemy with a "self-chum" argument in which they "Self-Convinced-Themselves" that BUT FOR the Tea Party's RACIST objections to the Black President.......the American Negro's unemployment rate would have achieved parity status with the "National Urban League's" and "Economic Policy Institute's"  Perfect 1.0 White People".

The Failure To Live Through The Eyes Of The "Global 'Least Of These' " When DOMESTIC SOCIAL JUSTICE Would Have To Be Compromised In Their Defense The "Reverse Dr King"
 As the American left-wing stands down on its protests BECAUSE it does not want to weaken the favorable "Commander In Chief" and the Right-wing is happy that American power is being inserted as such AND IT is not predisposed to protest what it ultimately favors - we all get to see the DAMAGE that a COMPROMISED LEFT-WING renders upon "The Least Of These" around the world as it is clear that they only respond when there is a RIGHT-WING ESTABLISHMENT FORCE to protest against.

Maybe there is no such thing as "Right" and "Left" but only a matter of INTERESTS.

The sight of 'The Least Of These' who are overseas, burning the FACE OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM is a sign that THEIR INTERESTS are being violated.

The sight of the American (and Black)  left being OFFENDED when a RIGHT WING AMERICAN degrades President Obama merely shows that their "OFFENDEDNESS" is merely a show of their POLITICAL interests, as there was no material damage done by a drone or economic sanction.

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