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How The Black "Struggle Motion" And Political Opportunism Serves As The Attention Diversion Away From "Community Governance

On Friday I listened two 3 shows on "Black Wing Grievance-Political Opportunism Talk Radio"

  • "The Too Much Truth" With Derrick "Huff & Puff Boazman" - with as guest host  Sidney Woods (The guy who, on "President's Day 2012" told his listening audience that he would not be taking any calls criticizing President Obama because we need to "LIFT HIM UP ON - HIS DAY".  With the opening of the US Senate seat from Georgia with the announcement of Zaxby Chambliss - the question raised to the audience was:  "With the demographic changes in Georgia and the fact that Georgia will be a BLUE STATE by can we get a DEMOCRAT elected in 2014?"
  • "The Redding News Review" with Rob Redding - in which Rob was heard "Living Vicariously Through The Black Faces In The Obama Administration" 
  • The Nighttime Show on WVON Chicago - In which the host told of the crisis within the Black community among the people and how "Coaches in Public Schools are taking advantage of our kids"

When I tell you that there is a distinct difference between:

  • What is POPULAR among Black people in the present Prevailing Consciousness 
  • What is EFFECTIVE in generating ORGANIC UPLIFT for the Black Community as the "Human Resource Development Institutions" are governed with the appropriate "Governance Culture" ........
These three shows - went viewed in aggregate shows the accuracy of my analysis.

If You Fail To Commit To Paper What You Are Told In Order To Compel You To Go Along With "The Struggle" - Then You Will Likely Fail To See The Grand Irony That Is Around You

The  "Time Line" and the means of measuring your present coordinates - in this case - elevation - are two key tools that you had better never relinquish to anyone else - even if you trust them.   That is IF your goal is to enforce the value and safe handling of your "valuables".

The difficulty of today's political climate in America - from the perspective of Black people is - with the appearance of "success" in "The Struggle" per the placement of "Favorable People Into Power" - the forces who shape our news and thus direct our "Conscious Attention" have more material by which to run the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" by which to keep the Black community both:

  • On the offensive in pursuit of "new opportunity" in political power
  • On the defensive - PROTECTING the "favorable people in power" from RACIST attacks that they might suffer.
The Black community now LIVES VICARIOUSLY THROUGH the people who they "handed over their valuables" in order to "fight the good fight" in the political area.

The key consequence that these same forces of "confidence" are not going to point out is that the new ESTABLISHMENT POWER that they have promoted - will not be considered the 'Establish" that has failed to deliver "Social Justice" to "The Least of These".  They may be happy with the team's apparent success but their material condition has not substantively changed.  Thus they continue to struggle, fighting to destroy the last remnants of their right wing enemy.

1) Political Opportunism - The Open Senate Seat, If Won Will Turn Georgia Into A "Blue State" And Thus Make "The Blacks" Happy Over Another Conquest That Diverts Their Attention Off Of The Devilment That Is Going On On The Length Of "Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd"

"Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio " practices the "Rooney Rule".  They invited a slew of Black Progressive Democrats on the air to get their view on the open US Senate seat in Georgia for 2014.   Only the vacant seat left open by Jesse Jackson Jr has more Negroes lining up for consideration.

The common psychic occurrence between "The Blacks" in Georgia and in Chicago IS - by some mystical magical force of compliance - ALL AGREE to look forward at the OPPORTUNITY to have a "favorable voice in power" in yet another seat within the "American Political Domain".  This is concurrent with the observation that not a one of them dares make an index to the present condition of the Black community where these favorable candidates got their "street cred", going past the observation of "happy Black people" who can attest to their power voice of representation - but instead looking AT THE "STATS" of the community and showing that a return on investment has been received.

When you analyze Black Political Psychosis - the most effective measure is to ask:  "IF an enemy were in power and produced the very same statistics that we see the loyal band proud of their favorable person who is in power" - WOULD THEY cherry pick the "Gospel" that they preach today OR would they focus on their original grievances that remain unmet, which motivated them to make such investments in the first place?

1B) Is It RACISM That Is Causing These Black Elected Officials To Get Taken Out? 
On the one hand it is good to have a healthy bit of skepticism as you ask "The Judge" to prove his case against someone you have elected as your representative.
In today's Prevailing Black Political Consciousness we have something beyond "skepticism" - there is the "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" .    The very same "embedded confidence men" who define the "rules" that serve as the "second set  of books" that their favorable people in office play by - are the same people who PUT THE SYSTEM ON TRIAL - and make the defendant a VICTIM of racist prosecutoral misconduct - when and if this external "judge" views that their system of horse trading has gone too far.

If you thought that the embedded confidence men had "THE PEOPLE'S" interests in mind - these type of escapades expose the truth.  THE PEOPLE'S interests are to have the "Favorable People In Power" to fight their fight against the Right Wing Enemy.   Those who charge their  favorable people with corruption are said to be "Taking Away The CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE". 

Not only does the Holder-run Justice Department have to prove the criminal activity to the satisfaction of a judge and jury - the Black Progressive Rank & File demands a hearing in the court of public opinion.  The "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Radio" serves as the "court reporters" but you can't besure that their transcript will accurately capture what was said.

Unfortuantely (again) - The Black Community is more interested in fighting FOR the elected people who they live vicariously through than in seeting up transparent INSTITUTIONAL INTEGIRTY so that the interests of the community is not compromised. 

Transparency - thus - is something that should be hoisted upon Citibank and not THEIR FAVORED PEOPLE WITH POWER.

2) Living Vicariously Through President Obama's Administrative Choices
Carrying the above argument forward - as I listened to "The Redding News Review" on Friday
I was able to pull together all of my previous research items collected on Rob Redding and put forth a clear understanding of him.

IF Rob Redding was a radio host in Atlanta during the first term of the Mayard Jackson administration - his broadcast would consist of the analysis of "the favorable Blacks" appointed to key municipal government seats of power.   Mr Redding would make note of all of the "valuables" invested into Mr Jackson (or Mr Stokes of Cleveland, or Mr Washington of Chicago or Mr Hatcher of Gary or Mr Bradley of LA, Mr Goode, Dinkins, Young , Morial, Arrington [Birmingham],  ).

It appears to be lost on Rob Redding that his POLITICAL analysis which considers the strategic importance of having "favorable Black faces in the right places" - has transitioned PAST the local "Institutions Of POWER" that were coveted over the last 60 years - over to a drive for nationalized power.   I question if Mr Redding has ever asked himself:  "Have those local seats of power which used to be the focus of fire hoses and police dogs become 'inferiorized' in their importance in the development of the Black community?"  OR...............

Are they merely in a "Mission Accomplished State" and thus, since "The Struggle" is more about keeping the BLACK COMMUNITY ATTENTION SPAN FOCUSED on "Motion" - it is more effective to USE the unfilled void within the "Black Community Development Consciousness" for the purposes of a larger victory for "The Team" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game"?

I notice that Mr Redding doesn't get too entrenched in local politics.  After all he has a nationally syndicated show - right?

For some reason "George Zimmerman" the one "White Hispanic Man" who took the life of a Black man is a sufficient "local cause" because it represents a national phenomenon that many other Black males fear.   Yet as we look at other points of dysfunction within the Black community that echo outward from the destroyed "Community Governance Culture" - Mr Redding is not as apt to give these issues air time - for fear of having to "Occupy" outside of the sacred temples within the Black community that are "on watch" as these dysfunctions go unchallenged.

Mr Redding is a "Political Analyst" who has not yet come to see the importance of promoting the "Black Community Consciousness Domain" as a necessary separate and distinct domain from politics.

The fact that the grand meeting of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" in Washington DC to work up a "Black Agenda" for the purposes of presenting it to PRESIDENT OBAMA rather than to THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the institutions within - should tell everyone who is analyzing the "Prevailing Black Consciousness" and how it ticks - that there is indeed a problem here.

3) The WVON Broadcast that Brought It All HOME

I have a new theme that I have not yet full worked out yet:  "When Will The Black Racial Services Machine Become FEMA"?

  1. Expected By The Black Rank & File to provide full services in a timely manner in the time of an emergency?
  2. Held Accountable, damned and attacked - if and when they fall short?
  3. INSPECTED by "The Black Press" - as the highly intellectualized operatives take to pen and paper to:
    1. DEFINE the dimensions of the total NEEDS for the community and the associated TIME component of the response  - so that more people can survive
    2. DEFINE the means of MEASURING a response to allow their pronouncements to be constructive & representative of the real world - rather than MARKETING MESSAGES on behalf of the Favorable Establishment Power - this as dead bodies float by their video taping -forcing them to do a "Cut" and "Start From The Top" - as the carcass is out of the field of view of the camera
  4. OPERATIONALIZED within the Community - as various people who are more committed to DEVELOPING "The Rank & File" and protecting their interests - rather than PROSELYTIZING for "The Machine"  - are put into place to do such reporting of an ACCURATE model of "Within The Black Community".
    1. CHERRY PICKING For Propaganda purposes is as damning as SLANDER for the purposes of injury
  5. ANALYZING the product of their work over the long run
    1. The PROOF of Favorable People In POWER - being SUBORDINATE to hard numbers showing ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT through well run institutions and thus ORGANIC GROWTH
  6. With reference to "The Valuables" Invested - their BIAS going forward is to MAXIMIZE the VALUE of the Black Rank & File - by forcing all who TOOK THE VALUABLES to PRODUCE benefit WITHIN THE RANKS OF THE PEOPLE rather than producing more VICARIOUS LIVING through those who are raised up as THEIR FIGHTERS against the Ubiquitous RIGHT WING THREAT.
    1. The Acceptance that - WHEN LEFT UNREGULATED - the "Would Be Pillars Of Their Community" - can grow a CONSCIOUSNESS that is fully capable of producing "Right Wing Attacks" upon the people and the institutions - just as any RIGHT-WING WHITE PERSON is able to do.
The radio broadcast from WVON in which they admitted that there is a PROBLEM with many of the young Black males in the ecosystem was a necessary first step.
STILL I have ZERO CONFIDENCE that any of the "Embedded Confidence Men" who are expert at compartmentalizing would be able to admit that these problems that they vocalized have their roots in one foundational truth:

THE BLACK COMMUNITY HAS "THE MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME" AS A SUPERIOR INTEREST to any INDIVIDUAL Concern For Our People Within. When These Individual Issues Are AGGREGATED  They Show Themselves As The Dysfunction That Are Well Known.

The Job Of The EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN Are To "COMMODIFIY" These Grievances, Making Them A Benefit Of The GRAND VICOTRY Over The Right Wing Enemy - IF The Congregation Stays Together And FIGHTS.

Is there any more evidence of "Non-White White Supremacy" than this?
When you SELF-TRICK YOURSELF into believing that the very same machine who had you fighting for it at the local level and then "WON", transitioned your focus to a SUPERIOR interest to feed your lust?   Now they put another "Stretch Goal" in your face - but it is YOU who respond affirmatively to them because - indeed - you hate this external enemy and lust for POWER to displace him - more than you dare to ask the Confidence man to COME THROUGH with your previous investments that you gave to him.

How can you fix the CHILDREN in your community  -that GOD gave you stewardship over when YOU AIN'T RIGHT WITHIN YOURSELF?   (We don't even need to talk about "Right Wing GOD" because that is a long journey away, requiring more change than you are willing to submit to. )


NONE OF THESE MENTAL SELF TRICKS is going to fix what YOU NEED TO FIX - first and foremost by raising up the DISCIPLINE to say to YOURSELF "I am NOT going to USE MYSELF again for short term advantage - at my own expense in the long run.  The young people that I bring forth are the CONSUMERS of my own SELF-DECEIT.  When they start to sound JUST LIKE ME then I  have acted as an agent who has done more than HIV!!

The ones who transmit SLAVE BLOOD from generate to generation of THE NEGRO have set the stage for more destroyed bodies and consciousness than any other. 

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