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The Philadelphia Negro Has Affirmed The People That He Has Placed In Power AND That His "Salvation" Resides In The Fight Outside Of "City Line Avenue" - The Psychology Of Which Leads To Benign Neglect On 52nd And Master

In "Obama's Community" In West Philly - The "Social Justice Jesus" Is Right Inside Of This Store
What are the chances that this "African-Cultural Ministries" Center Will Give Their Congregation A Detailed History Of "The Moors" Of Northwest Africa - And How The NATO Military Action In Algeria/Mali Today Is Merely The Latest Battle In A Long Fight - EXCEPT This Time The Nation Of "America" Has Joined In On The Bombing?
Constructive Feedback University series - "The Philadelphia Negro 2012" - Du Bois' "Color Line Has Now Faded Within The Diverse Progressive Coalition.  Now The Philadelphia Negro Must Rationalize The Effects Of Fusing His Interests Into The Malcolm X Political Football Game" - Especially When His Interests Are Not Met - But He Finds Himself Enjoying The Game
The Inquirer News Room After Winning A Pulitzer For Their Series "Street Pirates In Our Schools"
In Little Rock Arkansas - The Grandmothers Of "Stuff Black People Don't Like" Members Give Black Students A Hard Time"

POPULARISM - The viewpoint held by many Black Progressive Fundamentalists which argues -  What is held as a "Popular Viewpoint/Opinion" by a mass of Black people is evidence of the Black Community Permanent Interests being satisfied.  Their logic being:  "What do you think that Black people are too stupid to understand who has our best interests in mind?  If this was not the case the CONGREGATION supporting the position would not be so large. ".    They can't see the circular affirmation.   Quite often "The congregation" also has the power to identify who the enemy is and enforce this belief.

Philadelphia Inquirer - In West Philly - President Obama Received Upwards Of 99% Support

ANALYSIS - The Philadelphia Negro 2012

The voting divisions where Romney got zero votes is are not statistically significantly different than the neighboring district where he got 10, 100 or 150 votes.

If you switched to a map of Obama having received more than 98% of the votes - the entirety of West Philly and North Philly would be encapsulated.

Do you recall back in September 2012 I told of my encounter in a bar in which I talked politics and the Black community?   I was purposely ambiguous about my location - but this was in Philadelphia.

I noticed that every time I "brought the conversation home" - focusing in on the conditions of the physical plant within the community and about the schools - I would get universal agreement that "Philadelphia has major problems.  The Black community and the people within are suffering from a major lack of development and little opportunity".

Here is my debate tactic.
I KNOW that, sitting in front of me are "Democrats who are Black".
I try to TAKE THEM AWAY FROM "POLITICS".  THEY desperately run back to politics - as this allows them to "Keep Their Enemy (The State Republicans) on trial".
If I had an electrical probe affixed into their brain and then toggled the power - it would be as if I found the nerve center that caused their leg to kick outward.

I would establish common agreement that the community that I left about 25 years ago is largely stagnant with regard to the condition of the buildings, the schools and ultimately the people and what they do on a day to day basis.  My mindset of West Philly is from 25 years ago so its condition today is far more discrete to me than those who have been there through the transition through time.    

From this agreement I would make a statement using my point of reference which I express as:  "Where is the money that I gave to you to develop me?"  - the natural tendency of all people to exercise due protection of their interests, demanding that they be shown proof that their 'valuables' are in safe keeping - just as they were told.

I made a statement such as:  "After all of these years of listening to the Black leadership who told West Philly that upon putting 'favorable people in power' and taking over the schools - now you have the schools in the condition that they are (emergency control board) yet no one is proposing a new strategy for development.  "

At this point in a conversation - you get the "Django - Stephen Effect".    No No No.  Not the "Uncle Tom" aspect of his character.  The "Something don't smell right with this Negro" - sense of doubt.
They need to understand:  "Am I talking to a BLACK REPUBLICAN here?    Most Black people will talk generically about the elected officials failing them, but at the end of the debate IF everyone agrees that "American Racism" is the real problem and the Republican Party is the expression of "White racism" - then all is well among friends.

Since I WAS NOT PROMOTING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY - but was actually challenging the choice of "Black Philadelphia" to "VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION" - achieve "Mission Accomplishment" but then after acknowledging that "Things did not work out as we thought".......instead of asking "Where Is Our Money At???!!!!" - they are seen heading to the bank to gain more money to make another investment into "the offering plate".

Since that saw that I was not a Republican - THEY INSERTED "The State Republicans" into the conversation that was otherwise about "The Black Community" and "circling the wagons" - to being to manage what is on the inside.    "The State Republican Enemy" was used by them to avoid an indictment of what they bought into.

Rep Chaka Fattah Can Take This Picture Back To His District In North And West Philly And Buy Another Several Years Of Clearance As He Uses This Photo-Op As Proof That THIS TIME The Philadelphia Public Schools Are Going To Be Fixed.  OBAMA'S WHITE HOUSE INITIATIVE ON AFRICAN-AMERICAN EDUCATION Will Provide The Drive - This Time.  
IF This Was Not The Case - "The Guardians Of Blackness" WOULD NOT BE SMILING.  They Would Be Challenging The President AND The Local Elected People Who are Running These Institutions That Are Failing To Develop Black People

"The Pennsylvania State Republican":

  1. Hates the city of Philadelphia - it is a reference to "Black Run Cities" (a la "SBPDL")
  2. Refuses to provide adequate funding for education - Because they don't want to educate Black kids
  3. Blocks all state-level gun control - Because they love seeing Black people killing each other
  4. Works with the corporations to keep businesses out of the city - allowing Black people to suffer without opportunity
(This is a transparent assessment of what I perceive after listening to what is important to them - not an editorial insertion)

The key point that we must understand - (and I will use the "smart guy" of the group of 3 men who I talked with at the bar as my reference) - when they hear about "REPUBLICANS" it is from their conversation with WHITE MALES at their job.( Or on "Fox News").    Since what they hear is so disagreeable to them and their line of thinking - when they think about the stagnation that is abundant within the neighborhoods of Philadelphia - it is rational for them to believe that someone who is actively seeking to undercut Black people are responsible for this condition.   After all the establishment power within the city of Philadelphia are doing the public policy initiatives that they favor.  Since the results are short of what they had assumed - there must be some hidden hand that it at work.

Sadly - even though he has played a strong hand in customizing his city to his own linking - using the methodology that the "Black Racial Services Machine" has marketed to him for years - the front end of "Voting Yourself Into Salvation" has been successful.   

The problem is that the Black Rank & File are made into conscious PLAYERS in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  As such - one can evaluate them by what they WILL NO LONGER SAY about the occupants of the seats of power who are failing them - for fear of harming the ability of "The Team" to gain a victory in the larger game.   The ironic impact of this coalition loyalty is that "The Negro" agrees to yield "What his ancestors had long hoped for"  the primary points of evidence of "equality and justice" - within his community - for the longer term goal of boiling the ocean CHANGING THE NATION, by which resources will be freed up from the right-wing adversary and  ONLY THEN will flow into his community.

I am an objective observer of "GAME".
I reluctantly credit the forces who are obviously running the "Embedded Confidence Man" scheme upon Black America.  They are adept in their knowledge of "how Black people think" and how "racial grievance" is a powerful force in manipulating a group of people.  They have successfully fused "Black Grievance" onto "Progressive Fundamentalist struggle" THROUGH the Democratic Party and its fight against the Right-wing who uses the Republican party.

We see in the "Mission Accomplished City" that there need not be a strong, entrenched Republican presence for the elephant to remain as the central point of conversation.    When the elephant is present he is "the oppressor".  When the elephant is gone - it is his racism that made him unwilling to share societies resources with all, the corporations that he controls has created the conditions from "benign neglect".

From a psychological perspective - a person who arranges this "History Lesson" and then propagates it through the propaganda channels that are set up for consumption by "The Philadelphia Negro" merely needs to direct the rank and file toward the transactional fights that they wish to engage them in.

SINCE the "Philadelphia Negro's" CONSCIOUS ATTENTION SPAN has been fixated into this "Battle Royale" against the Elephant - he wouldn't DARE think to look at the "favorable mayor, city council, school board, district attorney and police chief" - and make the case that " THEY ARE in the SEAT OF THE OPPRESSOR, our condition has not changed - therefore WE are not going to be tricked.  DEVELOP US AS YOU PROMISED WHEN WE GAVE TO YOU OUR VALUABLES".

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