Saturday, January 12, 2013

GAS-JAR Civil Rights Organization Official Song: Syl Johonson's - "Is It Because I'm Black"?

NOTE:  Both of these songs were retrieved from WRFG Atlanta (The "PROGRESSIVE Information Station") "What Good Is A Song" and "The Youth Speak" programs

While both are informative shows - today they talk more about "COINTELPro" and "Prison Planet issues" regarding people locked up from "the struggle" in the 60's and 70's that they functionally marginalize themselves about TODAY - in which Black people have "invested valuables" into the promises of "voting for salvation" but a new set of more favorable elected officials are operating the schools and jails.

Can you claim yourself to be a REVOLUTIONARY when it is so clear that the victory in the areas that you have "Struggled" to achieve (elected positions of power) is also the primary catalyst for your COMPROMISE?

Upon "Local Mission Accomplishment" but continued grievance in the matters of importance- this merely creates a "Passover Effect", as your protest marches walk past the government buildings that used to be the sites of wildcat protests and strikes.

Someone must ask the truth:  "IS PROGRESSIVISM primarily for the DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY or is it merely for the ADVANCEMENT OF ITSELF AS AN IDEOLOGY, usurping the unmet hopes from 'The Least Of These'  with ITS intentions of becoming the 'Establishment Power', aftr defeating the next 'Right-Wing Encampment' that is dangled in front of its face - like the red cape from a bull fighter? "

The main failing of Progressive Fundamentalism is that it reserves the right to practice "ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION" - denying that IT IS NOW "The Establishment Power" that is FAILING TO PROVIDE SOCIAL JUSTICE to the masses who grieve at its feet.

Had "the Least Of These" who go along with the 'perpetual struggle' scheme kept watch of their OWN VALUABLES, refusing to allow the resentments, hatred and HOPE inside of them to be mined, transported, milled and smelted into a form that bears little evidence of their own original 'struggle' -  they would have transacted far more valuable for their own productive use as those who are watching them harvested their desire to defeat their external enemy as EVIDENCE ITSELF of THEIR advancement - even though a transparent accounting says otherwise.

Burning Spear CANNOT(!!!) "Remember The Days Of Slavery".

What he is asking you to do is to RETAIN YOUR RESENTMENT FOR SLAVERY'S PAST so this ANGER AND HATRED can be used for political benefit TODAY - but for SOMEONE ELSE.

If the African who was stolen away into slavery suffered physical abuse that was a "Human Rights Violation" - is there any language that will call a Black person today who attacks another Black person a "Slave Catcher"?

Today's language of "cajoling" which uses "Slave Metaphors" is targeted at Black people who DISAGREE IDEOLOGICALLY with the masses (often who have no power).  The Black people do physical harm to other Black people are said to be MENTAL VICTIMS of what slavery has stolen in the way of culture.

The people who have received VALUABLES FROM BLACK PEOPLE per the "vote for salvation" - but who fail to deliver - are not attacked as "Highway Men Who Steal 'Fares On The Underground Railroad'" as they string the community along with false hope, always remaining one step ahead of the grievances, using their media power to direct this anger and hatred into PROFITABLE ENDS for the "joint venture" who receives the proceeds.

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