Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feeling Happy Because You Live Vicariously Through A Venerated Figure VERSUS The Ability To GO INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY And MEASURE Absolute, Organic Increase - THIS IS THE COST Of The Presence Of A "LampBlacked Yellow Journalism" Who See Their Handiwork Speaking And Are PROUD


I do not exhibit any "personal anger" when I witness scenes like this.
I see evidence of the "FULL AMERICANIZATION" of "The Black Consciousness" - where BLACKNESS is used as:

  1. A Political Weapon to for the benefit of the TEAM that it is aligned with - INDICTING it as RACISTS so "The Team" will win a victory.
  2. A Political Weapons USED BY THE "TEAM" against Black people.   Despite the fact that any RATIONAL person would see a condition by which BLACK PEOPLE should be asking "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS"........the CONFIDENCE MEN who are expert at HOW BLACK PEOPLE THINK - can run the 'Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster'

When I tell you that "Loyalty To The Malcolm X Political Football Game" is the WORST thing to ever happen to the ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT TRAIL for Black people - this video is full evidence of that.

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