Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eugene Robinson And Other Black Progressive Fundamentalists Will NOT Commit To A Promise That IF THE BLACK COMMUNITY GOES ALONG With Their Gun Regulation Scheme - The Black Homicide Victimization Rate Will Become Proportional To The Black Population Percentage

Obama’s gun proposals are a matter of life and death

President Obama is the greatest "PROGRESSIVE VESSEL" Through Which The "Diverse Progressive Coalition" Fights Against The Right Wing.

If you fail to understand this and to see the limitations of this scheme - you will keep putting your SALVATION into "Beating The Right Wing" rather than DEVELOPING A GOVERNING CULTURE within.

Please read Eugene Robinson's arguments and vantage point in the link above.
CLEARLY it is the essence of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" where you are asked to fight with the team.

Ironically - those he and other Black Progressive Fundamentalists seek to "Nationalize" and "Americanize" "The Gun Problem" - rest assure - his real agenda is to get "The Blacks" focused on "The Struggle" - knowing all along that NOTHING that Obama has listed is going to compel a Street Pirate to stop his murderous romp in various Mission Accomplished Cities.

In a total abdication of their ESTABLISHMENT POWER in these places - the mindset held by Robinson and others KNOW HOW YOU THINK!!!!       There is no force within the Black community who will be publicly honest, acknowledging that while GOD graced them with a YOUNG LIFE to mentor into CONSCIOUSNESS as a "Pillar Of Our Society" - their diversion schemes where our community interests are turned into a POLITICAL ELECTION OUTCOME by attrition - is a great enabler of the MESSAGES OF VIOLENCE.

IF "The Blacks" are fighting against the NRA then there is a PURPOSE - however fraudulent - that is synergized.

The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist is so corrupt that HE WILL NEVER impose a "Performance Management Plan" upon the "Black Racial Services Machine" and thus HIMSELF.

Until The Black Rank & File Understands That  The EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN Who Stand Among Them Are Propaganda Agents That FEED THEM CHUM - The Masses WILL NOT Think To FORCE THEM TO SIGN A "Consent Decree" - Just As The EPA Forces Them To Sign When They Are In The Role Of GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.  The BLACK COMMUNITY Has No GOVERNMENT, Separate And Distinct From Its AMERICAN POLITICS.  Its All One Big CONFIDENCE SCHEME

Table Cell

Ms Rita James Says - "If The DEA Comes To My Window And Tries To Take My Gun - I Am Going To Treat Them Just Like I Did That Street Pirate Who Broke My Window Out With A Brick.  It Has Been 6 Weeks And The NAACP STILL Has Not Sent A Damned Person Over Hear To Fix My Window - As They Promised To Do If I Stop Talking About The Crime Problem In Southwest Atlanta"

For Some Reason Eugene Robinson Could Not Bring Himself To Self-Chum Up A "Justice For Lil JoJo And JayLoud" Struggle Motion

  • When Sean Bell was the hot topic we heard the Black Press argue "End Police violence against unarmed Black males"
  • When Troy Davis was the hot topic we heard "Justice against unlawful execution"
  • When Trayvon Martin was the hop topic we heard "End racial profiling"
  • When Lil JoJo and JayLoud were MURDERED in RAPID SUCCESSION the ONLY element of the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalists" we heard was "Vibe and XXL" telling about the number of Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate artists that wanted to do a REMIX of the "Chief Keef" song "Don't Like That"


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