Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diverse Progressive Coalition Plans "Peace Ball Washington DC" On Inauguration Weekend, Promise To Not Protest Drone Strikes By Obama Because That Would Be Considered Racist


What do you do if you are a Progressive Fundamentalist who's power and "moral authority" comes from "Keeping Your Right-Wing Enemy On Trial' - the INDICTMENTS of whom generates "Congregational Unity" through which you obtain an increasing number of ESTABLISHMENT SEATS OF POWER?

You "Are In The White House" because you 'relate' to the ideology and domestic policy positions of the present occupant.  You see HIS VICTORIES over your common "right wing enemy" as YOUR VICTORIES.

Yet there is a big problem that you can't shake.

THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT continues to do that which you had been in the streets protesting.   While you are able to "Self-Chum" your congregation over the notion that "Since WE are not protesting any longer - these OFFENSES - no longer are considered 'Hit man Confessions' ".
"Your guy" only does "Humanitarian Missions" and uses the most surgical of weapons.  You have started talking about ACCURACY of attacks with your base of supporters rather than JUSTIFICATION

How President Obama Feeds His Base


I have accepted that in order to do my research I need to SIT THROUGH THE "STAGE PLAY" and watch how the "congregation" compromises itself in defense of the ENEMY that it has stood up to knock down, thus justifying their "War On {Fill In The Blank}".

I actually credit Obama and other Progressive forces - for without them the image of the "Guardian Gator" - the "Defenders of Blackness" who can't be BOUGHT and can't SELL OUT will never come to realize that these "Bad and Bold" words that they lifted from the "Blaxpolitation Films" that were playing  at the time - MERELY WERE NOT YET TESTED.   The "Negro Leader" of 1974 - merely had never HAD THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER that he needed to protect to save face.

Obama, is said to be "Playing Chess" while the enemy right-wing are using circular discs.  These same people don't wonder the shape of THEIR pieces and how a "Queen" can roll across the floor".

  • DOMESTIC DIVERSE PROGRESSIVE Coalition- "Some Self Chum Of Appeasement And Purpose For You In Your Domestic Fight Against Your Right Wing Enemy" 
  • INTERNATONAL DIVERSE PROGRESSIVE Coalition A Stale Pork Rib that will sit on your stomach over night in the way of US Foreign Policy and/or Intelligence Operation that you will INGEST, and suffer the incontinence until it passes through your system - knowing that if you repudiate it by "hurling" YOUR DOMESTIC "SOCIAL JUSTICE" agenda will be dashed
  • (Most people don't understand this last leg.   WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY)     The BLACK DIASPORATIC GOVERNANCE CONSCIOUSNESS & CULTURE must be necessarily fused to (diverse team above) "The Malcolm X Political Football Game" in order for "The Blacks" to CHEER at the VICTORY - despite the LOSSES that are suffered
    • "WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - USA" : WE STRUGGLED for "Good Community Schools", "Safe Streets" and "Prosperity" - now instead of talking about "The Schott Report" and the "Who Got Shot Report" - they need to run the "Black Conscious Filibuster"
    • The BLACK DISAPORAIC View.   No DRONE ATTACKS upon "Nations Of Color" - IN AFRICA or across the Gulf Of Aden where "Africans" seeking economic solace have escaped to on rickety boats will come up in ANY CONVERSATION OF NEGROES in Washington DC  - upsetting the festive mood of this grand occasion

Though Amy Goodman and "Democracy Now" have reported from the vantage point of "South/Central America - THE RIGHT WING AMERICAN Intelligence And Covert Military Play Ground" - as "The School Of America's" training center receives protests.............................

School Of The Americas 
Purportedly Used By Right Wing American Governments To Educate Right Wing Governments In South And Central America On The Art Of War.    Democracy Now Condemned This US Policy Of "Spreading Death" 
US Africa Command
Teaching Africans A Lesson They'll Never Forget

Many Of The US Military Forces Who Were In Lower Ranks 20 Years Ago During The "School Of The Americans" Are Now In Positions Of Rank In The US Military.   Though They Are Now In Africa Teaching The Very Same Methods Of War - Those Who They Used To See Protestng Outside Of The "School Of Americans" In South Georgia As They Drove Onto The Base - Are Today Unwilling To Protest The School That Is ON SITE In Africa.

They Say That Until Delta Air Lines Offers A Direct Flight From The Columbus Georgia Airport Into The Congo - They Won't Be Able To Do Anything To Stop The Obama Administration

Amy Goodman  and other Progressives are loathed to ask: "IS AFRICA - PRESIDENT OBAMA'S IMPERIALIST EXCURSION"? 

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