Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Despite The Blood That Drew The International Border With Mexico Few American Progressives Focus On The Realities - South Of The Border And Offer "Social Justice"

The "Jesus Of Social Justice" Appears To Be A "Respecter Of Man Made Borders"

NPR - Residents, Tired Of Suffering Extortion At The Hands Of Local Street Pirates, Arm Themselves Into Their Own Community Police Force

The GOVERNMENT Says What THEY ARE DOING Is Illegal (NO - Not To The Street Pirates, To The CITIZENS Who Are Fighting Back)

Audio Report - Residents Of Southern Mexico Are 'Sick And Tired' - Just Like Fannie Lou Hamer Was
AJC: Masked Gunmen Kill 18 Blindfolded Hostages In Monterrey Mexico 
Bodies Found In Mexico
US Commandos To Train Mexican Forces

No Plans To Send Any Mexican Forces To "The School Of The Americas" - These Courses Are Now "Suitcased" And Delivered On Site In Mexico.

There Won't Be Any Protests Since The American Protesters Are Scared To Go This Far Into Mexico Because Their Fear Of Being Kidnapped While The Mexican Police Are In The Training Class.

Table Cell
New Mexico Is Just Ahead Of Mississippi In Child Poverty.  Rev Jim Wallis Of Sojourners Says That The Removal Of The Republicans From Mexico Will Fix This Problem, Lifting This "Red State" Up To The Likes Of "Good States" Like Vermont And Massachusetts

New Mexico Kids Count Program

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