Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dekalb County Watch II - How The "Black Racial Services Machine Establihsment " Has A Symbiotic Relationship With "The State Republicans"

The most effective exculpatory evidence against the charges of me being a "Self-Hating Negro" is for me to take the model that I have about the "Prevailing Black Political Consciousness" and then apply it to the "Messaging machine" that is trained uponn the Black Community.


Do you know how we hear from MSNBC (Chris Matthews) the latest "racial dog whistle" - coded word used by the Republicans to speak racism to their base?

Well the "Progressive who are Black & Democrat" in Georgia have their own language.

When you want to compel Black people in Georgia to do or believe something you only need to frame the question as:

"Do you want Republican Governor Of Georgia, Nathan Deal, who's corruption as a US Representative and local power broker in his White rural racist town - to have control over {fill in the blank - with the Local Mission Accomplished Institution in question}.

When the state charter school amendment was up for grabs in November 2012 - this was the key talking point.
When the state transportation referendum was up for consideration in July 2012 - this was the key talking poitn.

You need to go back and read Viola Davis' (you know she is a Registered Nurse and thus is a political expert) in order to establish a baseline for her arguments.   If you do - you will see - that despite the fact that Dekalb county is a "Mission Accomplisehd Zone" - she spends a considerable amount of time talking about REPUBLICANS.

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