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Dear Larry Elder: Piers Morgan Stumped You Here. You SHOULD HAVE Asked Him To Invite The NAACP On His Show And Have HIM Take The "Pro-Stop And Frisk" Stance, Forcing Them To Explain The Decline

/On the "Piers Morgan Show", "Democracy Now" and every show on MSNBC - WHEN there is a discussion about "The Black Community" a Black progressive guest never has to worry about getting into a shouting match with the respective hosts.

They are always on the same page.

While Black Republican Larry Elder attempts to cast the problem with gun violence within the Black community upon larger social issues - he errs in the mind of the progressive fundamentalist Piers Morgan by blaming the "Black victim" and their social order.

Had Larry Elder blamed RACISM and a general misalignment of resources in America - Mr Morgan would have had him come and sit on his knee as a gesture of affirmation.

Larry Elder was not prepared to have the lower homicide rates in NYC (and Washington DC) thrown in his face and forced to "Explain".

The key point that few people will pick up upon is that Piers Morgan is ENDORSING the "gun regulation" policies in New York City - this as another "Stop And Frisk Is RACIST" struggle motion commences.

You must understand Piers Morgan.  HE IS NOT going to indict a Black Progressive to explain the drop in NYC homicides while the "Stop And Frisk" policy is in effect.  His natural tendency is "Anti-Right" so there is little value in him going against his ideological friends.

You could expect to see a group of "Stop And Frisk Is Racist!!" on one episode of his show as he gives them an open microphone to tell of the racism against Black people - "since the Pilgrims had gun control" (See Garry McCarthy) and then have Larry Elder back on the next episode in which Morgan is heard praising the RESULTS in New York.  

In his cowardice and intellectual double-dealing - Piers Morgan is not going to be forthcoming in standing up FOR a policy that others call "racist".  HE KNOWS that all he must do is empathize with the protesters and go along with their indictment of "The Right Wing".  (I believe that SBPDL calls this - The Disingenuous White Liberal" ).   I call it "Feeding Chum" to the grieving by expressing support for their Agenda because you know that OFFENDING them is a greater slight to them than is the case in which they invest their valuables but are shorted in the promised results.

Mr Elder - look at the two articles above.

You promote the Black homicide victimization rate as a SOCIAL FAILING based on the construct of the Black family.

The Progressives push the notion that "racial inequality in America" is the blame.

The truth is that both are significant factors BUT - that is not the key issue.

  • In the matter of identifying the proper rate of marriage in the Black community to turn things around
  • In the matter of observing the "Struggle Motion" that  the Black Progressives will conduct in order to push "Progressive Public Policy" that they believe will close the "Racial Inequality" gap...
.....The REAL ISSUE is the amount of time, focus and containment that the "Black Community Conscious Attention Span" is focused ON THE PROBLEM rather than ON FIGHTING THE ENEMY IN THE POLITICAL SPACE.

Lets be honest, Mr Elder.  You are not going to go into the hood and start a "Lets Get Married Black Man And Black Woman - Your Children Need This" program.   The one program in LA poised to become the model for a program in every Black neighborhood throughout the nation.

It is also true that the Black Racial Services Machine - WHEN THEY DO leverage their inside position within the Black community - will be getting BLACK PEOPLE TO VOTE our way to "Racial Equality" within an election that is outside of the local area that they already won, by selling this same scheme within the past 50 years.  THERE WILL NOT BE:........
  • A discrete set of economic wealth producing centers (ie: stores) where workers sell their intelligence and consumers get their demands fulfilled.  (Not PLANS for this or POLITICAL STRUGGLE - but - like the Koreans and Dominicans - actual stores that have a high percentage of economic viability)
  • I return to the Mission Accomplished Public Schools - switching from the "power acquisition" / "job protection" mode - over to a DEFINITIVE inventory of the number of "Professional Service Providers" needed to service the Black community UP TO the desired level of EQUALITY
Mr Elder - as I told you before with your debate against Tavis Smiley - you don't do a good job in analyzing your adversaries.   

I don't disagree with your positions.  It is your methodology.

Please note the bullet points above.   

They want a STRUGGLE MOTION - that sets an EXTERNAL "Stretch Goal" for BLACK SOCIAL JUSTICE and then they take to the front of the "Congregation" and lead the Black Masses OUTWARD against the RIGHT WING ENEMY.

MY ARGUMENT - Beyond Elder and the EPI / Grio

The REAL problem in the Black community is a DESTROYED "INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE CULTURE".   

In the "Mission Accomplished City" - as with Mali or Somalia - the "governing forces" within the boundaries are diluted by........
  • The INTERNAL people's focus upon things other than "Good Governance" to produce FAVORABLE OUTCOMES within (IE:  External politics OR petty hatred within against a competing clique)
  • EXTERNAL people's molestation and manipulation - as they note the discord and LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTH - they only need to study WHAT MAKES THE NEGRO TICK and then find some EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who will conspire.  They can erect a CONSCIOUSNESS within that tells the masses that THEIR SALVATION within the domain that they control is a DEPENDENT VARIABLE on forces that are OUTSIDE OF THEIR DOMAIN.   The CONSCIOUSNESS of the people becomes CONSUMER in function.    
    • Their day to day, repetitive actions and thoughts - however - don't support the tasks that would be done by "a people" who are erecting ORGANIC COMPETENCIES.

While I agree with Mr Elder on the damning impact that a low rate of stable and committed  Black male/female - child producing relationships produces many of the dysfunctions that we are dealing with - this is an observation "down stream".  It is not a "mitigation plan".

While the EPI has captured statistics and they note a distinction between White and Black - my problem with them is that they (and the National Urban League) take this report TO THE GOVERNMENT as they seek "Public Policy" - while they take VOTER REGISTRATION CARDS to the Negro!!!

The truth is - while they are more POPULAR than Larry Elder is - within the Black community - the PLAN that they mobilize Black people to participate in is no less of a MITIGATION PLAN as his.

We only need to look at the areas where the "Bayard Rustin - VOTE YOURSELF INTO PROSPERITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE" has already run its course and see that "Favorable People In Power" - while pleasing and prideful - is NOT the key to building strong Black community ecosystem.   In truth - I'd argue that such a scheme produces grounds for COMPROMISED "Black Community Governance Culture".   The Embedded Confidence Men understand that they can nullify the Black community's normal "management by numbers" (THROW OUT those who failed us) by simply propagandizing the brand called "Black Leaders of Our Own" and then executing a protection racket.

In Detroit, for example - the "Black (Progressive) Leaders Of Our Own" Scheme saw a demarcation of :  "The White Republicans in the state are trying to RUN OUR BLACK LEADERS OUT OF POWER"  - We must FIGHT AGAINST THEM because they never wanted any NEGROES IN POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE.   With the "Embedded Confidence Men" and "Civil Rights Pharisees" allowed UNCHECKED ACCESS to the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" - they are able to "context shift" - all without the people knowing.

  • 40 years ago - and you can turn to Ebony and Jet to see their stenography - the New Black Progressive Leadership in cities like Detroit were to usher in a new era of BLACK POLITICAL POWER!   The people's VOICES will be heard
    • The "Bayard Rustin - Vote For Your Salvation" scheme emphasized the front end ACTIONS, the resulting enablement (Pushing Progressive Public Policy) and the resulting fortunes.   While the first and the second have been achieved - the RESULTS can't be substantiated 
  • After a "Struggle Motion" cycle has been completed - it is the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who give a SELF-REPORT on their SUCCESS.  The BLACK PRESS has suffered from "Regulatory Capture".   Instead of using the model of what they know and then counter-checking what the Confidence Man has reported - their own stenography shows that they and the Confidence man - are Twitter friends -as they are propagating the same thing.
    • I told you to watch the differences between:
      • The EXTERNAL ACTIVIST - lashing criticisms against the ESTABLISHMENT POWER
      • The "We Are In The White House Negroes" - who have planted their flag IN THE SEAT OF POWER.  Instead of condemning the establishment power who is their friend about the results in the community - they MARKET his "success" and then set the context of THE NEW FIGHT
        • When you listen to their POINTS OF SUCCESS - and then compare them to what they would say IF THE ENEMY WAS IN POWER - you can identify the FRAUD - by measuring the distance between WHAT YOU KNOW TO BE THE CASE and what THEY ARE SELLING (ie: This is The Dark Matter Analysis Technique
    • The point (about the above) is that THE BLACK RANK AND FILE do not have a REPRESENTATIVE.   They have MARKETING MEN who they have allowed INSIDE of their trusted space.   THEIR ALIGNMENT with the ideology (POPULARITY) is the foundation of the GAP between the results of the "Struggle Motion" and "The accouterments found in a  HEALTHY COMMUNITY".
      • When THE RESULTS are short of expectations BUT there is mass agreement about the METHODOLOGY - the Embedded Confidence Men merely need to blame the EXTERNAL ENEMY for the shortfall - as he knows that with the FUNDAMENTALISM that has been built up - the Congregation is not going to question "the RELIGION" that they have bought into as THE PROBLEM.   
        • Just as "The Earth Is Flat" was a hard mind-view to purge from public acceptance - so is the case with the "Voting Your Way Into Salvation" scheme that has been hoisted upon Black America.
        • The BEST way to show the folly of this consciousness - is to transport a select group of people - consciousness intact - to another Black Diasporic land and have them to "Rinse and Repeat".  They'll see that absent a National Social Justice government - there needs to be an ORGANIC COMPETENCY GENERATING ENGINE to move the masses forward.   
          • They are too blind to see that those in America who have this engine will prosper more than those who seek development via voting. 
          • We will find that once the Black strugglers come back into their own community after a "Struggle Motion" - they satisfy their hunger by going to the Korean owned "Chinese Stirfry Joint" in their community OR get a deli sandwich at a variety store that is owned by Dominicans

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