Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dark Matter Analysis Applied To CNN - No Progressive Journalist Will Condemn Commander In Chief Obama For Falling Woefully Short On King's Dream

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  • CNN: Why Conservatives Call MLK Their Hero
The ole "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Get The Beat Down Like Tavis Smiley Did For Bringing A Ruler Near Obama"

  • Joseph Lowery
  • Martin Luther King III
  • Minster Al Sharpton
  • Rev Jesse Jackson
  • The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta Inc
  • The NAACP
  • Commander In Chief Obama
As I think about "Dr King" - if he were alive today he would be an amalgamation of all of the above.

I make no pretenses in saying that since I see "all of the above" as contaminated Political Operatives - the decision to "Venerate Dr King " WHILE THEY CONTROL "THE DREAM" makes you necessarily accept the premise that THEY are the forces of "Good And Light For The Negro".

Don't look at what they "Struggle FOR" on behalf of "The Negro".
Make note of the VALUABLES that they mine from under the congregation's -feet.  BUT FOR their shoes - the Black rank & file in America are indistinguishable with regard to the theft and pilfering of what matters most to them - that is right under their feet.

NO it is not a PHYSICAL asset like "gold or diamonds".   It is the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - which has been necessarily whittled down to the lowest common denominator so NO PROGRESSIVE JOINT VENTURE PARTNER will be OFFENDED by any outlying view.   The SUPERIORITY of their fight against the RIGHT WING demands that all Negroes yield any stands that makes them sound "Suspiciously Republican".

As long as "The Least Of These" never looks upon this ESTABLISHMENT that they have built with their valuables as THE ESTABLISHMENT that is failing to PROVIDE THEM WITH SOCIAL JUSTICE but instead keep their eyes trained upon the RIGHT WING - there will be tentative harmony within the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture.

With the "CONSCIOUSNESS" in hand the "EQUAL BLACK BALLOT" is next for the taking.

If you study the "Black Ballot" you will see that it is WORTHLESS as an AGENT OF CHANGE when it is ALL ALONE, BY ITSELF.  (See Chicago, Newark, Philly, Atlanta, Memphis)

It must be refocused upon a political domain within the RIGHT WING is fighting it for "Resource Allocation" prioritization.

It matters not the results of the "previous VICTORIES" as translated into the absolute standard of living for "The Negro".  He hates his enemy more than he actually expects to achieve "social justice" after being DEVELOPED through the institutions that he now controls with the Progressive Joint Venture.

Progressivsm = Non-White White Supremacy.   It necessarily requires the focus on expunging "White Right Wing Supremacy".   It can't bring itself to see that IT IS FULLY QUALIFIED to produce every single by product of what it rejects:

  • Serial Murder based on hatred
  • Failure to develop the minds of Black youth
  • Economic suppression as the human resources are under-deployed
    • The fact that it STANDS FOR "A Living Wage" makes itself SUPERIOR morally, without ever PRODUCING a single "Living Wage Job" when it is all alone by itself - forced to be UNION LABORER and OWNER of the Means Of Production and Financier and Government Regulator
  • Contempt for the human being via its inability to provide a consciousness through which good health will allow "the least of these" to perpetuate his own living - possibly educating another person with a consciousness of healthy living -as proof that it can produce ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE

I have no interest in disrespecting "Dr King" BUT I have DRAINED ALL OF MY "SLAVE BLOOD" OUT OF MY BODY and sold it to the nearby plasma clinic to have it put to good use.

You hear all of the HISTORY LESSONS that are being said during this time where there is a convergence of a "Presidential Inauguration Ritual' and a "Dr King 2013" Celebration, both on the 3rd Monday.

While there are several buses heading from various Mission Accomplished Zones into the nations capital - NONE are going there to protest anything that "Dr King" would have broken ties with Obama over.

President Obama is the first powerful elected official that made it JUSTIFIED to violation the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - because he was under RACIST ATTACK from the White Right Wing and "WE" needed to HELP HIM!!

I refuse to participate in a grand fraud.

We all know that CNN, MSNBC or no other progressive friendly media source will DARE enumerate a list of transgressions of "Social Justice" and "Human Rights" done by the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT on Obama's watch - with the purposes of INDICTING him as a poser "In A King's cloak"

I choose not to respect the cloak that the Civil Rights Pharisees have made for its honorary doctorates.

I have recalibrated my previous concerns.
NO LONGER do I worry about how THE LEFT is going to explain its hypocrisy when a RIGHT-WING president returns into power and  they return to protesting US Government Policy and Imperialism.

NOW it is clear that, at least in the short term as A SERIES OF PROGRESSIVE US PRESIDENTS take office the American Progressive Fundamentalists will suppress their PROTESTS BECAUSE they will "Self-Convince Themselves" (Self-Chum) that IF they weaken the Progressive Commander In Chief their DOMESTIC SOCIAL JUSTICE will be placed at risk.

This is the ANTI-DR KING position that they are in today.

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