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CSU: NPR's "Tell Me More" Can't Bring Itself To Ask The "Hip Hop Progressive Politicians: "What Did You Do With The Black Community's Valuables That We In The Media Marketed Within Our Ranks For The Advancement Of Progressivism"?

I Could Not Have Asked For A More Perfect
Image To Fall Into My Lap To Express
My Appraisal Of The Consciousness That
I Am Speaking About Than The One Above as
I went to NPR's web site to obtain
the link to the audio report for "Tell Me More"

I was going to go through my picture archive to find the image of the "A Fish Don't Know He Wet" diagram diagram that I created a few years ago.   The one to the left, however says more than this other image could ever say.

In the world view of Michel Martin, Lester Spence and Andra Gillespie they are keeping track of the growth in power of PROGRESSIVE POLITICIANS, while they can't bring themselves to make the distinction between:

  • What Black Progressive Fundamentalists PREFER in "Policy And Person"
  • versus - A Focus On The ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - after it invested its VALUABLES in these forces that they live vicariously through.

Please listen to the audio report very carefully.   
When you understand that the prevailing consciousness that purports to be the "Voice Of The Black Community" is ONLY a political consciousness that compels Black people to "VOTE FOR OUR SALVATION", living vicariously through the PROGRESSIVE VOICES that they INVEST IN to represent them in "The BATTLE AGAINST THE RIGHT WING"  - then the motivation for the void in the "History Session" will become clear:  They did not want to produce an INDICTMENT against the progressive "Black Racial Services Machine" so they talk about "POWER PEOPLE" rather than "(rank & file People who have been EMPOWERED" by the investments that they have garnered from the Black Community. 
I would have more respect for this mindset that dominates "Black Political Discourse" if they offered to buy up all of the "Obama Gold Coins" that we see on commercials on "MSNBC" and then agree that, despite their acquisition price of $49.95 - they each will recognize them as being $10,000 - the spread in proceeds to be donated to the doorsteps of the White House, to ensure that Obama breaks his streak of 4 straight years of $1,000 billion+ federal deficits, preventing a "BLACK PRESIDENT" from being tarnished in the same way that they now reference "Reagan's Debt" or "Bush's Second Great Depression".

Did you hear Dr Spence say "These Hip Hop politicians had POLICIES that differed little from their WHITE COUNTER PARTS?

Dr Spence is being dishonest here.   He wants "COLOR-BLIND PROGRESSIVISM" at the wholesale level - having "Nationalized Progressive Policies" that dictate the flow of resources from "the rich" to "the poor".   His only "BLACKNESS" that distinguishes him from a White Progressive is that Black people's "diversion canal" would be made wider - in reference to our "unique needs", per his expert negotiating skills against fellow progressives.

When Dr Spence says "Hold Them Accountable" he means - "Accountable to the PROGRESSIVE WHIMS of the BLACK POPULACE".  

There IS NO brain cell in his body that can erect the notion of a SEPARATE SET OF INTERESTS between:
  1. The BLACK AMERICAN POLITICAL struggle - for Progressive Public Policy
  2. The ORGANIC BLACK COMMUNITY "GOVERNANCE CULTURE" that develops our human resources, generating wealth that can be PRIORITIZED in the "Non-American Governmental" channel.
Dr Spence represents the complete fusion of "Black Consciousness" into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

There is no point in the future where he will lead a group of "rank & file" Black people to walk into the conventions of "The Black Racial Services Machine" and "The Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" - with his "Black Community 401K Statements In Hand" and ask:  'WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT WE GAVE TO YOU FOR OUR DEVELOPMENT?!!!   From hear on out we must keep a separate accounting of what is in the "PROGRESSIVE BEST INTERESTS" versus what is in the "BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS FOR ORGANIC GROWTH" "

You will NEVER hear any reference to "WHAT WE MUST RESERVE - keeping out of 'THE GAME' as a means of retaining our CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT OURSELVES" . 

Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore represents a need for MORE PROGRESSIVISM for a fix, not a failure of progressivism as the mayor rests her hopes on "Mexican immigrants" to revitalize the city. 

You are not going to hear this line of questioning in an exclusive "group of Black Progressive" on "Tell Me More" (or in the media).  They are more interested in LIVING VICARIOUSLY through "Progressive Officials"

  1. Has The  Alabama 7th District Produced An Increased Amount Of The "UN-Least Of These" Since The Time That Artur Davis Was A "Black Democrat In Good Standing", Still On The Good Side Of "Dr Reed"?
  2. Is The Lady In Memphis - Who Camps Outside Of The "Loraine Motel" Gone, Having Been Satisfied That Harold Ford And Other Progressive Leaders "Did Right", Returning The Community Development Money That Was Squandered On The Museum - Black To "The People" - Who Are Now "The Unleast of These"?
  3. Did Kwame Kilpatrick Finally Admit That More Important Than The "Skypager Messages" - Is The Message Today:  "Detroit's Problems Are GREATER Than What The "White Wall Street Bankers" Created.   While He Focused On "Diversity" In The Ranks Of "Municipal Bond Brokers" Who "Sold The Debt Of Detroit" To "The White Wall Street Banks" - He Should Have Been More Focused On Suring Up The City's Tax Base So That It Could Remain Solvent - To Pay The "Coupons" On The Bonds.
  4. Did the various school systems that are "Mission Accomplished" fulfill the protest signs held up by the NAACP over the years which says: "EDUCATION IS THE PATHWAY TOWARD EQUALITY"?     Clearly these signs were meant for THE ADVERSARY to read - not the Black people with a vested interest in "operationalizing" this point.

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