Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CSU: The Joe Madison Studies Class: Intellectual Dishonesty By Constant Changing Of The Scope Of His Indictments So That He Never Has To "Plead The 5th" Into A Microphone

I used to watch the community affairs/political analysis show "America's Black Forum" each and every week.

I recall the NAACP's Julian Bond as a permanent guest and noted that he was "further left" than the salient position of the Black community.   He took this as a matter of pride and enlightenment.

On the matter of school integration (and we are talking from the perspective of the 1990's), Bond's argument was:  "We need BLACKS children sitting in classrooms with WHITE children BECAUSE while White people are RACIST - they are NEVER going to impose educational policy and financing plans that HURT their own WHITE CHILDREN."

At that time I did not have the concept of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends For Their Failures That Have Harmed You" fully formed.

Mr Bond understood that, (for example) the Atlanta Public Schools were well into their 2nd decade of control by "Favorable People In Power" at the time that he made this comment.   Knowing that the Black community was not obtaining the RESULTS that he and others had promised as they stood on the podium asking for their "Valuables" (their votes) for school board, councilman, mayor, state and US representative - he reached a check point in his version of "Black History" in which he needed to play the historian and release the proper narrative that allowed him to keep his balls juggled in the air.

As I listen to a fellow NAACP alum - Joe Madison I see a man who is more articulate, more able to draw weighty comparisons to make his point BUT just as deceitful with Black people as to his REAL AGENDA that requires their "warm bodies" on the bus that he is driving - after having sufficiently pacified them into his line of thinking.

Mr Madison is intent on avoiding any sort of acceptance of his own ideological and political complicity surrounding the increasing amount of "unfinished business" that remains Within The Black Community - after almost 50 years of people like him, working on the INSIDE, to drive the conscious attention of the masses, with the claims that they would receive redress as a byproduct.

I am less worried about the "Transactional Offenses" expressed by Mr Madison as he executes his scheme as I am in my knowledge that as he and others "fill the airwaves" - there is no INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE ELEMENT to regulate him, forcing him to stop wearing his "cloak of blackness" to cover the damage that he generates by the void in governance that is produced.

The diagram below is an illustration of what I heard Mr Madison argue this morning as he made reference to "International Arms Control" and contrasted it with the need for "Gun Control Against Military Style Weapons in America".

As a Black person if you do not "KNOW YOUR UNIVERSE" you will be tricked by the constant "Hyper-Focused Conscious Attention Filibuster" that Mr Madison and the like constantly run upon you.


Its no wonder that his stopping grounds of Detroit is in the condition of "FAILED ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT" as it is today - BUT - it hosts one of the strongest "NAACP Chapters" in the nation.

What this group of "Black Progressive Guardsman" set out to DEFEND over the past 40 years produced a Black community that "retained the fort" but is suffering from mass deprecation WITHIN.

A new round of "sophisticated Black rank & file" members must be produced in the future.  They have to acknowledge the ESTABLISHMENT STATUS of the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" who ROSE AND RETAINED their POWER - by throwing up "'BLACK' INDICTMENTS" for purely political opportunism and support by an "OFFENDED Black Progressive populace".

Now that they occupy the seats of power that they used to call protests against - the rank & file MUST start demanding (ironically)  "DEVELOP US, JUST AS YOU PROMISED WHEN YOU CONVINCED US TO GIVE YOU OUR VALUABLES!!!"

The real challenge will be for the rank and file to place an answer to the ".....................OR ELSE!!" component of the challenge that they are too afraid to state today because they are conditioned to believe that it will be to "the enemies" advantage.

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