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Constructive Feedback University: The "Paid Black Press" Cannot Be Trusted To Take The Lead In Mitigating "Black Homicide Victimization" Down To Our Population Proportion

An Abstract Of All "Black Murder" Related Stories From "The",  Monday January 7 2013
This is a collage that shows that a certain group of people who were RECRUITED/HIRED and PAID to MARKET TO "The Black Community" in an attempt to RETAIN THE PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS while CHANGING THE GOVERNMENT - are a group of people that are INCOMPETENT at changing the "Black Community Consciousness" so that better outcomes can be produced THROUGH the "Human Resource Development Institutions" within.

The normal "muckraking" that one would normally see in DEFENSE of "The Least Of These" has turned into a "Regulatory Capture" where they are the press agents for the "ESTABLISHMENT POWERS" that the Black community, per its present prevailing consciousness, has promoted into power.

The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist press IS NOT INTERESTED in asking their friends in power: "What Did You Do With The VALUABLES That The Least Of These Gave To You for their uplift?".
Their job is to serve as "HISTORIANS" that provide a NARRATIVE which is pleasing to the masses.

Their goal is to have Black people on a "Perpetual Struggle" against the external, right wing forces.

The key problem is that they are FAILING TO DEVELOP THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   When the community is asked to stand up on its own - the normal support structures to achieve full erection are not present.  Those who have been conditioned to think as "INFERIORS" are then seen agreeing to go along with a perpetual scheme, failing to note that they are not being DEVELOPED - as they can't envision STANDING FULLY UPRIGHT.

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Analysis - Constructive Feedback University "Study Of 'The Blacks'" Doctoral Program

Before I continue please get your head around this request:

"GOVERNMENT please crack down on the gun transactions in order to keep the weapons that MY BLACK MALES are using TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE in my community.

You have to watch it though, once you implement 'gun control policies' like 'Stop And Frisk' and we see that they have a disproportionate impact upon Black people........we will come back to you, in protest, and tell you to stop being RACIST!!!"

Have I molested the time line of "The Black Progressive Struggle" when it comes to abating gun violence within the Black community?

OH don't be fooled by Melissa Harris-Perry's "POST RACIAL GUN VICTIM" SCHEME in her "tour of the nation".

Please understand this from a PSYCHOLOGICAL perspective.   And its a part of the needed "DISCIPLINE" in the Black media that I told Tavis Smiley that he needed to push to envelop his old friends that now hate him because of their slip over Obama.

Do Not Look At "Melissa Harris-Perry's Removal Of The "RACE CHECK BOX" On The Death Certificate.   Focus On Her Response When The MURDER VICTIM Is BLACK And The KILLER IS WHITE

If I am guilty of attempting to "up end Black progressive voices" then do any of you at least admit that these Progressive Fundamentalist voices engineer their messages with the "Self-Chum flavoring" that THEY KNOW THAT YOU LIKE?

In the case of the Black homicide victimization rate that is 50% of the nation's total despite our population proportion of 13% - MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry skillfully avoided talking about "The Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" in 2013 thus far.   

CLEARLY the fact that George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn did not send their relatives out on January 1, 2013 to launch a shooting spree - Prof Perry was forced to define a new context for her "Struggle Motion".

Please note that the drive for GUN REGULATION did not come up in the murder cases for Zimmerman and Dunn.    "JUSTICE FOR THE BLACK MURDER VICTIMS" and "THEY can't keep killing US" was the raison d'├¬tre of the "struggle de jure".

When faced with the unenviable task of having to EQUALIZE the killers of Black people that will drive our "Homicide Victimization Rate" to 50% - Prof Perry chose to apply some "Creole Seasoning" to the SELF CHUM that she threw out to her "Black progressive congregation" that tunes into the show - KNOWING that they would not see her fancy footwork.

She did what her "co-worker" "Minister Al Sharpton" did a few weeks ago as he announced protests against gun front of the National Rifle Association.

They understand that when given a choice between "MANAGEMENT FOR MITIGATION" of a problem that disproportionately impacts the Black community OR fusing this "Black problem" into an "AMERICAN/NATIONAL problem" - the Black Progressive Fundamentalist will ALWAYS "Remove The Race Check Box From The INDICTMENT Form" in order to avoid having to indict their friends who failed to provide CONSCIOUSNESS to the KILLER.

Black Progressive Journalist Style Sheets Stolen From The Offices Of The "NABJ"

Note:  The papers had DNA on them so they are legitimate. 

When A Black Person Is Killed By A Non-Black and/or A Police Officer

When A Black Person Is Killed By Another Black Person

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