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Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta Watch: With The Raids In Dekalb County Of Their Friends In Power - Will They Stand With The People In Protecting Public Integrity OR Will They Claim That This Is An Attack On "Black Leadership"

(With the hopes that "Stuff Black People Don't Like" will LEARN SOMETHING as I explain this)

County-level corruption charges in Georgia?


Gwinnett County, to the north of Dekalb just wrapped up a sentencing for a former county commissioner, her son, and another individual for taking bribes for the passage of favorable legislation.  The year prior the commission chair was taken down for corruption in a land deal.

I say this - not for the purposes of obfuscating but to set up a baseline.    The fact is that county government officials have more control over land and zoning than their city-level counterparts.  By contrast a state or federal official has more "watch-dog" agencies looking over their backs.

This post is not about corruption at the hands of elected officials (per se).
I want to focus on the MACHINE that envelops these officials in question.  As the "transactional corruption" takes place as a given - the primary distinction to be found in how the public opinion is sculpted is the perceptions of the "INTERESTS" that they have in the individual under fire and "the team".
The "Prosecuting Attorney" In A "Mission Accomplished Zone Is Most Critical In Setting The Tone For "The Machine"

The theme of "Popularism" (my word, since I was told that I am misusing the word "populism") within the Black community as evidence of our "Permanent Interests" being advanced is ultimately challenged as the "power grab" is completed and the new establishment power is forced to realize that the results reside in what they do or refuse to allow on their watch.

In listening to "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" this week - the news of another investigative action in "the protected zone" of Dekalb County drew waves of skepticism about the motivations of the investigators.

It is my observation that, when given an opportunity to stand up for the protection of "public integrity" within their own sandbox or defending the "favorable people" that they have voted for - there is a significant portion of the Black community that will easily assume the "siege mentality" and execute a "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" routine in which the SYSTEM is put on trial and the "criminal defendant" is made into a victim.

This works well until we get into a situation like Dekalb County Georgia.
In this case the District Attorney who is driving the investigation is a "favorable person in power" and the targets of the investigation are also "favorable people in power".   IT IS CLEAR - that if   "popularism" was allowed to stand on its own - a good portion of the rank & file would prefer that the District Attorney spike the investigation - as they negotiate some arrangement - away from the media cameras - as a means of allowing both sides (of the same team - per their view) to avoid a public lateral fight.   There are "State Republicans" (and SBPDL) who are watching all of this - after all.

My basic point is - Dekalb County Georgia is likely no more corrupt than any other county of a similar size and "moving parts".   Its only when you factor in the force of the "FAKE RACIAL LOYALTIES" that are merely a professional version of "Stop Snitching" that Street Pirates are known for enforcing - the predicament of Dekalb County (or Clayton County) becomes like a death spiral.  At some point - "bed rock Black (Progressive) families" begin to tire of the foolishness and become "Black Flight Progressives", choosing to migrate to other counties that appear better managed.  Their children's education and their own property values are more stable as a result.

The truth is that "Black Consciousness" would mandate that THE SYSTEM be transparent - open for public inspection.  These backroom deals that are preferred at present are for the benefit of "the establishment".  The frequent  response  which is a point of obfuscation says:  "THEY used to do the same corruption when they had exclusive power with their boots on our neck.  Now that WE HAVE POWER........its a problem and a criminal case"

The proper rebuttal is:  "True but at the time YOU called them CORRUPT.  You said that they were RACIST because the funds that they transacted for their own wallets were funds that should have been applied into the Black community.   Today you see the same hijinx  but the first thing out of your mouth is a reference to what is of SUPERIOR IMPORTANCE to you, NOT the stance of public integrity that you had fronted previously.  Yet the resources that were to be directed into the Black community's institutions are still squandered.  The only thing that we can say is that YOU PREFER the 'squanderers' and thus you use racism chasing as your cover."

The Source Of "Mission Accomplished" Factionalism

Though Dekalb county is a "single party county" - the knowledge that reforms are necessary locally, while retaining one's loyalties to the national party - produces the "Brick City Effect".

In "Mission Accomplished Zones" two "Progressive Cliques" form that act like distinct political parties as they battle over seats of power in the local context - but they rejoin, hand in hand, when it comes to fighting the right wing at the state and federal level.  Indeed you might see them in the same room at the campaign rally for a Democratic US Senate candidate or when "Obama comes to town".  They just make sure that they sit on opposite sides of the room so that one doesn't have to see the other, turning that smile into a snarl.

When the policy agenda of "Progressive Clique A" is contrasted against that of "Progressive Clique B" one finds that there is little material policy differences (ie: on tax philosophy or the 'role of government').  It mostly boils down to the "spoils system".   Which clique will populate a committee or some citizen panel with their own people.

As I have said before:  "The Equal Black Ballot", in its present form is an "OPPOSITION BALLOT".   While, of course, Black people voted in Dekalb, Philly and Newark.  The "transformative HOPES" that are to come from VOTING, however, are only applicable when that "Equal Black Ballot" is allowed to be tallied along with the right-wing enemy, with the goal of winning more power by attrition.

"Nationalized Social Justice" As The Agent Of Congregational Unity

What do you do if you are a "Civil Rights Pharisee" - proud of the "favorable people in power" but dismayed at the infighting?   Sometimes the fights lead to "severed babies" in a terminal game of brinksmanship.

You as a Pharisee are not quite willing to admit your culpability in the failure to enforce a disciplined "Community Governance Culture".

You told the "aggrieved masses" to "MAKE'EM PAY ON ELECTION DAY!!!"  - making the case that the mere act of voting and placing "favorable progressive public policy" into power was the pathway to community success.

Yet you have crossed into the "city limits of the Promised Land" and you see that you feel like a parent with a 5 year old just prior to 'the circus' coming to town. (Real world, personal experience here as a parent, folks)  Prior to the grand event you could get them to comply with your threats to not allow them to go if they don't behave themselves.  Yet when you are sitting in the seats of the actual event - you notice that they are acting up and you have just lost your snare.

Instead of doubling back and fortifying the "Governance Culture" that was squandered as you kept leading them on - you show that YOU HAVE NO COMPETENCY in building a "Governance Culture".  You know how to lead your people in a "Struggle Motion" so you chose to create an externality.

  • THE EXTERNAL REPUBLICAN THREAT - By standing up the notion that IF the two fighting factions do not unify - this will provide an opening for the "State Republican" chicken hawks to swoop in and take the power and the land - then "WE" will be on the outside looking in again.  We need to "Keep The Eye On The Prize" - focusing on THE REAL ENEMY
  • THE NATIONALIZED STRUGGLE - Since so many of the "Mission Accomplished Battles" are done in the context of a "lake with a receding water level" - those with a greater vision on "What Makes The Prevailing Black Consciousness Tick?" will seek to form a more productive "struggle" as the context of the battle is changed into a more positive, national struggle to change the terms of the "social contract" - which denied the local "lake" with the resources that were needed for bountifulness 
BOTH of these schemes are FRAUDULENT.
The very same "seats of power" - in Dekalb County that used to deny Hosea Williams the right to walk down the streets of the county, unmolested by the police AND which has shuttled the children who looked like him off to a segregated school - are the same seats of power that today can suppress the interests of the Black community as they fail to provide the upward thrust - as promised when the people handed over their valuables in support.

The "real economy" of this nation is at the local level.   In as much as municipal governments are not permitted to print "magic money" (fiat currency) or run massive trillion dollar debts - their job is to maintain a favorable balance between "organic economic generation" of funds and provision of civic services in line with what their production can afford them.

When the notion that we have a "nationalized social justice contract" that defines our right to CONSUMPTION - the corruption of political hopes comes to bear.  The "embedded confidence men" (regardless of their ideology or party) begin to take the easy way out - promising their local constituencies that they can have a higher standard of living than what their organic production can provide - as long as they put the good fight in at the nationalized resource pool.

Dekalb County is a consequence of this type of thinking.  Instead of focusing primarily upon creating jobs with local action- the resulting productivity showing positively in the national economy upon aggregation - the reverse consciousness is applied.   The lobbying for an "Obama Jobs Program" that will trickle down into the county - based upon the relationships via "The Team" - is  the spoils that loyalty has brought forth.

Since the compromised press is more interested in MARKETING the notion that "We Have A Friend In Power" - they didn't care to mention to the people at the periphery that not only are they not likely to see many of the promised 2.5 million jobs - in the wake of 4 million Black people and 14 million Americans being unemployed - the "Black Conscious Filibuster" which compelled them to FIGHT AGAINST THE RIGHT WING who opposed the jobs package - had the OPPORTUNITY COSTS of distracting them away from what they SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING locally to retain their economic position.


We are looking first hand at the damaging effect of "The Black Community Conscious Filibuster".   IGNORE the transaction of the corruption probe in Dekalb County.
Focus on how "the grand sales job" used by the Embedded Confidence Men is successful in mobilizing Black people to "chase windmills".   

Yet when someone from the "rank & file" slips up and starts to DEMAND EVIDENCE of material benefit (other than "Vicarious Racial Pride" from seeing someone who looks like them in power) - the see that their infinite universe has doubled back upon itself -  THEY ARE NOW the corrupt forces that defend the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that is failing to develop the Black community.

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