Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Civil Rights Group "GAS-JAR" Announces Its Representation Of "Shawty Lo" In The $100 Billion Lawsuit Against The "Black Racial Services Machine" For Discrmination Against "Non-Traditional Familes" And The Damage Done To Him Growing Up In Bowen Homes In Atlanta

The terms of the lawsuit in support of Shawty Lo, the 10 "Baby Mommas" that he has brought the gift of life into this world with and his 11 children are as follows:

  • Discrimination And Bigotry Against Alternative Family Structures 
  • The Damage Done To Shawty Lo - By The Social and Cultural Norms enforced in (the former) "Bowen Homes" Housing Project in Atlanta
  • Denial Of Economic Opportunity - "Paid Blacks" who have their own contracts secured in the media are attempting to suppress our clients ability to FEED HIS 11 CHILDREN

  • A Breach of Contract Against Comcast / NBC Universal if they bow to pressure and cancel the show

GAS-JAR's executive president:

"We were told that 'There Is No Room For Bigotry And Intolerance And Lack Of Diversity' in our society that is becoming less bigoted, becoming more tolerant and is celebrating diversity.
There is no other reason for this series of attacks against an honest Black man who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who operated based on the principles and honor that is being advanced by the Black Racial Services Machine - than the presence of HATERATION.
These are the very same "haters" who listened to "Shawty Lo's" music drop and how his discussions about sex and his women drew jealousy out of them.  
Despite the fact that many of these same Black media personalities spin the music that refers to these very things - now that a BLACK MAN is about to expose his "alternative family structure" on national cable - they have a problem with it.
The only way to fight bigotry is to hit it in the wallet. 

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