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C-SPAN III - Dr King - If The "Uncle Tom Preachers" Of The Past Were Against Protesting Back Then - What Should We Call The "Embedded Confidence Men" Of Today Who Refuse To Protest Against Their Friends In Power?

My Tivo surprises me with what it chooses to record.
It keys in on C-SPAN III each morning that I turn on my television.

Yesterday and today provided excellent content that most people who want entertainment will never see.

Yesterday I heard a group of "progressive historians" on stage talking about the "Post-Reconstruction Era".  I saw historian Eric Foner.

I recall a few years ago in which I asked Prof Foner if he thought that there were any former slaves who, upon receiving their freedom after the Civil War, they were so up-ended by the chaos and the radical change in their daily living - that they longed for the days of slavery.   He first said "No!  Slavery was so hideous that they would not think of such a thing.  Then he said ' Well I imagine that this is possible".

I don't know if you all saw the PBS shows over the past 2 weeks that focused on "The Underground Railroad" but at least two of these shows provided historical evidence that supported my assumptions.   There indeed were some "enslaved Blacks" who made it a certain distance toward freedom in the 'Underground Railroad' - only to discover that walking in the freezing cold and having to live exposed was too great of a journey.  They could not see past the hurdle that was in their way as they looked at the "freedom" that was beyond the mountain range that was in front of them.

They broke off from the group and reversed course.   THIS - according to the documentary that was on PBS.

The panel that I saw yesterday affirmed my belief that there needs to be a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS among Black people today in order to make the successful transition to the new reality in America.   I heard one brother from the "Schomburg Center" say "Today CORPORATIONS are sealing the labor and wealth from the people" - making reference to how slavery was a capitalist exploit.   This man would not be able to bring into his mind the FACT that various GOVERNMENT systems have a longer history of stealing people's wealth/ destroying a people's conscious will and, worst of all - at present - STIFLING our people's "Community Development Consciousness" on the promise of "Voting For Our Salvation" - all the while failing to develop a local "Community Governance Culture".

On a second panel I openly asked - "Are the 'Freedom Riders', the survivors of which who are now elderly people who were invited to detail the hope and terror they lived through,  greater VICTIMS in America
than the countless number of Black people who have a television reporter's microphone stuck in front of their mouth at a crime scene in which they say: 'This community is now too dangerous.  I am talking my family somewhere else to live.  I fear for my children's safety.'

My problem with this "history lesson" is that it purports to SUPERIORIZE the assaults upon Black people from this previous time - at the expense of INFERIORIZING the assaults that our people suffer as the Black Racial Services Machine are running symposiums about the time when they developed their "Street Cred".

Even though they have used these indictments to win the "seats of the establishment power" - the tepid results that they achieve are obfuscated because journalists like Keli Goff, etc go shopping for example to support their "Systematic Racism Chasing" theory.  Their goal being to DEFEND the Establishment from having to own up for the "Valuables that they took from Black people".

University Of Connecticut  - Rev King In Birmingham

The discussions in the classroom pictured above are very interesting.
If you don't listen to details of the complexities of that time and then APPLY THEM TO TODAY'S TIME - in order to gain context of TO-DAMNED-DAY - you are inclined to listen to those who have an agenda TODAY to make themselves "romantic heroes in the Struggle" and be disarmed from YOUR demand that they "DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE" rather than please the prevailing consciousness.

The professor told of a competition between the SCLC and SNCC for status as the "Head Negro Organization".  Each worked to gain media attention by "sticking it to the man".

The SNCC called MLK "The Lawd!!" in a derisive manner.
As a resident of Atlanta today - I see the fights within the SCLC and I can interpolate how egos from today was no doubt the case back then.

I think that the promotion of MYTH actually damages the "history" that the "Civil Rights Pharisees" of today like to promote.  Today they want "Congregational Unity".  They hold the "Crown Prince" - Martin Luther King as their venerated figure.  They claim "If it wasn't for US - you'd still be a slave or beaten by the racist police".

Sorry.    Until you can bring yourself to tell this to a STREET PIRATE who's consciousness was acquired on YOUR WATCH and not just to "conservative critics" who are calling out your fraudulent antics for the sake of 'Congregation building' - I can't take your taunts seriously.

We should note the real "heart" of such a person.
IF this person believes that OPPRESSION IS WRONG in ABSOLUTE TERMS - then why does he dangle "His Works" in front of a critic who is seeking to deprecate him?    Would it stand to reason then, that there is a portion of this person who also thinks: "I hope that you suffer from racial discrimination so you will come back crawling to me!"?

Today we have a force that functions in a preemptive role.  The "LampBlack Yellow Journalists" that operate the "Systematic Racism Chasing" scheme work to filibuster the Black Community Consciousness - filling it with a blitz of "OFFENSIVE RIGHT WING INSULTS OF BLACK PEOPLE" that they purposely throw out the filter that establishes a threshold of importance.   They understand that with this news - the Black INVESTOR won't bother to ask those who they gave their valuables to: "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You To Develop Me?"

The Letter From "The Birmingham 'Uncle Tom' Ministers" 
As Dr King and other organizations "took it to Da Man" the Black people who lived in the cities and had to work and live with the police men in their community began to break ranks with "Dr King".

They called for "Negotiations" with the White Establishment, in order to find a point of compromise on the issue of access to public accommodations that both could live with.

In today's vernacular these Black Christian preachers would be called UNCLE TOMS - unwilling to challenge THE SYSTEM who was failing Black people.

I want to focus on the "Professional Progressive Political Preachers Of TODAY" - who run interference within the Black community for the benefit of the Establishment - who received the valuables from the Black community.

If you think from a "POPULARITY" stand point (The alignment of a given theory with the prevailing sentiments within the Black community) you will never arrive at the point that I am making.

IF you, however, index your mind to an intractable set of expectations of "Black Community Development THROUGH The Human Resource Development Institutions" that are allotted to us - you then make the distinction between "The popular METHODOLOGY" that you prefer to arrive at this point in the future versus a willingness to pull out your own "GPS" and retain your own knowledge of your progress?

IF the Black community has made discrete INVESTMENTS into a METHODOLOGY and its associated partnerships - on the promise that IF you INVEST - you will receive SOCIAL JUSTICE DEVELOPMENT then we must ask:  "WHO has been appointed as the CONSUMER RIGHTS Investigator" to insure that there is no "Confidence Scheme" in the works?

Do you see (Michel Martin) - we can make the case that all of the documents signed for "revolving credit" over the past 40 years that targeted Black people where done in line with the POPULAR WILL of the signee (consumer).    It took a third party observer to make note of the impact of these schemes - after the "cheap furniture" was received for delivery - as promised, but the TERMS of the agreement that the person willingly signed was too onerous - per the "Prime Lending Standards" of the day.

The truth is - WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - there is a "Regulatory Capture" that is in place.
IF the "Black Racial Services Machine" is "down" with the scheme - the "rank & file consumers" will NOT receive protection from the process through which they invest their "Black Community Development Hopes".
Any Negro that questions the RESULTS of the scheme and demands more transparency - in line with what the Progressives demand of government, banks and retail establishment - the evidence of their assumed "Black Inferiority" come to awareness.    In as much as it is the case that THEY PROFIT from the present void in the "Governance Culture" within the community - they prefer to retain the exclusive role of the "agenda setter" - even as it proves increasingly corrupt.  (Or did you not see the 5 points that came from their December 2012 meeting in Washington DC)?

With their FRIENDS IN POWER - you see a muted spirit of PROTEST.
Even though they occupy the same seats of power through which police dogs and fire hoses where commissioned in order to suppress Black opposition to their reign - TODAY there is no need  to raise the blood pressure of the K-9s or to waste water during the time of drought - the use of the "Confidence Scheme" in which "The Negro's Hopes" are dangled in front of him, challenged THROUGH the vicarious living THROUGH the Favorable Person in power - proves to be far more effective -all without creating "Civil Rights videos" of oppressed Black people.

Today's Civil Rights videos are filmed in HD video and 3D.  They are of the "Favorable People In Power" who can "move the crowd", keeping them in line by erecting THE STRUGGLE against an enemy that THREATENS "The Progressive Public Policy".

There is no need - in the mind of the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist" to go back where this theory has had success and investigate it for its "Return On Investment" received by the Negro contributors.   They dutifully function as the marketing agents of this establishment.    

As a result there is no need for an "Uncle Tom Preacher" to order a cease in protests against the establishment.   The highly coordinated schemes of the "Black Racial Services Machine" creates the gravitational pull that channels the "Black Development Hopes' into more PROGRESSIVE POWER - far outside of the original scope that it was supposed to develop.

Obama And "The Occupation"

In yesterday's inauguration speech President Obama called on his supporters to keep the pressure up on elected officials to push his agenda.

HE KNOWS that this will entail progressives who live in "Mission Accomplished Zones" to exit from THEIR districts and perform an "Occupation" outside of other districts where the right-wing opposition  resides.

Likewise "The Occupation" movement of the past several years noted the currency of the Leftist Progressive movement as being the PROTEST.  With a "favorable person in power", however - the could not protest against "Imperialist Wars" or "Government Malfeasance".  They morphed into a protest against banks and corporations.   They functioned to tenderize these enemies, giving the Progressive federal government the "media mandate" to regulate these, their enemies.

If you do not understand the dynamics of THE ESTABLISHMENT and how a switch in power causes "The Team" in the Malcolm X Political Football game" to go from offense to defense when "Their Guy" is in power - you will never understand how the "Black Racial Services Machine" (just to name one of the operatives in the game) - SWITCH from viewing the government "as a day late and a dollar short" over to - its propaganda machine - as it shows pleasure that "Two Wars Have Been Ended" and "The Second Great Depression Was Ended".

After 50 years of collecting the values from the Black community in the "Bayard Rustin Community Development Scheme" - our Progressive Public Intellectuals WILL NOT set the baseline of expectation that the REGULATION of "Systematic Racism" should count for a higher set of expectations of the key measures of organic development for Black people:

  • Wealth and Employment Rates
  • Academic Attainment
  • Safe Communities and Reduced Rates Of Incarceration
  • Healthier Lives And Stable Families
  • "Mission Accomplished Zones" that have a general higher standard of living
Even though the "Favorable People Are In Power" they stunt the expected demand of "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You" and instead - voice the words heard by the daughter of Hosea Williams on yesterday in the "King Compound" - "As long as there are children that are hunger in our community - THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE.  The struggle continues".

Unfortunately - despite being more of the "Establishment Power" than at any other time in our history as Black people in America - the power of "Establishment Power Repudiation" reigns stronger.   The favorable machine elements in Atlanta - from which the "Obama Timing Belt" sets their agenda - will NEVER be seen as The ESTABLISHMENT POWER who is FAILING TO FEED THE LEAST OF THESE within - as would be the case if a Right Wing power was in office.

They instead - make note of these shortfalls and then find any adversary that stands opposed to their "Nationalized Social Justice Agenda" and then occupy their offices until their yeild.

The best way to project the future of the "Nationalized Social Justice Movement" is to make note that in the Mission Accomplished Zones where there is no PARTISAN THREAT that is blocking it - it must roam the Earth, seeking out this enemy to confront - for its ONLY competency is in "keeping the congregation together" because the threat at hand mandates such unity.

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