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BLAX NEWS: US Senator Tim Scott Notifies The NAACP Of His Plans To File A Class Action "Ideological Bigotry" Lawsuit Against Them - In Defense Of The Black Community Having More Of Its Valuables Taken From It

Many of you swear that I am a Republican per my streaming attacks on "Democrats and Progressives".

In truth - what passes as "Black political consciousness" IS actually Progressive Fundamentalism that has NOTHING to do with the condition of Black People.  I focus on the forces of "confidence" upon the Black community and seek to reframe their indictments.

The adoption of "American Politics" as a guise for "Black Community Consciousness" is the worst thing to ever happen to the "Black Community Development Consciousness".  I do NOT look to Senator Tim Scott to bring "salvation" to Black people.  I am only looking at the forces of fraud that seek to retain the "conscious status quo" within the Black community - by using known schemes that "frighten Negroes" into compliance.

I listen to "fraudulent embedded confidence men" who stand upon the wreckage of the vessel that they have lead, with one foot on the engine block and the other on the crumpled bumper they have the AUDACITY to point their finger outward and say:   "YOU HAVE FAILED 'THE LEAST OF THESE' BECAUSE YOU DON'T RESPECT CIVIL RIGHTS"

Progressive Fundamentalist Journalist George Curry does not remember a time when all Republicans in Congress were so RACIST that they all got "F's " from the NAACP

Mr Curry did not ask himself if he recalled a time when the condition of the Black community was as it is today and so few PROTESTS against the "local seats of power" that are failing to develop Black people have taken place as proof of a conspiracy
(Lifted from the "Redding News Review")

Listen To The CNN Lady's Lead-In Question

  • Diversity (Racial Diversity, Gender Diversity)
  • Tea Party reference
  • Job Opportunities
  • Leveling the Playing Field
  • The "NAACP's Agenda" that they are pushing

The CNN journalist yielded to the ASSUMPTION that the NAACP has the "agenda" to DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE as a pretext of "Creating Opportunity" and "Leveling The Playing Field".

I do not yield this to them. 
It is PROGRESSIVISE FUNDAMENTALISM's " Black Faced" entre into the "Black Community Consciousness".

Suzanne Malveaux lacks the "intellectual curiocity" to make note of the amount of VALUABLES that the NAACP have harvested FROM the Black community to ask their Executive Director Benjamin Jealous TO PROVE THAT HIS ORGANIZATION has an agenda beyond filibustering the "Black Community Conscious Attention" from WITHIN the Black community into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" where they FIND THE RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN - outside of the Black community and get him to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE.  

Same Ole Tired "Self Marketing" To The Congregation 
We Are VICTORIOUS And Strong!!   For The Protection Of Black People!! While INDEED you are POPULAR with a certain contingent of Black people BECAUSE your ideology is in line with theirs - You have no intention to acknowledge the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that you represent over their interests and how you have used their grievances to GAIN POWER over the "Human Resource Development" Institutions where they live, yet upon failing to develop them - instead of protesting against YOUR FRIENDS IN POWER you show that you are merely just a "Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture" scheme - who is driving "Nationalized Social Justice".

You adopt any and all Progressive Fundamentalist "Struggle" because you understand that your constituents need a STRUGGLE AGAINST THE RIGHT WING more than they are COMPETENT to GOVERN their own affairs on their way to DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE.

If you would like to talk about why your Detroit chapter "Never Saw It Coming" and how Black people were damaged as a result of your corruption, please schedule an appointment with me by e-mail.

(In South Carolina on MLK Day)

WHO are your signs pointing to BUT some "EXTERNAL POWER" that you seek to SPEAK TRUTH TO.

These signs DO NOT appear in Mission Accomplished Zones where YOUR FRIENDS control the schools.

The demand for "Educational Equity" INHERENTLY makes a reference to SOME OUTSIDER.   You are NOT going to go into a "Mission Accomplished School" - with parents on site and tell Parent, Students and other Adults: "The BLACK COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU to perform at this certain level because WE NEED Professional Service Agents - 20 years in the future - to allow us to live UP TO the desired standard of living"

You only have YOUR ANGER for sale to anyone who will TAKE YOUR VALUABLES, allowing you to merge your FIGHT against a common, external enemy.

We should not look at your NATIONAL "Voter Protection" struggle from 2012 as proof of your credibility.

It is more enlightening to look at the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED AREAS were the local elections are SETTLED, where only ONE Progressive or the other vies for the seat.

The "Black Vote" is not at risk WITHIN these domains.  It is the BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, having been squandered while you are content, that is AT RISK.

Your bigotry PREVENTS you from standing as the "Voice Of The Least Of These":

  • In Detroit
  • In Flint
  • In Gary
  • In Chicago
  • In Newark
  • In Camden
  • In Birmingham
  • In East St Louis
YOUR FRIENDS ARE IN POWER in these places.   When your friends FAIL "The Least Of These" - to confront them - would be to CONFRONT YOURSELF.

In order to maintain your rational sense of being while avoiding the truth - you EXPAND THE POLICE TAPE, scaling it from the "crime scenes" that are represented by these places over to THE ENTIRE NATION.   The "Nationalized Social Justice Scheme" where you struggle to BOIL THE OCEAN is the logical way that you "Trick Yourself" into believing that you NEED MORE POWER in order to fix what you had promised "The Least Of These" would be fixed with their PREVIOUS INVESTMENTS OF VALUABLES. 

The NAACP Selling The "Vote For The Jesus Of Social Justice" Since The Days When This Faded Newsprint Was A WHITE PIECE OF PAPER

Stripping The "Civil Rights" Label Away From The "Black Progressive ' All-White Jury' "!!!! - The Dark Matter Analysis

  • Safe Communities
  • Quality Educational Systems
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes
  • The Attainment Of The Above 4 Items Through The Proper Governance Of Local Institutions Through Which The People In The Community Are Developed
  • Using The Skills Of The  People In The Community To Provide The Services Necessary To Live Up To The Desired Standard Of Living

The top 4 items summarizes the universal concept of "Black Community priorities", regardless of one's ideological bias.   The bottom 2 are necessary constraints to limit the "boil the ocean effect" that the embedded confidence men will to take us upon as they fight a perpetual EXTERNAL STRUGGLE.

The "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice Scheme" PUT ON TRIAL

If you allow the NAACP and other "Civil Rights Pharisees" to define the terms - THEIR REPORT CARD that they issue is the "gold standard" for defining who has the interests of "The Black Community" and "The Least Of These".


Like the "NRA Legislative Report Card", "The ACLU" legislative report card", or the "American Chamber Of Commerce legislative report card" the ONLY thing that it measures is how close a particular elected official stands to the IDEOLOGICAL VIEWPOINT of the issuing organization.
If Tim Scott did not see this one coming from the NAACP - then he is blind. The NAACP does not have a "Killer Street Pirate Civil Rights Violation" Tracker.  It would be too OFFENSIVE to their base of membership

If you do not know the dimensions of THE UNIVERSE and then plot the coordinates of the "Report Card Issuer"  - you will look at the grades that are dolled out, make reference to the "branding" of the institution and then provide a measure of credibility to these "grades".

In the context of the interests of the Black community - if you fail to notice that - within "Mission Accomplished Zones"
  • A failing school system for Black people - will not disqualify a Progressive elected official from receiving an "A" on the NAACP legislative report card
  • A murder rate that hits a record for Black people - will not disqualify a Progressive elected official from receiving an "A" on the NAACP legislative report card
  • "Oppressive" Black unemployment rates - will not disqualify a Progressive elected official from receiving an "A" on the NAACP legislative report card
  • A massive exodus of Black people, not seen since they departed an area during the "Jim Crow era" - will not disqualify a Progressive elected official from receiving an "A" on the NAACP legislative report card

The problem with the NAACP is - while they can define the BIGOTRY that causes "The Blacks" to leave Mississippi and the South "back in the day" -  during the time within which they got their "street cred" - which has largely faded today - THEY ARE TOO BIGOTED to look at the forces that prompted the evasion today and begin to fight against these forces.

Allowing them exclusive access to the term "Civil Rights" is akin to allowing the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist to tell you WHO he thinks of today when he sees "Stephen" - the Uncle Tom slave in the movie "Django Unchained".

While you as a fellow bigot will have your own bias affirmed in the list that they come up with - it has NOTHING to do with an accurate model of FORCES that are corroding the interests of the Black community today.

I DON'T WANT THE NAACP TO STOP THEIR ANTICS.   They Provide Me With Too Much Material On Their Way To Irrelevancy In Building Up The Black Community

I know that I pick on "Detroit" frequently.
There is no better reference to depict the "Bigoted Mall Cop" character of the NAACP and its acolytes.
Despite all of the rituals that they performed over the past 40 years as they showcased "Black Progressive Political Achievement" - the consciousness that was enforced in their ranks never saw the collapse of the ecosystem that has hurt "The Least Of These".

Not intent on accepting any blame - they again - stood on the engine block and crumpled bumper - careful not to slip upon the dripping oil and engine coolant and then POINT THE FINGER saying "I know who did this to us!!!  They are going to be made to pay".

The trick to understanding the NAACP of today is to understand that they need a CONGREGATION around them of "fellow worshipers", who are prone to denial of the same truth that their leadership is prone to dole out.

I will continue to display the audacity to LOOK WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - as the main inference to the competency and effectiveness of "The NAACP" and other bigoted "embedded confidence men" groups.

My REBUTTAL To Those Who State:  "You Are Ungrateful For All Of The BLOOD THAT WAS SHED For You To Live The Good Life Today:

When you can visit a STREET PIRATE who murdered someone in jail and tell HIM that he is an EMBARRASSMENT to our ancestors memory - THEN - you will have some credibility with ME.

Back In The Day When "Strange Fruit" Was A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION
To-Damned-Day When IF The NAACP Assumes That A BLACK KILLER Of A Black Person Is 100% EQUAL TO A WHITE MAN They Would Be Forced To Protest Against Themselves For Hijacking "The Black Community Attention Consciousness" Away From The Black Community And Into The POLITICS Of The "Social Justice Jesus"
A 33 Year Span Of Lynching

A One Year Span Of Time, This After "NAACP Victories" 
Dewayne Whickham (2012):

While blacks are just 12.6% of the nation's population, they're roughly half of people murdered in this country each year. The vast majority of these killings are at the hands of other blacks.
If that doesn't shock you, maybe this will: More blacks were murdered in the USA in 2009 alone than all the U.S.troops killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to date.
The Face Of The Civil Rights Victims In Chicago
The Face Of Civil Rights Victims In Philly

Today's NAACP will NOT label today's MURDER OF BLACK PEOPLE as a "Civil Rights Violation"......

.......Until someone shows them that A MURDERED NEGRO is a legal way of BLACK VOTER PURGING that harms the Progressive Democrats on who's watch the murder took place upon.

This is called: "Framing The Issues In A Way That THE BIGOT Can Understand The OPPORTUNITY COST To The Black Community That His Hijinx Is Causing.  


Local Elections In Mission Accomplished Zones DON'T MEN A DAMNED THING To The NAACP.  Such A Vote Is Like "Standing In A Bucket And Lifting Yourself UP'.  The NAACP Needs TO FIGHT AGAINST AN OPPOSITION RIGHT-WING FORCE In Order To Feign Relevance. 

Sadly It Is The BLACK RANK & FILE That Must Restore The VALUE OF BLACK LIFE Into The NAACP And Other "Embedded Confidence Man" Groups That Have Unchecked Access To The "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus"

Attorney General Eric Holder DID NOT Get An Award From The NAACP For KEEPING BLACK PEOPLE SAFE FROM MURDER  And To Defend Quality Education For Black Kids

Holder Was Rewarded For NOT FOCUSING The Punitive Forces Of The Federal Government  Upon THE KEY FORCE THAT IS MURDERING BLACK PEOPLE,  Instead Agreeing To FOCUS UPON What The NAACP Wanted Him To Focus Upon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In The Year 2010 out of 13,636 Homicide Victims Across America - 6,556 Were BLACK PEOPLE!!!

In the logic of the NAACP - As long as a member of the WHITE TRIBE (or Police Tribe) Did Not Do The Killing - There Is NO INDICTMENT That They Wish To Render (Besides Against The NRA)

The Face Of AMERICAN IMPERIALISM To The Rest Of The World BUT WHO Not Only Got An "A" On The NAACP Report Card - He Is PROOF Of Their "SUCCESS" And Thus They Don't Want To Tarnish THEIR OWN TROPHY

The ABOVE PICTURE OFFENDED The NAACP So Much That They Protested Against These 'FOREIGN TEA PARTY" AGENTS Pictured Below

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