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Blax News: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: "While Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Might Have Seen No Need For Affirmation Action After 2025 - I Don't Believe That 'The Blacks' Will Be Quite Ready To Begin Seeking Development In Return For Their Valuable Invested. This Is Too Important Of A Draw For Progressives To Unilaterally Yield Especially With The 2016 Election That Will Fill 2 More Seats"

NBC: Sonia Sotomayor: There is 'still a need' for affirmative action

When you listen to the arguments of progressives regarding "Affirmative Action" they look squarely at continuing "inequality" and thus point to the need for such a program.

In my "time and motion" study of "What Makes The Prevailing Black Political Consciousness Tick?" (and a draft post in which I review 'The Black (Progressive) Agenda" as set forth in the December 3, 2012 meeting in Washington DC among the "Civil Rights Pharisees) - I notice that the lofty notions of "equality" are documented and then taken up to the highest rung of government.  Thus, a cynic would conclude - that "Black Equality" seems to be a byproduct of "fair centralized distribution/allocation".

Since they are taking "The Black (Progressive) Agenda" to President Obama and the US Congress - we must conclude that the previous "Struggle Motion" which saw them take control over 'Mission Accomplished Cities" was not the "end all to be all" grand plan that was voiced by Bayard Rustin.   Despite leading Black people on about the benefits of having "favorable people in local power" - this clearly was said in the context of the confines of their "struggle" at the time.

Today they are not even talking about 'Speak Truth To Power" to LOCAL officials in government and schools.   The new theme for them is "cooperation".    "Let's WORK TOGETHER to achieve greater goals".

What this actually is is "Regulatory Capture".    The people in the seats of power that used to be the forces that are "failing Black people" are now "agents in support of 'the struggle' ".     Instead of there being "racial bigotry" on the school board that is denying Black children a "quality education" and thus this power must be protested against - they now have joined a coalition to lobby the national government for more resources - as they are all on the same page.

Never before in our history has there been more Black people conspiring together - HAPPY over a victory in the "American Political Domain", who's joy hides their despair over the actual conditions within their community.

What presents itself as "An Unfinished STRUGGLE" - is, in truth, a "bigoted incompetence" to DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE.  (Period!!)

Given the choice of "closing ranks" NOT for picking a "unity candidate" to run against some larger population  segment - but to achieve the desired ends THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS that they now control - the Embedded Confidence Men - who have lead more congregations into action than they have MANAGED resources with ECONOMICS as their constraint - understand the importance of doing what I observe and call them out for.

When faced with having held the "congregation" together and made certain promises as a benefit - yet the time interval has passed and the improved conditions have not materialized - the need to EXPAND THE POLICE TAPE BEYOND THE CRIME SCENE is an attractive option for those who exploit the void in governance to "SELF-DEFINE THEIR OWN DIAMETER".

Where as Farrakhan said "Don't allow your enemy to set your diameter" - the Embedded Confidence Men understand that by defining "Their Struggle Boundaries" AGAINST what ever RIGHT-WING point of fissure they can find - REGARDLESS OF THE WEIGHT of the issue - this will be sufficient in KEEPING THE STRUGGLE MOTION going.    The only deliverable of the "Black Racial Services Machine" is thus- "Congregational Unity" - set forth by setting "stretch goals" that insure that THEY are never seen as "The Establishment Power" who is FAILING TO PROVIDE "SOCIAL JUSTICE" TO THE LEAST OF THESE.

There Is No Need For "Affirmative Action" Within The Mission Accomplished Zones

If there was more open-mindedness among people who claim to be more highly evolved there would be more academic analysis to expose what is going on here.

The very same "machine" that is using their grievances about "inequality and injustice" are successful in using their grievances to win the battle of attrition to control their own fate.    They REJECT the notion that they are an increasing "establishment power" and thus part of the problem.   Instead an IDEOLOGY and "policy framework" IS "their solution".   Instead of looking at the "engine parts" that are seen falling from the vehicle they were charged with maintaining - they make note of the coordinates of the passengers who are riding on their bus and blame the headwinds that is producing drag.   Their mission is to FIND THE WINDMILL that is the source of this "drag" upon their vehicle.

So many of their foolishness antics that I call out on a transactional basis for them to "Self-Trick/ Self-Chum" their congregation over time - is the hidden hand that few people talk about which creates the ECOSYSTEM within which their "seeds" are brought to awareness within.    They value their ideological/political interests more than their mission of "stewardship" directly upon "their seeds".   By making an indictment against the society - they "nationalize" the "winds" that blow through their community, putting the entire society on the hook for failing the people in the institutions that they now control.

When you control the messaging upon the congregation - this type of re-contextualization of "the struggle" is possible.

The Drive For "Organic Development" Is The ONLY Strategy That Will Allow The Black Community To Survive The $1 Trillion Fiat American Economy And Society

"Building your house on a foundation of sand" is a warning that was created in antiquity, in an area in the Middle East where there was a lot of sand.

It is unconscionable that a machine that claims the mantle of "leadership" would be so willfully blind to the larger forces that swirling around yet continue to make "their people" greater CONSUMER CONSTITUENTS on this same system.

(I am watching C-SPAN 3 right now.  "The Occupy Movement & Economic Inequality".   INEQUALITY IS THE PRODUCT OF CORRUPTION)

When the White female Standford University professor  mouths the word "CORRUPTION" - as the source of continued inequality - do you thing that the FORCES THAT BLACK PEOPLE INVEST THEIR VALUABLES IN are included on her list?

She said "corporate forces influencing public policy" and "government that has its priorities wrong".  (Tax the rich, regulate the corporations, union rights curtailed and voter suppression).   As I listen to what the progressive listens to - it is clear why the contextual shift that Black people fall in line with exists.

As these forces take control over the cities that grew powerful because they were employment centers - those forces who claim as their moral mantle that everyone should have a LIVING WAGE - understand that they only need to STAND FOR "a living wage" but are not expected to PRODUCE a "Living Wage Job".  

Now she is claiming the "Abolition Movement" and "The Civil Rights Movement" as a relevant ancestor of "The Occupation".
In truth they are "establishment opposition movements" - at a time TODAY when the Progressive-Fundamentalist - unlike the past - ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT that is failing to produce "ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE".

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