Friday, January 11, 2013

Blax News Street Pirate Watch: What Was Once "Street Pirates Gone Wild" With An Assault Rifle In Philadelphia Is Now A Part Of The National Conversation On Gun Control As The NRA Is Indicted By Not The People Who Failed To Provide "Home Training"

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

We here at "Blax News" have grudging respect for our commercial adversaries.

As we sit back and monitor other "propaganda operations" as they prove to be worthy "Historians" with their narratives - we have to give them credit.

Its not that what they say is so unimaginable, its that WE NEVER THOUGHT THEIR CONGREGATION would ever believe the foolishness that they spout.


53 and Euclid Ave in West Philly.
Some fool pumps 17 bullets into a row home after (apparently) getting into some beef on the basketball court.

Even though this appears to be an issue about "Conflict Resolution".............the "Jedi Mind Trick" is going turn this into an INDICTMENT against the NRA for allowing the Street Pirate to have access to the weapon that he pumped 17 bullets into the house.

Seemingly - if had access to two handguns with a 9 shell clip - his use of two hands on the trigger instead of one that is gripped upon a military assault weapon.

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