Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blax News: "The Source" Magazine Warned The "Obama Inaugural Planning Committee" To Not Feature Lupe Fiasco - Just Like They Cut Him Off Of Their Front Cover On Music/Power/Politics

  •  Imagine If "Black Consciousness" had the consciousness of mind to pull the mic on disrespect for Black women in common commercial discourse?
  • Imagine IF "Black Consciousness" had the consciousness of mind to pull the mic when the classroom instruction was being disrupted?
  • Imagine IF "Black Consciousness" had the consciousness of mind to walk out of a CHURCH or a MOSQUE when they heard things that were not "scripturally based" despite provoking THE CONGREGATION TO ITS FEET?
  • Imagine IF "Black Consciousness" had the consciousness of mind to ADMIT that "The Police Man" told the Negro to "Drop It" but when he raised his hand with the weapon in it, those who VALUE THEIR OWN LIFE and desire to see their children, regardless of their thankless job as a policeman would have shot him too.

Not since George Soros proved to be "hard headed" with his self-funded "Break Bush Off" campaign has there been a greater consequence for an establishment player who refused to heed the warnings from a " Black Racial Services Machine" celestial member.

If you recall - George Soros put money into the standard "machine elements" in 2000.   In the 2004 campaign, however, he went on his own, sponsoring his own "Get The Blacks Out To Vote For The Democrats" campaign.  As a result there was no "NAACP Voter Education Fund" in 2004.  Their funding source dried up.

(Does it seem strange that there is not one Internet image of "Break Bush Off" to be found?  Its almost like this was an engineered scrub)

Lupe's Lesson About WHERE It Is Permissible To "Speak Truth To Power"

Dear Mr Fiasco:

I bet that you were chasten when you received the label "Conscious Rapper" by many of the same people who complain that only the "Clown Rappers" are given air time on the radio after being "Green Lighted" by the ubiquitous "White Record Executive" who is seeking to build up a fortune rather than building "Black consciousness".

While some people saw your previous dust-up regarding your unwillingness to say the "Pledge Of Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States Of America" and said "Yes! Speak the TRUTH!!!", you failed to do a bit more introspection as to why you were not featured on the cover of the "Source Magazine" "Music / Power / Politics" issue, instead the man who sang "These Niggas Won't Hold Me Back" and who appeared in "Django Unchained" was just one of the 7 "Hollywood Squares" array that you could have been placed within.

You  thought nothing of this back-dealing and was made happy when the "Obama Inaugural Committee" agreed to allow their "Black Ball Auxiliary Planning Committee" to invite you to take the stage.

When you got up on stage and started "Speaking Truth To POWER", you thought that you could make an appealing reference to them as you reference first to "Glenn Beck" and then "The Zionists" and only THEN a reference to hope President Obama FAILED TO RESPOND to these RIGHT-WING THREATS.    Even though you did not make a direct threat upon Obama - you failed to sanitize your song - just like John Lewis had to do with his speech at the "March For Jobs And Justice" - and as a result - you had your microphone cut.

The large hook that is used at "Showtime At The Apollo" could not get past Secret Service.

Lupe Fiasco Failed To See That "The PROGRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT" Doesn't Like THE TRUTH Being Spoken To It - Any More Than The ESTABLISHMENT That It Is Replacing

I only give Lupe Fiasco partial credit.  The "indictments" that he chose were no accident.
HE saw how the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalists" went after Farrakhan for failing to go along with "Libya As A Humanitarian Mission".    He believes that he can PLEASE TWO GODS:  "His Black Progressive Political Base" and "His ART".

His ART and HIS ASS got escorted off of the stage.

YOU DON'T INSULT the Pharaoh at the Pharaoh's ball.

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